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I am sure you have heard how awesome Jay Chou's concert last Saturday was! Well.. minus the poor sound system and leaking rooftop (and probably also the female guest singer whom in my honest opinion, can't sing without making you cringe) that is already all over facebook and local news. I am fortunate that I didn't have to hold on an umbrella through out the concert, and here are some reasons why I thought this concert was the best one I ever attended despite my initial complaints about how huge the place was that I can't even see Jay Chou from a Category 2 seat and how he should have did 2 separate concerts at indoor stadium instead considering how pricey his tickets were.

Anyways, some wefies first..

It's Yvonne HOO and me again! #taylorswiftflashback

The previous was at Esplanade station and this is to mark our arrival at Stadium station

And we're IN!

By the way, I thought the crowd management when we were going in wasn't too bad. We didn't even have to queue and it was rather easy for us to locate our seats. I wish I could say the same when the concert ended. The crowd was CRAZY. First some people needed to head left to go to Kallang station, some wished to go right to Stadium station so there was already a jam outside the stadium (even though we waited for the crowd to clear slightly before leaving). And then it was raining, and people without umbrellas or ponchos just stood at the already-congested corridor, making it more difficult for anyone to move at all. No umbrella then wait at your seat first lah? There is also no "covered walkway" to speak of in SportsHub right?

To be frank, I stopped purchasing and listening to Jay Chou since 牛仔很忙 album and if not for the change of date which resulted in the large number of unsold tickets (that were previously sold out), I wouldn't have attended this concert. I knew his every song in those albums I used to own but for some reasons, he lost me. I could no longer connect to his new music, I am not proud to admit that I don't know the songs released in recent years, and I am surprised to know that I wasn't the only one. Throughout the concert, I could hear my neighbours talking to each other. "What song is this?", "Walao, this song very stupid leh. Really is whatever lor", "Eee, his new songs not nice one". If you were there, it wouldn't be hard for you to realise the difference between an old classic and his new song. For the former, everyone really sang along regardless of how difficult, how fast the songs were. You just couldn't say the same about the latter. That was the period audiences start sitting down, chatting with each other or taking their toilet breaks lol.

Maybe it's because I am no longer "young".
Nevertheless, check out how united we "old fans" are:



And here is why I enjoyed his concert so much:

#1 Everyone was provided a lightstick.

I thought this was a given. It is obvious how effective lightsticks are in creating the right atmosphere for such a concert. The view when the lights first dimmed down and the parts of the pink sea started surfacing was absolutely breathtaking. The free lightsticks united everyone, and even someone who is as boring as me was enthusiastic and literally swinging my lightstick so hard that the whole time I was worried that it will fall off. Two reasons, I am afraid it will hit someone in front of the head, and also because it would mean I don't have a lightstick to sway along anymore.

#2 There were lyrics on the screen. To every single song.

We all knew the reason behind him having displayed lyrics since his first concerts - he just can't remember them, and we don't blame him at all since the lyrics to most of his songs are real wordy. But isn't it ingenious to turn a perceived weakness that we all thought would work against him, into an ability that allows your audience to connect to what you are singing? I personally thought it was a great move, especially when you intend to pass your microphone to your audience at some parts of a song.

P.S. I have attended a concert in which the singer did the same, and there was total silence because we just didn't remember the lyrics. Awkward and it wouldn't have been the case if she had, you know it, lyrics on the screen.

#3 He allowed fans to dedicate songs and sing along with him.

Now now, although I have heard of this component in the same concert at other countries, I am still amazed how prepared he must be for him to pull this off without declining any request. Imagine, the person preparing the lyrics to be flashed on the screen must be equipped with the lyrics to all his songs, all the instrumentalists must have learnt and rehearsed every single song that may be dedicated and not that he don't already knew, but Jay Chou himself must be able and ready to sing any songs on his repertoire. That's a lot to prepare for a short session like that. But still, it would be worth it to have changed the lives of 3 fans totally. Wish I was the lucky one.

#4 He didn't forget his fans at the back.

It is always good to let your fans know that they are appreciated. Throughout the concert, he didn't just focus on the people in the center but went to the extreme right and left of the stage to serenade to audiences sitting at the sides, and kept addressing the people at the back too. True enough, it would have been better if he had an additional center stage (since there was such a big empty space between the front and tiered seating) and if he didn't just jumped off the stage and shook the hands of the people in front (well they got the expensive tix after all), but don't forget how he went against the norm and chose someone so far behind to duet with him. That was awfully sweet.

#5 He creates memories.

As the first picture on top have said, there are a thousand memories to each of his songs and this nostalgia was truly touching. I can't imagine I was in Primary School when I first listened to him. I can still remember the first song that introduced him to me, how I would study the small booklet of lyrics more than I have ever my textbooks, how I learnt to rap his raps, how he started off and the work he put in to bring him to where he is today, and everything. It is quite sad to point this out but seriously, his songs unite us more than any of our national themes did. I felt more bonded to my fellow Singaporeans during his concert, than at the national parade. No one can deny the impact he has had on us all.

So, although I was still quite unable to absorb the new songs I have heard at his concert, I did make a promise to myself to go get all his albums, the one coming out and the ones I have missed out on, and listen to all of them on replay mode until I love them as much as I love these classics below. Sorry for the poor quality, as I had to reduce to file size so that it wouldn't take too long to load. For people who didn't manage to attend the concert, hope you will enjoy them!

彩虹 + 轨迹


Thank you for reminding me what a great musician you are,

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  1. I really wish I was there! Next year cya! :)



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