Panasonic: The Secret to Bread-Making


Don't they all look oh-so-YUMMY?

Not sure about you but it's no secret that I am pretty bad at cooking and baking these kinds of "wife-skills", so the savoury treats you see on top are pretty much unattainable in any kitchen with someone as clueless as me holding the fort. Well, at least that was the case before I met my potential saviour, Panasonic SD-P104 Bread Maker. My parents might finally see the possibility of marrying me off with this amazing machine as part of my dowry lol.

"Then it's not baking anymore" says my younger sister even though she was equally impressed by the end results of what eventually came out from the bread maker. But the thing is, we just can't seem to get it right! Under-kneading of dough, over-kneading of dough, uneven mixing, wrong timing to add the yeast, miscalculation of baking time and every other step in the entire baking process can be fallible, and unless you are a master baker or someone who is extremely talented, you might never be able to produce a decent tray of bread no matter how many times you attempt or how you try to convince yourself that you are good. This reminds me of someone who insisted that her rolls are "supposed to be like that" when I pointed that it was dense and floury. Whether she is implying a problem with my tastebuds or that her rolls are meant to taste like raw dough I am not too sure lol.

All these makes it really difficult to pick up baking so why not seek the help before we subsequently lose heart at something we are interested in learning? Besides, I doubt anyone ever complained that "it's not doing laundry anymore" when you use the washing machine or any other electrical appliances in your house -.- With Panasonic's Bread Maker, baking is made easy and feasible for all minus away the aching shoulders, messy kitchens and tons of dirty crockeries waiting for you at the sink. Now it's going to be so much more enjoyable.

And if I ever need more persuasion, Panasonic's very own cooking mama for more than 40 years, Theresa had me swayed effortlessly. Just with 2-hours of cooking demonstration, she managed to convince all the attendees that we are so good that we can open a bakery on our own haha. Let's see if these pictures I took at the event organised by Panasonic Singapore and OMY SG is able to boost your confidence too!

Uncomplicated panel with raisin nut and yeast dispensers

How the machine kneads the dough

And the wheat bread is done after two hours

I should just tell my mum to stop buying plain bread loaves already

Post this picture because I think my neighbour super chio, like Sonia Sui hehe
And somehow I look like an elf because of my ear and hair on the right and the bare forehead lol

Ok, another less 偷偷摸摸 one. No more already.

Doesn't this look just like the bread you get at bakeries?

Don't like tuna? Curry, ham and cheese, chocolate or anything also can!

Or if you don't like buns, the bread maker can make focaccia too!

Can you believe it? IT'S MUAH CHEE!

So I guess it is time to say good-bye to bakeries when I can almost do anything from flavoured bun rolls to focaccia, wheat bread and even traditional kueh on my own with Panasonic Bread Maker SD-P104 and also the limited copy of recipe book where I extracted pictures of these delicious-looking pastries, that comes with the machine. I am a major step closer to making these already and I am super excited to be able to finally receive some compliments for the things I make lol, or probably to impress some guy and my future parents-in-law too lolol.

Best of all, I can decide and customise what I want to eat (or base on anything that is left in the refrigerator) and the end product will always be fresh-from-oven and healthy for being able to choose and control my ingredients, and thus opt for healthier choices and avoid preservatives, food colourings, flavourings and such. These useful functions add further points to the machine too:

• Simple and easy 5-step operation
• Raisin & nut dispenser to distribute dried fruits or other toppings evenly
• Yeast dispenser to drop the yeast at the optimal timing
• Temperature sensor to adjust each process according to the ambient temperature.
• Crust colour control and 13 different menus to choose from
• 10-minute power interruption protection
• 13-hour digial timer for overnight/pre-set baking

Waking up and coming home to fresh and fluffy bread,

P.S. drop me a message if you would like the recipes!

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