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Met up with my ex-colleagues from Esplanade for dinner at Mad for Garlic, Suntec City. In case you are wondering why Mad for Garlic, it is because all of us had various reasons to cut our expenses e.g. Yvonne Hoo and I wish to go New Zealand end of the year and the air tix ain't gonna come cheap, so I thought we could utilise The Entertainer once again to help us save some cash with all the awesome 1-for-1 deals in it (you can refer to my blog post here to find out more about this amazing application). Besides, some of us, myself included, haven't paid this popular restaurant a visit despite its debut in Singapore back in 2010 and since it was highly recommended by one of our fellow dinner-goers, we just have to grab this opportunity to make things right.

If you didn't already know and had presumed the restaurant to be from Italy or such (okay, I admit I did), Mad for Garlic was in fact originated in Korea and is renowned for its unique garlic-centered Italian menu that has captured the hearts of both garlic and non-garlic lovers alike. Its original outlet in Suntec City, where queues can be seen any day was closed in 2011 to make way for the mall-wide renovation, but had since reopened its doors on the second floor of Suntec City, near to Esplanade Station. Let's see what the new Mad for Garlic has in store for us:

Garlic Snowing Pizza | $22.50

Doesn't this looks absolutely yummy and pretty? I heard it's one of Mad for Garlic's best pizzas and I can totally understand why. The pizza was extremely thin and crispy, and the honey sweet and appetizing sauce adds a unique zing to the main dish. The blend of shrimps, pineapple dice and fried garlic was incomparable too!

BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza | $21.40

On the other hand, the BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza did not fare as well as its counterpart did. It was difficult to consume the pizza without having pieces of vegetables and grilled chicken falling off the similarly thin pizza, and the said spicy grilled chicken was a little too dry for my liking. I like the cheese and BBQ sauce very much though.

Garlicpeno Pasta | $18.80

Served with a handsome dose of garlic and mexican pepper, this Garlicpeno Pasta was heavenly in both its smell and taste. I love how well the pasta and condiments complemented each other, and also how the garlic brought an appetite-enhancing edge to the pasta. They are simply so delectable I really don't mind eating these mouthwatering garlic on its own.

Lobster Cream Pasta | $23.50

Despite the fact that I am not a fan of cream-based pasta, the Lobster Cream Pasta easily tops everything on the table and became one of my favourite pasta ever. The chef was also very generous with the lobster meat and fish roe, and the garlic cream sauce was so good that I wouldn't let any bit go to waste. This is one dish that definitely worth more than its price.

And here's a picture of the full menu (click for enlarged view) if you are interested in finding out what are the other delicious items available at Mad for Garlic:

So these are the four main courses we ordered to share amongst the five of us (two men, and three girls with a huge appetite) and surprisingly, we were so full at the end of the meal that we decided against ordering some sides or desserts to share like we planned to. The staff were also very friendly, helpful and remained courteous to us even though we might have overstayed. The whole dining experience was nothing short of perfect, and I will definitely return for more garlic-ful Italian cuisine. I am clearly without a doubt, mad for garlic ^.^

Mad for Garlic Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard
#02-300/301 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6238 1930

Craving for Lobster Cream Pasta,

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