Fly Me to Jeju Part I


Situated 64km south of the Korean Peninsula is Korea’s largest island, Jeju, a place so relaxing and beautiful, and houses SO MANY different kinds of attractions that I would liken it to a mega huge family and romantic resort. It is no wonder why Jeju is a common holiday as well as honeymoon destination for the locals and for us tourists, it is said that no trip to Korea is complete without visiting Jeju. So here's what I did in Jeju, and I hope it will give you a rough idea on how to go about the island on your own if you are planning to include Jeju in your itinerary ^.^

There are many different ways to get to Jeju but the most convenient and also the fastest, will be via the domestic flights from Gimpo Airport, accessible via the Line 5, 9 and AREX of the Seoul Subway. They have quite a few different domestic airlines, for instance Jeju Air, Easter Jet and Air Busan, and the prices of their return tickets for an hour's journey start from SGD$100. The pricing changes daily and varies depending on the time and day of your flight so do check their websites regularly for promotions and purchase your tickets online first, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Also, remember to visit Bobo's Jeju Booth near Gate 1 for free maps and JT pass (discount card) when you have reached the airport. In case you are too early for your flight (like we did), there are a number of shopping malls around Gimpo Airport, e.g. Shilla Duty Free Shop, Lotte Duty Free Shop, Gimpo Airport Outlet, Sky City, Lotte Mall and Lotte Mart, as well as E-Mart, where I would suggest to stock up on instant noodles and snacks for the lonely nights in Jeju lol. Accommodation-wise, as the transportation system in Jeju ain't extremely developed, I think it would be easier, more affordable and convenient on the whole to stay within Jeju City, and preferably nearer to the Airport.

I didn't get to go many places in Jeju as we only had one and a half day there and it was just too short a time for such a huge island with so many attractions worthy of your attention. Unless you would like to spend a week here (which I might actually considering how enjoyable Jeju is), there are bound to be many places of interest that you will need to forfeit.

Nevertheless, here's the first attraction we visited..

A legend has it that a dragon was shot down by an arrow from the mountain deity when it was caught stealing a precious jade from Mt Halla, and was turned into a stone with its head looking at the sky upon falling and sinking into the ocean. Can you see it? Apart from the dragon, we also encountered Haeneo (women divers) catching seafood, and enjoyed the sea breeze and amazing view of the clear and vast blue sea. We only decided to drop at the last minute by since it is extremely near to both the airport and our hotel, and stayed for only a short while before moving on to the next stop.


Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rose from under the sea at the eastern end of Jeju Island in a volcanic eruption over 100,000 years ago. If you are also keen on travelling "the local way", you can take a direct bus to Seongsalliipgu from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal with the same T-Money travelling card we use in Seoul. The whole ride takes about 1.5 hour, similar to by car but way affordable. Entrance fee to the peak is KRW2,000 for adults and KRW1,000 for children and youths.

Our initial plan was to catch the sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak but like all the previous attempts we have made, we just can't wake up once again. And since we weren't going to catch the sunrise anyway, I thought we could skip climbing up but my (former) bf apparently saw it otherwise and insisted on going up considering how much time and effort we spent to get there lol. By the way, get the famous Jeju Chocolates and Honey here! These chocolates are only selling at KRW1,000 per box at attractions like Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. WAY CHEAPER than even at Lotte Mart.

I forgot all about going down lol -.-

Going down is scary, especially when my legs were already wobbly from all the climbing..

It took us about an hour in total, for all the climbing, breaks, photo-taking and descending, and by the time we reached the bottom of the peak, we were hungry max. But the restaurants right outside the entrance, where there are also shops selling souvenirs and snacks didn't appeal to us, so we continued walking across the car park till we found THIS - Hanseong Restaurant!

It wasn't crowded when we entered, since it was still slightly before lunch time. We were shown our seats and placed our orders fairly quickly. While waiting, a pair of tourist came in and sat beside us together with their hired driver, who started ordering a whole lot of food on behalf of the two girls. So on top of a huge fish, they also had what we had but in the larger portion available. The amount of food and the bill chalked up was crazy, not to mention the time they will spend in the restaurant instead of 8-hr sight-seeing, which they paid the driver for. (Former) bf immediately understood why I was so adversed to hiring a driver since both of us weren't confident with driving in a foreign country.

Unprofessional drivers aside, these are the food we ordered..

The Banchan. All super duper nice, they deserved to be more than just side dishes!

Abalone Porridge (Small) | KRW 15,000

The abalone porridge is freaking delicious. I thought it would be salty judging from the colour, but it was okay. The porridge was very well-cooked and there were so much abalone in this bowl that (former) bf kept asking me if it was really KRW 15,000 lol.

Seafood Pancake (Small) | KRW 15,000

Yet another mouth-watering pancake! This was the only pancake (former) bf had more than a single piece throughout the entire Korea trip, and I am not happy with that because it means I have less for myself. Not good when it comes to one that is this heavenly.

Seafood Stew (Small) | KRW 15,000

When this arrived, we seriously thought we might have ordered something else because there was no way this bowl of stew with more than three abalones, crabs, prawns, squids etc cost only KRW 15,000. We were all ready to pay more and we didn't mind it at all because everything were so so good!

Yum yum, and lunch's done! All for just KRW 45,000 ^.^

Off to Jeju Folk Village Museum in a public bus. Hop over Part II here for more!

Find out more about my Korea itinerary here,

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