Bellabox December 2014: Ring in the Christmas Belles


So, these are the items I have received from Bellabox for the month of December 2014:

It is alright, you can go ahead and tell me this is pathetic too because that was exactly what I thought as I uncovered the contents of what I presumed would be a great Christmas present from me to myself. It is supposed to be CHRISTMAS! I have nothing against these products and I will still give a fair review of all of them but then, how "Christmas-y" does these products look? The least they could do was to give us a sparkling nail polish in conjunction to the festive season right? I was so disappointed that I went online immediately to cancel my subscription in the same hour in which the box arrived for me at my office. No one, not a single soul was impressed with my box and the fact that I am paying $20 for it each month. Thankfully I am already at my last month of their 3-month subscription policy.

Disappointment, rants and everything else aside, here is my honest review of the goodies packed in my Bellabox:

NaturVital Greasy Hair Loss Shampoo
300ml / $23

"This natural hair loss shampoo for greasy hair types combats hair loss with efficiency tested up to 83%. It works to maintain the scalp’s natural balance, as well as strengthen and control hair serbum. Use this gentle formula every day for hydrated, fortified tresses with enhanced elasticity and shine."

Sage + Fasten Common Sense Eau de Parfum
50ml / $65

"A signature scent, Common Sense empower and never overpower you, and acts as SAGE + fasten’s little helper to remind us to stay grounded throughout our hectic everyday routine. Awaken the disorientated mind through this feminine scent infused with gentle yet refreshing notes of orchid and lotus flower – underscored with a tinge of mango, peach and lychee. It’s time to liberate and stand out using your own natural strength and beauty through this compelling number."

Kester Black for Bellabox Nail Polish

"Featuring 4 bellabox-exclusive shades, each nail polish features a chip-resistant high shine that is stunning and long lasting. Stay colour-obsessed while supporting the environment! Made in Australia, it is free from toluene, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin. Receive 1 of these 4 shades – Nuuude, Pinky Promise, Ruby Tuesday and Coral Me Maybe."

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive
60ml / $63

"This skin polisher features organic Alpha Hydroxy Acids of malic acid from green apples, citric acid from lemons and tartaric acid from grapes to exfoliate skin, to even skin tone and to improve skin texture. It is enriched with glycolic acids to brighten and visibly minimise hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Vitamins A and C work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate healthy cellular turnover, while Vitamin E and organic aloe clear and moisturise."

Curél Sebum Care
Sebum Care Lotion: 150ml / $24.90
Sebum Care Moisture Gel: 150ml / $34.90

"A dual function sensitive skincare for oily skin consisting of the Sebum Care Lotion and Sebum Care Moisture Gel. Its oil and acne control properties work to control sebum secretion right at its source. It also works to fortify skin barrier function by protecting and replenishing ceramide, an essential skin component that forms a powerful barrier against external radicals."

Just to add, Hui Mee, who was probably in as much disbelief as I was upon seeing these items (I should add that she kept flipping the box here and there as if to make sure we did not miss out any items), asked me if I thought they are worth my twenty bucks. The curious me was intrigued and the other calculative side of me decided to do some simple math to find that out. Let's see:

$7.67 for 100ml of NaturVital Greasy Hair Loss Shampoo
$5.20 for 4ml of Sage + Fasten Common Sense Eau de Parfum
$22.50 for Kester Black for Bellabox Nail Polish
$16.38 for 2 x 7.8ml of Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive
$1.33 for 8ml of Curél Sebum Care Lotion
$1.63 for 7ml of Curél Sebum Care Moisture Gel

Total: $54.71

Alright, I admit I was quite happy and possibly relieved to know I received $54 worth of contents at a price of $20 but then again, I wouldn't have bought most of the items here, and neither would I have spent $22 on a NUDE nail polish -.- #howyveseeit will continue, of that I have no doubt looking at all the makeup and skincare junks my sisters and I have. To Bellabox, it has been a great and eventful experience but I guess I will still prefer to save the $20 on something I would need, and say...

Goodbye for now,

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