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There was still quite some time between our check-out and return flight, so we headed over to Jungceylon for our final spree at Big C and also lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant, which is well-known for their quality but reasonably-priced meals. Since our BKK trip where I have blogged about their outlet at Bangkok Platinum Fashion Mall right here, we liked the food and place so much that even in Phuket, we know we just have to pay the restaurant a visit before we leave. Hence here we are!

Cheese Stick Age | BT120
I think.. this is like the best picture I have ever taken although it all went downhill from here lol

There are some cheese I like and generally others that I absolutely hate, and this definitely fall in the former category. Don't ask me questions like "I thought you hate cheese?" because for some reason only my younger sister and I can understand this difference. Not all cheese are the same yo. This one here totally melts in your mouth and was not at all heavy that you might get sick from the taste. I like how it came in mini size but I wish there were more than just a mere five in a single plate.

Tamago Yaki | BT100

Omg, where is the radish on top of the Tamago Yakis they have in BKK? Thankfully, the tamago are just as delicious as we remembered it being sweet, light and soft, so we shall overlook the missing topping. Not many places can make me spend on eggs so willingly as much as I love them.

Eringi Garlic Itame | BT120

Another non-meat dish for my mum, and also because I love mushrooms! The Eringi Garlic Itame here in Phuket definitely looks, smells and tastes better than the ones we have had in BKK, with the generous sprinkle of garlic and seasonings on top of the mouth-watering mushrooms.

Bacon Enoki Roll | BT160

Bacon + Enoki = ♥♥♥♥♥, though like previous times, I wish to the bacon to be crispier, saltier and more fatty (yes, I know it is unhealthy but I am not having it everyday so it's okay right?). The mushrooms are sweet, bacon savoury, and with an additional dose of lime, the roll is simply heavenly.

Kitsune Nabe | BT170

Vegetarian dish for mum. I thought it looks kind of plain and relatively tasteless, and I was proven right since mum said "it was normal" i.e. nothing to rave about, and that the soup was a little salty *plays Zhang Ziyi's "Salty Soup" Visa commercial lol*

Shabu Shabu Pork | BT220

The Shabu Shabu Pork is also served with rice, side dishes and fruits. The noodles, soup and other ingredients weren't bad at all, but I thought the meat was a little too dry for my liking. (Former) bf said he "want to try this". I told him he already had it in BKK but he didn't believe me, went ahead to order the same thing and only realised it looked familiar when the dish arrived -.-"


Fuji Bento Sashimi & Chawan Mushi Set | BT440
I ordered this to share lah. My appetite not so big okay!

Their chawanmushi was quite tasteless. Nothing impressive.

The fish was fried just right and it was super duper tasty.

Sashimi ♥♥♥♥♥

Even their plain riceballs taste good hahaha

♥ Kelp ♥ Fish Roe ♥ Tamago ♥ Grilled Salmon ♥ Yakitori ♥
Everything in this picture was freaking awesome!

Fuji Japanese Restaurant
Jungseylon Phuket RAT-U-THIT
200 Pee Rd Patong Kratu
Phuket 83150
Tel: 076-600056-7

It was our last meal in Phuket and we wanted to spend our last bit of money so we kind of over-ordered a bit. A meal in Fuji doesn't really require you to order and spend so much lol. On the other hand, if you were to compare their outlets in Phuket and BKK side by side, things are definitely slightly more expensive in Phuket, as the same dish can be priced about BT25 more in Phuket. And that is not forgetting the missing radish on my Tamago Yaki - yes, I am spiteful hahaha.

And speaking of JAPANESE, Sheryl just showed me the perfect sashimi place in Taiwan which we will be visiting end next month a few days ago, so remember to check back on both our blogs if you want to know where we are going =p Just by looking at what we have had in our itinerary so far, which is so so different from any others, I know for sure this trip is going to be mega fulfilling, extraordinary, and the best thus far.. 30 more days to go!

Find out more about my Phuket itinerary here,

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