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There is slightly less than a month down the road before the 14th day of February arrives. Even though we have all just went through the frantic period of brainstorming, sourcing, purchasing and gift-wrapping all the Christmas presents we had to prepare, it is now the time to go through the entire motion again and start making plans for the extraordinary someone in your life on this extraordinary day.

I know, Valentine's Day is primarily a day for the lovebirds, and so it would probably be just an ordinary Saturday for the single I am now (in case you are wondering, my travel posts are unfortunately outdated thus the "bf" you remember seeing was still bf when the posts were drafted). I am not saying this to garner sympathy or because I am afraid to be alone. In fact I can already tell that this year's V-day is going to be extra special as I have seriously learnt a lot from this past relationship. I am never more appreciative of the people and things that I might have taken for granted previously than now.

Which leads us to the purpose of this important post dedicated to all best friends we have in this world who will be there for us through thick and thin. We will encounter many passers-by in our entire lifetime, but only the true friends will understand us and not judge us for anything. It is an amazing skill to turn an angry moment into one that we would laugh at the absurdity of the situation and to be there beside you quietly when you just didn't want to talk. So if you are already thinking of someone while reading this, it is now the perfect time to show your affection to the people who added so much colours to your life and here I have, a quick guide to find the memorable present for your best friend:

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#1 Star Studded Clutch

A sophisticated and chic Ash clutch with gold-tone nautical star studs not only seeks to impress and inspire. It will remain a fashion-forward wardrobe staple for years and serves wonders for one who is always on-the-go and having fun.

#2 Kat Swarovski Crystal Headband

Diamonds are a girl's best friend but since we all can't afford it, using Swarovski crystals to add shine to your friendship shall do. Imagine how striking and adorable you both will be in this whimsical cat-ear LELET NY headband! This is no doubt a welcome addition to any accessories collection.

#3 Logo Disc Stud Earrings

Marc Jacobs is known for his unwavering knack in reinventing vintage trends and classics. She'll love the iconic yet timeless allure and how this charming pair of disc stud designer earrings basically screams fashion and style. You will turn your best friend into a potential trendsetter!

#4 The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

It is always a good idea to capture and preserve the precious moments you both share so start snapping your best shots and print the physical photos instantly. Once you have collected enough prints, put them all into an album and it will brim with nostalgia and charm. Priceless.

#5 Clarisonic Mia

I am sure you are aware of the raves and I have personally seen how effective Clarisonic dermatologist-tested cleansing system is keeping our skin clean. Well, I'd think that the recipe to younger, healthier and radiant skin is like a dream come true for any girl in this world, no?

#6 Naughty / Nice Hinge Bangle Bracelet

Remember the friendship bands we used to make in pairs in school and how we would each have one on our ankle to announce to everyone that we are the bestest besties? This cute Rebecca Minkoff bangle will do awesome in reminding you both of the escapades and great times you shared.

#7 Taylor Swift 1989

Because the album was inspired by the process of self-discovery and no one screams more girl power than Taylor Swift. Besides, the singer is embarking on 1989 World Tour so it is time to familiarise yourself with all the songs or get that same shirt she wore on the cover before the concert.

#8 Baby-G BA110-1A

Well, SNSD are the brand ambassadors. Surely that says a lot about the youthful, fun and charming image one portrays with a Baby-G on hand. Choose one that you'd think best fits her outlook and personality amongst their different 20th anniversary timepieces.

#9 Party Proof Limited Edition Bellabox

This extensive set is packed with party proof picks that will ensure she maintain a gorgeous and flawless visage throughout V-night. Everyone wants to look perfect especially on this special day so wouldn't a gift that will conquer all the make-up dilemmas in an instant simply wonderful?

#10 Personal Letter

Last but not least, V-day practically gives everyone the license to be all mushy, but if you are never brave enough to say the words of affection you have for her to her person, write your feelings down and let her know how important she is. This is one great opportunity to thank her and probably also apologise for anything you could have done better.

All in all, perhaps you have been busy and haven't got to see her for a while. Or perhaps there had been a huge fight although neither of you could remember what it was that you both had differing views on. Instead of forfeiting the precious friendship or continually saying "let's meet up soon", make concrete plans. Even the strongest of relationships needs to be nurtured and a present from you, be it the gift of time or something functional, will be a great way to let your best friend know how special she is to you.

So, what are your plans for this Valentine's Day?

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