Phuket Getaway Part I


This is yet another post that is long overdue as the trip happened last November. Together with my mum and (former) bf, we flew to Phuket on a Sunday night because he didn't want to cancel his classes. He regretted it later though as it wasn't financially wise to pay for an extra night in the hotel and we missed the opportunity to visit weekend market T.T On the other hand, it was fortunate that the rain that had went on for the past few days stopped when we reached Phuket so unlike his friends who went on a Friday and came back on the Sunday we arrived, our itinerary weren't affected.

We booked our air tickets during a promotion so it was only SGD $103 per person for a return trip on Jetstar, and stayed in Burasari Resort for three nights, which cost us THB 12,627 (about SGD $530) for a twin room on Remember to get your free SIM card and sign up for unlimited data packages if you require, at the Airport (THB 300 for 3 days). We also arranged for a driver beforehand to fetch us from the Airport on Sunday (THB 800), bring us on one-day tour on Monday (THB 2,400) and deliver us back to the Airport on Wednesday (THB 800).

18/110 Ruamjai Road, Tambon Patong, Amphur Kathu
Patong Beach, 83150, Thailand
Tel: +66 7629 2929

The budget traveller I usually am would actually prefer taking public transport or going around on foot, but since I was travelling with my mum and we didn't have much time to plan our itinerary, we decided to spoil ourselves a bit and travel around in the comfort of a nice big car. If you are looking for an English-speaking driver, you can try Sak at He was highly recommended and very courteous even though my mum was less than so throughtout the trip (to be frank) as she thought he wasn't very honest. As much as I can remember, this was what happened:

In his email, he suggested a few places of attraction for the one-day tour that cost THB 1,600, but we weren't interested in some of the items so we prepared our own itinerary. He was fine with it, I mean after all we booked him from 9 am to 5 pm so it should be okay even if we just want to sit in the car for the entire 8 hours, until the day itself when he told us he needs to charge another THB 800 because the places we want to go "are too far". We were upset but we agreed, yet instead of bringing us to places we want to go, he brought us to locations that were in his itinerary such Tiger Kingdom and Elephant-Trekking, and later on took out Expo Phuket Town because it "was too far" (wasn't it why we paid the THB 800?) and Kathu Water Fall because the water had supposedly dried up. We also noticed we kept passing by the same roads between attractions, and it didn't help when he tried to sell us the Fantasea package at THB 2,800 per pax when on the brochure indicated THB 2,200 -.-""

Breakfast spread at Burasari Resort *heart-eyes*

So minus away all the hoo-has, quarrels and unhappiness, the trip was generally eventful and I did enjoy the sight-seeing and unique experiences although I doubt I will visit Phuket ever again if it is going to be as exasperating as this one. Just by thinking of the trip makes me afraid of going there again lol. When I was there, all I wanted was to sleep through everything, and I did more than half the time. On the occasions I was awake, these were the places I visited:


It cost THB 1,000 per pax to take pictures with the smallest tigers. (Former) bf and I weren't interested in endangering our lives but my mum said they need the money to keep the tigers alive so she made both of us go in, and she stayed at the reception area and watch tigers getting themselves bathed in a large swimming pool zzz. It wasn't as scary as I thought since we chose baby tigers after all but they were all, even the adult ones, so sleepy it was as if they were drugged. I hope they really treat the tigers well because the way each staff carried a small branch and used it to hit the tigers if they disobeyed their instructions certainly doesn't warrant so ='(


Mum is in love with ceramics and came across some really beautiful ones online so she made it a must to visit this factory. To be honest, I was quite disappointed the moment I got down from the car as the workmanship wasn't as excellent as what we saw online and there wasn't anything that is close to what we expected. I thought mum spent quite some time here trying very hard to find something that she can convince herself to purchase, but to no avail. We left empty-handed.


I am equally upset when I woke up and realise we are down for elephant-trekking but once again, mum said since we were already there, we need to do so in order to keep them alive. It cost THB 900 per pax for a 30-minute ride on the elephants. Somewhere in the middle of the journey, they will try to sell accessories at THB 400 each and at the end of the ride, there will also be photos for sale at THB 200 each. Each of us got one and both photos, hoping the money will help the elephants. We also bought lots of bananas (THB 100 per portion) to feed them. From what I saw, the elephants were extremely dehydrated and they look like they were starving.

Just realised we were doing the same thing - trying not to step on the elephant

See that bull-hook he was holding? This is really brutal and cruel.

Just to share, after we came down my mum fed and pet the elephant, and HE CRIED. There were tears flowing down from his eyes which my mum quickly wiped away in case he wasn't allowed to. It was heart-wrenching. I know this is like a chicken-and-egg situation whereby these elephants will go without food if tourist don't spend, but if we don't stop somewhere, this vicious cycle will never end. Do you know, babies were ripped away from their mothers, confined in a very small space where they're unable to move at all, beaten with clubs and sharp bull-hooks and simultaneously starved and deprived of sleep for many days to be forced into submission? Besides, elephants are not meant to be ridden. This will actually cause serious injury to their spine that are not made to support our weight, and I am still feeling the guilt of having done something so inhumane to a poor and helpless animal.


Our next destination was the Orchid Farm though it was not before Sak brought us to a Go-Kart, ATV and Archery place where we refused to alight lol. We also went to Chai Batik as Mum wanted to get a shawl but similar to experience at Ceramics of Phuket, the actual goods were far inferior to those seen online in terms of both quality and design. The Orchid Farm is meant by a German lady who grew up in Singapore and decided to start this farm with her Thai husband when she married there. The entrance fee is THB 200 per visitor and ladies will receive a complimentary bouquet of orchids ^.^

I thought the shape of yellow orchids look like people dancing in yellow dresses..

So preeeettty! Is she getting married?

Check out her blue mask! #FashionistaInAction


Sak brought us to this seafood place by Chalong Bay for lunch. The food weren't exactly impressive, but they were acceptable and to some extent it helped that the staff are able to converse in Chinese fluently. Probably why the place was crowded with tourists from China when we were there. The entire meal cost THB 1610 (about SGD $70) and these were what we ordered:-

Mum and I ordered a young coconut each, whilst (former) bf had coke

I love Kang Kong! But this one was a bit too salty

Didn't really like this. There were too much spices and the seafood that they dumped into the soup don't look nor taste very fresh. Besides, I always preferred clear tom yam soup.

The fish was delicious! The meat was extremely sweet and tender, and the garlic, chilli padi and lime made it more flavourful.

The pineapple rice was good too. We just didn't expect they will add pieces of meat in the rice so we spent quite some time fishing them out because Mum doesn't take meat.

Alrights, this post is getting a little too long and besides I am getting late for my first-ever Bridesmaid Meeting at Equarius Hotel =x I am super excited about Sheryl's wedding that is about four months from now, but I still have a lot more to share over here so I shall continue the rest of my Phuket trip in the next post. Stay tuned for Cashew Nut Factory, Wat Chalong, Phi Phi Island, Fantasea and more!

Hop over to Part II right here,

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  1. Phuket is Thailand's largest island, and arguably the most famous. Blue waters, sandy beaches, great food, and diving are all part of the attraction. For relaxation and adventure, there are many places to visit in phuket.

  2. Hii Yvette,,, Thanks for sharing your trip with us,, Phuket is Thailand's Largest, and beutifull Island... Hope you enjoyed there... And I too love Pineapple rice and in your pic it is looking so yummm...



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