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It was about evening when we were done shopping at Myeong-dong on our second day in Korea, and that is what I personally think is the best time to visit N Seoul Tower! Why, because you get to see N Seoul Tower in both the day and the night, which are unique in its own ways. If you are lucky, you might be able to catch the sunset on Namsan Park, and to do that with your loved ones would be terribly romantic ^.^

So, being the 10th tallest tower in the world, N Seoul Tower stands 236.7 meters in height and is located atop Namsan Mountain where general car traffic is restricted to protect the ecosystem within this largest park in Seoul that is also home to various plants and animals species. Hmm, the wildlife was probably the reason why Hui Mee chose to take the 1-hour walking trail up the mountain although she insisted she lost her way when she was there lolol

Well if you have no intention of climbing the mountain with your Myeong-dong hauls in hand, these are a few alternatives to get to N Seoul Tower:

Namsan Yellow Buses No. 2, 3 and 5

Buses No. 2 from Exit #2 of Chungmuro Station Subway Line 3 and 4, Bus No. 3 from Eixt #9 of Seoul Station Subway Lines 1 and 4, and lastly Bus No. 5 from Exit #3 of Myeong-dong Station Subway Line 4 or Exit #2 of Chungmuro Station Subway Lines 3 and 4 are shuttle services that circle the mountain at an interval of 15 minutes. The fare for each ride is KRW 850 with transporation card and KRW 950 with cash.

Namsan Cable Car

From Exit #3 of Myeong-dong (Subway Line 4), walk straight to the left of Pacific Hotel, through the commercial quarter and up the stairway (P.S. it is quite a long walk uphill. Rest assured you are not lost). Continue walking by the restaurants on your right and the cable car platform is straight ahead. It cost KRW 6,000 for a single cable car trip and KRW 8,500 for a round trip.

If you do not wish to take the walk to the cable car platform, you can also board the Namsan Oreumi, an outdoor elevator located in front of the commemorative monument at the entrance of Namsan Tunnel 3 (walk to the right of Pacific Hotel instead from the same exit). It is free and takes just 3 minutes to reach the cable car. Do note that it is closed every Monday from 9am to 2pm for maintenance checks, and also during strong wind and heavy rain.

We bought the tickets for a one-way trip because we have no intention of making our way from the cable car platform down the same alley at night and we presume there will be quite a long queue for the Oreumi which can only take up to 20 pax at one go. Cheapest, safest, fastest and most logical way down the mountain would probably be via the shuttle buses since we already experienced the cable car ride up.

By the way, if you are looking to enjoy a nice meal on the mountain, I would strongly recommend you to forget about spending tons of money at the various restaurants in the tower and check out this awesome yet inexpensive alternative: The Best Burger in Seoul

You can take a clearer look at their menu right here

The place is located on the ground floor of N Seoul Tower Plaza and is known for its Michelin Star traditional American hand-made burgers which truly live up to its name. I never liked beef and I was "forced" to try this Queens Mushroom Burger, which was what bf ordered because what I wanted had sold out so I decided that the fries will do. Surprisingly, it was so out-of-the-world delicious that I wish they have an outlet in Singapore because this is the only place that can make me love beef. It was THAT good.

Queens Mushroom Burger | KRW 7,500

Additional French Fries & Soft Drink | + KRW 3,000

Us, contented having had THE BEST BURGER EVER!

But one can never have enough good food..

So we got some hot churros (KRW 3,000) for the chilly evening!

No, this is not the tower lol

Although padlocks and markers are available for sale at the souvenir shop, they are rather expensive so it would be better if you bring your own up here. Better still, you can create your own "lock" and design it any way you want it at home beforehand. Also the space is extremely limited, so if you wish to lock your love on the railings directly instead of on someone's lock (which is kind of weird agree?) you would need to DIY your own strap that is long and thin enough go through the tiny gaps.

Besides locking your relationships, you can buy a tile to express your words of love/friendship too!

We did not take the elevator to the observatory as planned as we felt that there wasn't much up there. In case you are interested, the entrance fee is KRW 9,000 for adults and KRW 7,000 for senior citizens and children. You can also get combination tickets to both the observatory and the Alive Museum located at the Lobby (same floor as the entrance to observatory) at KRW 15,000. You can find out more about the combination tickets and various events or promotions at N Seoul Tower official website here in case of any changes.

N Seoul Tower at night

View from the mountain

Super dark at about 8 pm

Taking the bus ride down the hill to have our late dinner at Bonjuk

P.S. if you think Singaporeans are the only ones who cheat on bus fares, guess what? Koreans tap at both the entrance and exit when boarding the bus too lol

Find out more about my Korea itinerary here,

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  1. Hi Yvette. May I ask for directions on how I can walk up to Namsan Park instead of the cable car or shuttle bus options? Thanks much! J

    1. Hello! You can walk to the cable car station then take the stairs across the street, instead of the cable car, up Namsan. There are other hiking routes up as well, so you might want to google a bit to compare the alternatives :)



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