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I have previous blogged about their outlet in Ion Orchard right here even though the outlet at Bugis Junction is the one where I first had Itacho and also the one I frequent more often. Reason being, to be frank, the dining experience at its Bugis Junction outlet was never as enjoyable as the same at Ion Orchard or even Plaza Singapura, mainly because of how squeezy the place is and how close the tables are to each other. I understand that they wish to reduce the waiting time but really, I would have rather waited in the line than to have the behinds of patrons sitting next to me rubbing against my table each time they have to squeeze between theirs and my table to get to their seat lol.

Furthermore, I always have to eat FAST in Bugis. The tables were small and with all the utensils, menus, wasabi, soy sauce and ginger etc, the amount of place you left for your food is extremely limited. Everytime they serve something, we felt the need to clear the plate as soon as possible to make way for the next item they are going to bring to the table very soon. Did I mention the poor guy sitting beside my bf had his head hit against the trays the waiters were carrying at least twice because of the space constraint that does not allow them to serve the dishes and pick up the empty plates without banging into someone? I pitied him, and even more so when the staff tried her very best to stifle a laugh as she apologises. Not polite.

And besides, the food weren't as inspiring as the ones at other outlets too..

Salmon Sushi | $1.30

Bf would normally have ordered at least 4 for himself, but this time round something was just wrong. It wasn't as fresh and succulent as the ones we had before so he decided to go hungry rather than to get another few of his favourite salmon sushi. Okay.. not exactly "hungry", just that we weren't full at the end of the meal either.

Chawanmushi with Crab | $4.50

The chawanmushi wasn't bad, it is still one of the best chawanmushi I have had. This time round, however, I thought it was very slightly salty but I still love it to bits.

Grilled Pork Sushi | $1.40

Grilled Pork Sushi is quickly becoming a favourite of mine, and it probably ranks just after salmon sushi. I must order it every single time. It looks absolutely delicious, doesn't it?

The Roasted ^.^

Roasted Salmon Sushi | $1.30

Love love love love love. You would realise most of the sushi at Itacho are served plain, unlike places like Sushi Express where they will add sweet sauce to the roasted salmon sushi. Both are nice, though the ones here are roasted just right and allow me to taste the freshness of a salmon. I am surprised I love this as I had always prefered strong flavours.

Roasted Duck Breast Sushi | $1.50

I used to think roasted duck breast taste like bacon, but I realised it was because the ones I had previously had fats at the side (like the oily part of bacon). These had less of that, and although I know it meant that they are healthier, I still prefer those with more fats. Like how bacon always taste better than ham haha.

Salmon Skin with Soy Sauce | $0.40 (Promotional Price)
Salmon with Butter/ Cod Fish Caviar | $0.60 (Promotional Price)

They were usually passably nice so we ordered them again this time since I thought they were the must-order because of the price and how each diner is only limited to 2 pieces of each. However, they were tasteless. Bf found them slimy to a point where it was quite disgusting, and the sweet sauce was seemingly there just to mask the unfreshness.

Scallop with Lobster Salad | $1.50
Scallop with Roasted Duck Breast | $1.50

These were under the promotional menu too so we decided to give it a try since both of us love scallops. Actually, I prefer the toppings (lobster salad/roasted duck breast) to the main highlight. I thought the scallops were too soft, like they had been soaked in the water for an extended period. There wasn't much taste to it.

Salmon Hand Roll | $3.00

Frankly, I thought the portion of salmon was pathetic. It was so pitiful that I refused a bite that bf offered because he would be left with nothing lol.

Softshell Crab Hand Roll | $4.90

Bf probably felt the same for my handroll too lol. I like how crisy the seaweed is and the softshell crab tasted real good but I truly wish the portion was bigger. Just a slight increase in size would have made me a happy woman.

Itacho Sushi Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
#B1-05 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6337 8911

Alright, that was all we had and the total bill was $39.55 inclusive of service charge and GST. OUR ALL-TIME RECORD LOW and that called for a debrief session, in which we determined that the food were somehow unappetising despite our excitement to have Itacho Sushi again and that was probably a reason why there wasn't a long queue outside anymore. The service staff weren't polite and vigiliant, making us annoyed at the number of times we need to ask the waiter to refill our tea before they finally came once and eventually we just gave up. That certainly is a factor why we did not order a second round like we usually do even though both of us knew we weren't full. And bf seemed to have given up hope on them as he actually turned down my suggestion to visit Itacho again yesterday when he was the one who wish to have sushi on every other occasion.

Is the world coming to an end?

P.S. find out about my visit to Itacho Sushi Ion Orchard here.

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