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If "what can I wear with this?" or "what can I wear for this particular event?" are the questions that constantly plague your mind on repeat mode, and you own a wardrobe bursting with clothes that you don't feel comfortable in or envy everyone else on the streets who all seem to be able to look good effortlessly, you are here at the right time reading the right post.

Because what we have here, is one great opportunity for you to turn the tables and solve your wardrobe woes once and for all. Just continue reading because this post is overloaded with golden goodies, attractive prizes to be won, and also exclusive promo codes for all readers. You will see at the end that for some reason, Domino's just has this special ability to know us better than we ourselves do and give us what we secretly wish for..

#1 "I'm too tired to go out. Let's call for a delivery."

I have heard this too often, not just in my house (although that alone is sufficient) but also amongst many of my friends and colleagues. We all have to work, and it is understandable we just want to knock out by the time we reach home, much less to prepare a meal for the family if we have a choice not to. It would be brilliant if we can order something in the comfort of our home and didn't have to wait for an hour before the deliveryman would knock on our door. Oh wait, we can! With Domino's 30-minutes commitment and product satisfaction guarantee, delivery has been shortened to just 30-minutes and is sure to be FRESH from oven. Otherwise, be ready to receive a free regular pizza voucher for subsequent usage or even full refund respectively.

Doesn't this alone makes Domino's the perfect choice for family dinners, gatherings, parties and late-night soccer matches or movie sessions? I have so made up my mind that I am going to order Domino's over CNY to save myself from any potential headaches. Furthermore, all prices published on the website are nett and will not be subjected to GST or any additional delivery charges for any orders above $15. It is just plain awesome not having to pay for anything else that is not food lol. And with the money saved, I can probably get another order of the famous chocolate lava cake or garlic onion rings =x

Don't forget the delicious drumlets!

#2 "Nothing fried and less carb please. I am on diet."

Well, it is no news that all Domino's products (except the drinks of course) are oven-baked and I can't imagine how Domino's could make me fall in love with them even more when they introduced the all new Domino's Golden Chicken. Domino's seemed to have not only realised, but also recognised the fact that we are perpetually on diet and hence created these yummy chicken tenders baked to golden perfection and covered in sauces, toppings and cheese which I personally thought are just like pizza minus the dough that is replaced by oven-baked chicken tenders so they are really convenient and a viable option for anyone looking to avoid some carbo-intake.

Let's take a look at the real thing!

Golden Mediterranean Chicken
Oven-baked chicken tenders covered in Napolitana sauce, cherry tomatoes, olives and feta cheese

Golden Outback Chicken
Oven-baked chicken tenders covered in BBQ sauce, green capsicum, red capsicum and olives

Golden Italiano Chicken
Oven-baked spicy chicken tenders covered in pesto sauce, pineapple, juicy tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

Golden Mexican Chicken
Oven-baked spicy chicken tenders covered in salsa sauce, pineapple, green capsicum, olives and cherry tomatoes

I tried and love all of them although the Golden Mexican Chicken can be a little spicy for me personally. My favourite out of the four kinds of Golden Chicken would surely be the Golden Italiano Chicken due to the spiciness, pineapples and mozzarella cheesey goodness. It is something like our all-time number one Hawaiian Paradise Pizza with that extra zest and best of all, guilt-free.

#3 "Any promotions?"

You guessed it, the answer to this question is a big red YES! Domino's has generously bestowed exclusive promo codes for the benefit of all readers so we can get to revel in FREE Golden Chicken with purchase of pizza or heavily discounted price of only $5.00 for ala carte together. Register for a delivery account at to place your order and key in the respective coupon codes to redeem the goodies. Offer ends 8 March 2015, so act fast in claiming your rewards!


BLG203AFREE Golden Chicken with Regular pizza purchase
BLG203BFREE Golden Chicken with Large pizza purchase
BLG203CFREE Golden Chicken with Xtra Large pizza purchase
BLG203D$5.00 for Golden Chicken Take-away

Furthermore, besides indulging in the savoury of the Golden Chicken at promotional or introductory price, you can also stand to win Golden Prizes with a total worth of up to $12,888 just by joining the Gold Rush with Domino's Golden Chicken. And this is where my point on wardrobe woes comes in, because the winner of this contest will walk away with the golden opportunity to shop like a celebrity!

If you are wondering how a celebrity shops, here's it: he or she will be equipped with $2000 spending cash as well as the accompaniment of a personal shopper and chauffeured limosine service. The personal shopper-cum-fashion stylist/advisor will help you "cleanse your closet", render styling suggestions, and ultimately assist you in achieving your best look through careful selection of cuts, colours etc based on your overall physical appearance. Time to feel confident and start turning heads with your chauffeur and limousine (think: America's Next Top Models).


1st Prize x 1 winner – Win a Golden Shopping Spree
2nd Prize x 3 winners – Win an iPhone 6 Gold (64GB)
3rd Prize x 4 winners – Win a 10 gram Gold bar


Step 1: Make an order for Domino's Golden Chicken online here or at any of their outlets islandwide.

Step 2: Gently peel off the Golden Chicken sticker you see on your Golden Chicken box.

Step 3: Stick them on the contest form which is also available here.

Step 4: Unleash your imagination and write "Golden Chicken" in the most creative. Mine's posted on my instagram @yveyanxi if you need a sample for inspiration ^.^

Step 5: Fill in your personal details and submit your entry at any Domino's store or mail it to 81 Ubi Avenue 4 #10-16 Singapore 408830 directly before 8 March 2015.
Delivery Hotline: 6222 6333

Easy peasy. Just remember to use the exclusive promo codes mentioned above when you are ordering online or at their outlets for a take-away to enjoy FREE Golden Chicken with purchase of pizza or have it ala carte at only $5.00, which is more than 50% off its usual price of $10.80. Top it up with the chance to win up to $12,888 worth of Golden Prizes, this practically beats any other kinds of deals out in the market. Thank you Domino's and The Influencer Network for sharing this with us!

CNY is gonna be so SHINY with Domino's GOLD RUSH,

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