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Alrights, here's an awfully backdated post where qYXYt, the short form for Qian Yun, Yanxi, Xing Yi and Yee Teng, met up again at Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya err.. last Christmas Eve =x

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya is actually a hidden find Yee Teng chanced upon online, and we decided to give it a try since the food looks good, the reviews were good and the pricing was reasonable considering how big the set meal portions are. The restaurant is well-hidden in an obscure corner on the 12th floor of Orchard Central, so the place is also relatively conducive and comfortable for a quiet and relaxed meal. A perfect spot for a chit-chat session with the girls! To get there, one will need to take the lift up to the 11th floor and then take the escalator up another storey. Don't get lost lol.

YT's Mix Bara Kaisen Don | $18.80
I thought YT ordered Ice Kachang lolol

According to its website, Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya not only prides itself on selecting quality ingredients over charcoal fire for the most toothsome and original taste, but also its efforts in re-creating the casual and convivial Japanese-style pub through the three distinct dining areas within the large modern Japanese restaurant, namely the glass-wrapped Dining Izakaya main dining hall with communal tables against the open-concept kitchen, the Orchard Yokocho area featuring low wooden tables and stools, and lastly the Garden Sumiyaki alfresco area where table tops are placed on barrels and paint cans were used as chairs. We took the seat at the Orchard Yokocho area, and here's what I ordered:

Assorted Tempura & Sashimi of the Day Set | $21.80

The salad was fresh and appetising, and the chawanmushi smooth and taste authentic though a little too plain for my liking.

We thought the cut was really bad as there were jagged edges and smaller pieces falling off. The meat didn't look or taste very fresh either but what we didn't pay mountains either so I guess this is the quality one can expect from a $22 set meal.

The prawn and vegetable tempura on the other hand, wasn't bad at all. It was very lightly fried so the outside was sufficiently crispy and the inside remained juicy.

Maybe it had been left outside for too long since it arrived the same time as the rest so the green tea mochi was extremely sticky and starchy by the time we were going to work our fork on it. I didn't appreciate it very much and left more than half of it untouched.

Each of us spent about $23 after GST and service charge, and I personally think that the lunch sets Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya have to offer are acceptable and reasonably-priced but not necessarily the best for its price amongst the other affordable Japanese restaurants one can find Singapore. The service staff were friendly and patient too, though they do have a tendency to forget our multiple requests to refill our green tea. There was even once they informed us they ran out of hot water and are boiling it now with the electric kettle sitting on the counter-top, which made me think, "you mean you don't have a hot water dispenser?" I guess the kettle should be thankful the restaurant wasn't half occupied!

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya
181 Orchard Road
#12-02 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6509 9618

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10:30pm
Visit their website here

I had a hard time deciding the possibility of me returning to Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya, but eventually I decided that I probably will as I felt that I was not shown the best they could do during my last visit. Furthermore, I do appreciate the view and serenity one gets to experience on the twelfth floor of Orchard Central, and I remember clearly how the charcoal smoke and smell coming from the open kitchen made me salivate and regret the order that was placed in front of me. Having said that, I will make sure I have, and recommend that you do too, analysed the complete lunch menu (click for enlarged view) in full detail before I head down the next time.

Still wondering why I didn't order charcoal grill,

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