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Right after our visit to Hongdae Free Market, we went over to the Hello Kitty Cafe, which is relatively near. If you are going to the cafe directly from Hongik University Station, you can walk straight from Exit #9, cross the traffic light and turn left at the four-way intersection. Then take the third right at Tony Moly into Hongtong Street and continue walking straight. Hello Kitty Cafe is located along the alley on the left after Watsons (map below).

And there, you have found the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae!

Everything is so cute already!

There is a shop selling Hello Kitty merchandise right opposite the cafe!

The Hello Kitty Cafe is no doubt one of the most popular cafes in Hongdae. You'd find both locals and tourists taking pictures at the outside, and the inside being packed with fans alike at any point of time. Everyone was just so excited to see this dainty cafe! Take a step inside, I was overwhelmed not just by the amount of excitement the customers exude and also by the extent of PINK in this tightly-fitted space. Not to forget all the adorable cakes, waffles and latte that were made to resemble the most famous cat in the entire world. Extreme cuteness!

All of them are so pretty!

I ordered the waffle and the tiramisu because I couldn't bear to cut a cake that is Hello Kitty's exact face i.e. the mousse cake at the top. I saw a male patron ordered that and requested for a scoop of ice-cream to be dumped right onto Hello Kitty's face lolol. Looks like he wasn't very happy to accompany his gf here.

Aw... Hello Kitty toilet

The sitting area on the mezzanine

The ceiling is quite low here since it is an intermediate floor between the ground and second storey
Would recommend the taller people to go to the second floor instead lol

It was like we entered a doll-house, and I love it!

Still super pinky and sweet to the max

Hello Kitty having tea with me at my table ^.^

Pretty Tiramisu | KRW 5,500

Chocolate Waffle | KRW 4,000

Iced Cafe Latte | KRW 4,500

Although many would say not to expect the food here to be good as the selling point of the cafe is its theme and not the food, I personally felt that the tiramisu and waffle weren't exactly awesome but still they weren't bad at all - the tiramisu was fluffy, light and the taste of espresso and liqueur was there but not overpowering, and the waffle was very crunchy (though I don't think it was supposed to be the case lol). Still, Hello Kitty Cafe is just not a random themed cafe that overlooks the importance of quality.

Hello Kitty Cafe Hongik University
358-112, Seogyo-dong
(94-3 Eoulmadang-ro)
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

18 Wausan-ro 19-gil
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-334-6570
See updated post and map here

Opening Hours: 9.30am - 10.30pm
Visit their official website here

Find out more about my Korea itinerary here,

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