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After we finished touring Petite France, we took the same Gapyeong Tourist Shuttle Bus mentioned earlier (KRW 5,000 for unlimited rides in a day here) to Nami Island. Remember to keep your tickets for transfer and return trips, and do take note of the bus timings available in the previous post and plan your schedule accordingly to avoid missing the bus and having to wait an hour at the bus-stop. Alternatively, you can also take bus 33-5 or 33-36 from Gapyeong Station and drop at the sixth stop.

We were hungry by the time we reached Namiseom Dock so we decided to have lunch first at one of the entire stretch of restaurants in front of Nami Island parking lot before taking the ferry (KRW 8,000 for island admission and ferry round trip). Here are some pictures of our scrumptious lunch at Yu Myeongsuk Chuncheon Dakgalbi Makguksu Restaurant. What a long name!

What to eat at Nami Island

숯불닭갈비 (Charcoal Chicken Chop) | KRW 12,000 per piece

The heavenly smell was what first prompted us to venture in, and our stomach started to growl as we watched the meat get charcoal-grilled before us with the help of its friendly staff. I personally thought KRW 12,000 for such a small piece of chicken chop is kind of pricey but thankfully, the meat was extremely tender and well-marinated. I just wish there were more!

감자전 (Potato Pancake) | KRW 10,000

Told you I am so in love with pancakes I'd order it everywhere regardless of whether it is kimchi pancake, seafood pancake or whatsoever. This was the first time though, that I had potato pancake and it was yummy. Bf didn't like it too much because it was rather tasteless to him, but I love it with or without the accompanying sauce, especially the parts that were oh-so-crispy. I practically forfeited the meat, had almost the entire pancake on my own and I didn't get sick of it at all.

Alright, lunch is done. Time board the ferry!

The Namiseom Zip Wire is where you drop-off from the Gapyeong Tourist Shuttle Bus, and also an 80 meter-high eco-friendly leisure facility constructed by Gapyeong County Office in partnership with Gyeonggi Tourism Organisation and Namiseom Inc to present visitors a more exciting way to get to Nami Island. So if you are feeling particularly daring and wish to beat the crowd, why not zoom down the wire cable to get to Nami Island in style (KRW 38,000 for 1.5 minute "ride")? Do note that you'd need to take one of the four ferries back to the mainland though..

Told bf to prepare his passport as we approached immigration and he freaked out. Took me a long time (and strength) before I managed to convince him I was just kidding and we don't need our passports to board the ferry. Still he said, "really ah, later we buy tickets already then got thrown off the ferry then you know." LOL. By the way, tourists get to enjoy special rate of just KRW 8,000 for admission (round-trip ferry fare and tax included) so try to look like a foreigner ok?

Waiting for the ferry..

On board! Can you see where I am?

We have reached our destination - Namiseom

Map for you to plan your cycling/strolling/hiking/MIA-ing route

Entrance to this pretty little island!

This is where you will land if you took the Zip Wire

Namiseom is a tiny half-moon shaped island generally famous as the setting for the immensely popular Korean series "Winter Sonata", and millions of people visit the island to experience the beautiful scenery as well as the various traditional Korean culture that can still be found here. Its name originated from General Nami, who died at the age of 28 after being falsely accused of treason during the reign of King Sejo, as can be seen on this monument here.

More pictures of what you can expect to see and experience on this calming yet fun-filled island in the season of Autumn:

Everything here is lovey-dovey

I thought the wild ostrich warning was super cute!

We were surprised to run into a merlion here!

Red bean bun for sale in the traditional way

LOL this guy very extra hor?

I thought of merging the two photos into a single gif image but decided against it eventually as I did not want to ruin the first picture and receive hatemails from the Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo's fans.

They swim real fast!

Squirrel with fluffy tail spotted!

Perfect spot for a nice picnic

During the planning stage, I contemplated skipping Nami Island since there are so much to do in Korea yet so little time, and I particularly didn't think Nami Island to be a "must-go" location. However, I am glad I did include it in the itinerary in the end as this was the first time bf visited Korea and he found this place enjoyable and relaxing, a nice change of pace from the hecticness of Seoul. As for me, I certainly had a better time in Nami Island this time round as compared to my previous which was in winter six years ago. I would love to return and see how the island is like in Spring!

Find out more about my Korea itinerary here,

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