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It's cafe-hopping time again and we are going to a cosmetic cafe!

We'd heard of cat cafe, dog cafe, sheep cafe, books cafe so on and so forth, but have you visited a cosmetic cafe? Seriously, Korea is a place that is literally bursting with creativity. Everywhere you go and everything you encounter from the murals, to the street performances, the crafts they sell along the streets and at places like Hongdae Free Market and each unique shop set up by individuals rather than big companies etc, you'd be deeply impressed by how original they are, and probably also mortified at the extent of the impact globalisation has on Singapore comparatively that most of us seem to be stripped of our individuality lol.

Anyways a;t fox, which meant "afternoon tea;time fox" is a unique cafe located in Hongdae where you can enjoy your quiet afternoon as well as sample and purchase some exclusive-designed beauty cosmetics in the cute powder room. Let's check out this pretty space! P.S. do be prepared for TONS of photos because I just couldn't stop clicking my camera in this picture-worthy cafe and I can't afford to cut them down anymore because the ones that are still here are all so cute!

Yea.. even the toilet sign is adorable hahah

English and Chinese menus for tourists are available ^.^

I wish I have had the foresight to get these giftboxes or any of their extensive range of merchandise beforehand then I wouldn't have the xmas pressies headache I have now..


How nice if my besties were there with me
we'd be able to play with all the different make-up all day!

Cosmetics for sale. Anything for you?

Tea-flavoured lifting and brighting cream

The chocolate cleansing bar looks delicious! *drool*

Like a mini The Face Shop plus additional cuteness

These cosmetics from eye shadows to facial mist, BB cream, hand cream, nail arts, moisturiser and what not are all made with ingredients such as tangerine peels, which are known to help with skin problems, and presented in a super girly packaging like the cupcake container you saw above. Would you not agree that everything here practically screams kawaii at the top of their lungs? And to make things even better, all the beauty junkies out there please mark this down, there is a special one-for-one experience where you can get a free make-up done by professional artists with purchase of a single tea!

Feels like we were attending a mega posh afternoon tea party

Foxy foxy~

Colorful bottles filled homemade tea and syrups

If only these are real cupcakes...

Maybe they should consider selling edible cupcakes of the same design then everyone gets confused which is real which is not lolol

Yes, I must spoil this post with my own picture lol

a;t fox Cafe
1st Floor Seogyo Building
336-6 Seogyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-333-6512

Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm
Visit their website here (in Korean)

Don't let the location discourage you from visiting this special cafe. Although it looks really far from the even the nearest exit of Hongik University Subway Station, you won't regret making your way there because there are lots of independent shops in the green area highlighted in the map and their apparels, accessories etc are really chic and affordable. Don't forget Style Nanta which is just round the corner and also the famous "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" that is just right beside a;t fox cafe!

Find out more about my Korea itinerary here,

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