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(Former) Bf and I were craving for some Korean Barbeque again soon after we returned to Singapore and decided to visit Blue Garden Korean BBQ Restaurant which came in highly recommended by one of his closest friends, located at the ground floor of Link Hotel in Tiong Bahru.

First impression upon stepping in to the simple restaurant was that they seemed to be under-staffed. There was only one staff preparing food on a few tables (supposedly for the tour groups coming in later). He only noticed us after quite some time and signalled us to take our seat at the table that was nearest to us. The tables were packed quite closely together, but the place was not crowded even though we were there at 7 pm so it was still quite comfortable. However, they did not seem to have any exhaust within the dining area so you will probably walk out of the restaurant with your hair and clothes smelling real bad. Remember to take off your jacket if you are wearing any, or at least don't plan any important meetings after that to minimise the damage. Otherwise you can do what I did, and take a nice long walk to Tiong Bahru station after our heavy meal to "air" ourselves.

Alrighty, let's take a look at the buffet spread!

The banchans (side dishes)! It looks like a lot of choices but actually, some are repetitive.

I frankly didn't think Korean restaurants serve sausages for barbeque..

Now we know which meat is most popular. Admittedly, it was disappointing to see how some of these trays were left empty since as I have mentioned above, the only staff we saw was busy preparing the tables and hence probably didn't notice that some of the meat ran out. Nevertheless, despite the empty trays and shortage of manpower to clear the empty plates on your small table, I thought the spread was quite impressive for the price we are paying for. Of course, it was nothing like or as good as the ones we have had in Korea or restaurants that were charging much more, but most of the meat were fresh, well-marinated, sweet and can definitely be considered tasty on its own account.

As much as I love vegetables, these didn't appeal to me at all. I only took a few lettuce to wrap the BBQ meat and garlic within, but somehow it was not as good or anything comparable to what you will have in Korea, so we gave up on the lettuce and just ate the meat on its own. Oh, you might want to touch the greenshell mussels if they don't look fresh to you. I only got two to try and boy, it was so disgusting that I spat one out and hid the other away lol. I probably won't touch mussels for the time being. And you are hearing that from someone who loves shellfish.

The chicken wings were delicious!

Come to think of it, I would actually prefer the cooked food more than the BBQ meat. Not only were they a safer choice, they taste good too! Well, perhaps with the exception to the tteokbokki. I am not a fan of tteokbokki in the first place, and to serve it cold with runny gravy made it worse for me personally. As for the fried rice, sweet potato noodles, tempura et cetera, though they were nothing astounding or had not anything to shout about, they were pleasant and enjoyable. I am also surprised that the Korean pancakes did not fail me, and that the chicken wings were so addictive and satisfying. I seriously don't mind coming again and paying the buffet price just for the cooked food at all.

And what else did we have?

Fishcake a.k.a. "Abalone" porridge

Ice-cream!! We took a scoop of each flavour available ^.^

Blue Garden
50 Tiong Bahru Road
#01-07 Link Hotel
Singapore 168733
Tel: 6224 0770

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm daily
Dinner: 5.30pm to 10.30pm daily

The dinner cost $24.90 per pax on a weekday, and total bill for two was about $59 after GST and service fee though I really didn't remember them providing me any service. It was a buffet dinner and I got all the food on my own right? On the other hand, as much as I can understand why there are so many negative feedback on Blue Garden online and there are honestly indeed many areas that they can or needed to improve on, I thought as diners we get way more than what we paid for and that made the meal valuable and price-worthy as compared to other restaurants.

In my opinion, I would recommend Blue Garden to anyone who is looking for an affordable and nice buffet as dining here is relatively no-frill and you don't have to queue or squeeze with a large pack of customers. If you need something that is authentically Korean or something with a wider variety of selections, you might want to give this plain and simple restaurant a miss.

I just realised they didn't have EGGS,

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