Sample Store March 2015: Battle of the Shampoos


Following the termination of my Bellabox subscription back in December, I thought I should revive my reviewing of beauty products and hence decided to try Sample Store since I get to choose what I wish to receive in my mailbox and I would not end up with bottles and bottles or things I don't need, I don't use, I don't like or are just plain unsuitable for me.

For users who are unfamiliar with Sample Store, there are two categories of samples you choose from - those sponsored and hence absolutely free (woohoo!), and those you will only need to pay for a handling fee of $5.99 per checkout of four sets of samples. The sample size for each item is different, some can just be one sheet of mask whilst others more generous and give you a few days' supply of their products, which I thought is more sensible unless their products are so miraculous that you see results in a single use. Thus, I would recommend anyone to take note of what you will be entitled to before placing an item in your cart.

I intend to do two checkouts each month (that's 8 items), provided those that I am interested in don't run out too fast! As we are talking, the Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vitalising Shampoo and Treatment that I am about to review right below and have only checked out a few days ago, have sold out, and there were a few items I placed in my cart but ran out right before my eyes as I took my time to browse through the pages. I hope they will come back but meanwhile, these are what I have got:

CLIV Max Hyaluronic Formula Ampoule
30ml / $65, available at Sasa

"High-concentrated moisturising ampoule for dry & sensitive skin, with the constitution of green tea stem cells and 80% hyaluronic acid. Keeps skin moist & soft, whitening properties, anti-wrinkle function."

#howyveseesit: Sample set includes 2 sachets. Texture is thick and not easily absorbed. Though it says it is suitable for dry & sensitive skin, I thought it might be over-moisturising as my skin, especially parts where I still have acne scars, started itching slightly a few minutes upon application and I would wash the serum off. However, I did feel that my skin is softer and more hydrated after the wash.

CLIV Collagen Resurgence Laser Ampoule
30ml / $65, available at Sasa

"High-concentrated shaping ampoule for wrinkled, droopy skin with stem cell extract. With 80% of collagen liquid; skin elastic ingredient, resurrection plant stem cells and various botanical elastic care ingredients, this makes soft and tightened skin by helping wrinkle improvement on droopy, aged skin."

#howyveseesit: Sample set includes 5 sachets, although I didn't understand why when the price of both products are the same and only 2 sachets were given for the product above. Nevertheless, I felt that this ampoule is milder and does well in nourishing and tightening my skin. I applied it before going to sleep, and felt that radiance was restored and my skin was more "bouncy" the next day.

Cleansing Gel: $39.90
Washing Foam: $39.90
Face Lotion: $43.90
Moisture Gel: $49.90
Available at Tokyuhands Singapore

"A low-irritating and non-comedogenic skin care series that can tenderly moisturize coarse and dry skin. The most suitable ingredients for gentle anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, cutin softening and anti-oxidation are adopted to inhibit sebum oxidation and prevent deterioration of acne problems."

#howyveseesit: Sample includes 3 sets of 4 sashays for a week's use. I like how they marketed in a whole set so users get to see the benefits of the entire range. The cleansing gel and washing foam are extremely effective in removing makeup and traces of dirt and the face lotion helps a lot in restoring skin hydration. The moisture gel is also very light so it doesn't irritate or makes my face feels oily at all.

Cleansing Cream: $78.90
Washing Cream: $78.90
Face Lotion: $78.90
Moisture Cream: $98.90
Available at Tokyuhands Singapore

"Low irritative skin care products which can be used on extremely sensitive skin. The product series uses high-purity ingredients that can improve permeability of the cuticle and protect the skin from the sun and various other irritations."

#howyveseesit: Sample includes 3 sets of 4 sashays for a week's use and I am surprised to know how much the products are worth in the market. Similarly to the AC range, the texture of these products are light, hence easily absorbed and comfortable to wear. However, I thought the cleansing and washing cream were a little harsh to the skin as my skin feels very dry and tight after each wash.

RAUSCH Egg Oil Shine Shampoo & Horsetail Nourishing Scalp And Hair Pack
Rausch Shampoo: 200ml / $39.40
Rausch Scalp and Hair Pack: 100ml / $35.10

"The mild conditioning shampoo has a tenside base of coconut oil, enriched with valuable lecithin from natural egg yolks, purest glycerine and vegetable oils. Together with the rich intensive care treatment, they help to protect and strengthen the scalp as well as regenerate dry and brittle hair by restoring lost moisture, elasticity and natural shine."

#howyveseesit: Sample includes 4 sets of shampoo and scalp and hair pack sachets. As much as I love the nourishing and smoothing effects, the smell can be strong and unappealing - the shampoo makes me feel like I am beaten an egg on my head, and the conditioner smells like I decided to play with some great-uncle's hair gel. But I like it, because my hair is so soft and bouncy after each use!

ESSENTIAL Light Finish Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner
Essential Shampoo: 750ml / $11.50
Essential Conditioner: 200ml / $4.50

"Essential Light Finish Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner is an optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology for airy light roots and moisturized ends. Suitable for combination hair with oily roots and dry ends."

#howyveseesit: Sample includes one shampoo and one conditioner sachets. I know lasting results require continued usage so I don't expect fabulous results. However, I honestly didn't feel any difference after the one use I was entitled to - my hair is still flat at the crown and explodes at the ends. The promise of "smooth" and "no-tangle" dry or wet hair didn't come true for me.

DAENG GI MEO RI Vitalising Shampoo and Treatment
Daeng Gi Meo Ri Shampoo: 500ml / $35
Daeng Gi Meo Ri Treatment: 500ml / $35

"Containing fermented medicinal herbal extract, Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vitalising Shampoo helps to prevent hair loss, improve hair growth and reduce white hair whilst the use of Vitalising Treatment will help to strengthen the hair, prevent split ends and breakages."

#howyveseesit: Sample includes three sachets of either the shampoo or the treatment so this is actually two redemptions. Not the most worthwhile, I would say although I did notice a slight reduction in hair fall. The shampoo smells strongly of herbal and the texture is slightly sticky, like our maltose candy and (I don't know why I would think of food), the treatment reminds me of yam paste lol.


Amongst these three types of shampoos I have shortlisted here, I thought Rausch's was the most suitable and I love it best. Weirdly, I started liking the smell too. I always thought of Sample Store as an avenue for users to try something before purchasing it in full size, but come to think of it, I not only tried one, but many different brands and from there, determine which suits me best. I managed to cut the process short by going through three samples instead of three full bottles. Imagine the cost, the time and the disappointment saved. Check out Sample Store's website here and see what they have for you!

Alright, that's all I have to say for my first two batches of products from Sample Store and I look forward to the upcoming eight samples for my next review so much so that I have already checked out four items last night hee. I am enjoying this so much.

Cheers to samples,

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