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The first time I visited Hongdae Free Market was two years ago, when I practically had to beg my tour mates to include it in the itinerary lol. I was totally prepared to go there on my own (fortunately I didn't have to) because most of them would rather go Myeong-dong on a Saturday instead. I love this place and I was so excited to come here again this time round, two years after my first visit when the market has gained immense popularity and is quickly becoming one of the must-go, most-"in" places around Hongik University in Seoul.

Hongdae Free Market is a flea market that sells only creative items and the easiest way (read: one with the least number of turns and lowest possibility of getting lost in the middle of nowhere) to get to Hongdae Free Market will be via Exit #9 of Hongik University Station. Walk straight till main road, a four-way intersection where you will be able to see huge brands like H&M. You can either cross the road, turn left and proceed uphill here OR to turn left first, go uphill and cross right later at the traffic light in front of the main gate of Hongik University. There, you will see Hongik Park, where Hongdae Free Market is located within.

Directional map attached for your easy reference!

It was still extremely crowded when I reached Hongdae Free Market at 6 pm (their closing time)

If only we have similar flea markets in Singapore!

Another thing different in Korea is that you would run into many street performers, and all of them are surrounded with a large group of supporters who really sit down or just stand around quietly to enjoy the performance. While making our way back from the guesthouse to the market along the Pedestrian Friendly Street in Hongdae, the entire road was packed with buskers and their fans, one after another, after another. Really made me wonder when was the last time I stopped my tracks, forget where I was heading to, what I needed to do just to enjoy a performance.

Anyways, some pictures of the arty handcrafted pieces you'd find at Hongdae Free Market!

I have a "thing" for notebooks and these are real pretty!

I wish I have such capability and talent..

Wow wow wow, I want to buy everything!

After browsing through the entire market, I ultimately returned to this stall and tried to decide which of these freaking cute trinklet to get. Even till now after a month since I last saw these adorable accessories, the strong urge to return to Seoul immediately to get ALL of them is still within me. I just couldn't let them slipped through my fingers like that. And I think my bf secretly likes them too because he allowed me to choose two out of the entire range instead of the one he promised initially. Does any of them appeal to you?

Well, these two - crazy cat and graceful sheep - did to me!

The flea market is open from March to November on Saturdays and Sundays 1 pm to 6 pm so if you happen to be in the area of Hongik University, which I strongly recommend you at least drop by for a feel of the youthful atmosphere, be sure to visit Hongdae Free Market for a precious keepsake! I am so gonna get more arty trinklets here next time ^.^

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