Phuket Getaway Part II


Back with the second part of my Phuket Getaway! You can also refer to Part I where we went to Tiger Kingdom, Ceramics of Phuket, Elephant-Trekking, Chai Batik, Orchid Farm and finally Phong Phang Restaurant for lunch in my previous post right here. Otherwise, let's get the ball rolling..


The Sri Bhurapa Orchid has been around since 1943 and it was the first cashew factory in Phuket. Upon arrival, Sak brought each of us a sample cup of cashew nut juice which I thought would taste weird but actually turned out to be quite nice! After that we were left on our own to squeeze between tons of tourists in order to try the various different cashew nuts (my favourites are the honey and wasabi). There is also a large range of dried fruits, dried seafood, sweets and whatnot available here.


Wat Chalong is the most visited, most important, and also the largest of all 29 Buddhist temples in Phuket alone, and it is dedicated two highly venerable monks, Luang Pho Chaem and Luang Pho Chuang, who led the citizens against the Chinese rebellion in 1876 and took care of the local villagers with their knowledge of herbal medicine. The place encompasses several buildings, all of the grand and picture-worthy. If you are adding Wat Chalong to your itinerary, remember to dress appropriately and note that there are a few stations where you will be required to remove your shoes.

It was about 5pm when we finished touring and Sak brought us back to our hotel, driving past Jungceylon, Bangla Street and Patong OTOP Shopping Paradise to show us some of the places we can go in the evening if we do not want to stay in the resort. I thought it was rather nice of him to do so, and probably why Mum was less hostile to him at the end of the entire day trip and we decided to take up two of the packages he was promoting - Phi Phi Island in the day (THB 1,200), and Phuket FantaSea at night (THB 2,200) for our second day.


In case you are wondering, "OTOP" stands for "One Tambon One Product", an idea originated in Japan to encourage communities to improve the quality of their own starred OTOP product. OTOP Patong Shopping Paradise is located directly opposite Hard Rock Café, and one can expect to find traditional handicrafts, silk garments, pottery, apparels and fashion accessories here. The shopping alleys are well-lit but can be quite quiet at night since most tourists are gathered at the bars situated at the farther end of the market. It was quite interesting to see the items for sale here, but they tend to slightly pricey.

By the way, one of the tastiest food I have had in Phuket that was very highly recommended by an ex-colleague, Yvonne Tay was the BANANA PANCAKE! They are available all around Phuket, mostly in carts and you should know that I have tried too many of them to know that the best pancakes are made by the Indians. I am really sorry if this comes out a little racist. We came across this humble vendor on our way to OTOP (turn right and go straight towards to main road from the entrance of Burasari Resort) and his banana pancakes were freaking awesome and affordable! I would strongly urge anyone in Phuket right now to track him down or you might just regret it lol.

Another place where we really enjoyed shopping in was the 7-Eleven store that is right beside the resort. I know this sounds stupid but seriously, their 7-Eleven is not the same as our usual boring uneconomical 7-Eleven in Singapore. It is where you might stumble across some unique finds, such as the Brown LINE Bear umbrella and 바나나맛 우유 (Korea's famous Banana Milk) sweets I have got, and crazily cheap items, for instance toothbrushes that cost less than SGD 1 each. I never knew they are so over-priced in Singapore lolol. It was then we decided we had to pay Big C a visit before we return.


Departing from the jetty!

Actually, I really don't have much to say about Phi Phi Island lolol. Just look at the pictures and you know how breathtakingly beautiful the island is. Crystal-clear water, laid-back lifestyle, the only fly in the ointment was the huge crowd, considering how popular this destination is. This made it difficult to navigate around the island without having to give way or getting bumped into. Oh, the hot weather can also be a drawback for some so be prepared, and remember to get ready THB 20 per pax as part of their "Keeping Ko Phi Phi Clean" conservation fee payable at the pier upon entrance.


Phuket FantaSea, which meant "a sea of fantasy" is a Thai Cultural Theme Park where the attractions within, such as the Palace of the Elephants theater, Tiger Jungle Adventure and ‘Fantasy of a Kingdom’ extravaganza are all inspired by various Thai mythologies, legends and folklore. There are two types of tickets available - THB 1,800 just for the show or THB 2,200 for an additional buffet dinner at Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant. Do note that some of the activities such as Elephant Rides and Tiger Feeding require additional cost.

Sak came to fetch us from our resort at about 6.30pm, and as it took us about 20 minutes to get to FantaSea. As our tour guide, he got to enter and dine with us for free, so he also showed us about the theme park before we had to enter the theater for our 9pm show. I am quite thankful to have him around as we would have missed out on the tigers and various other attractions otherwise. As for the show, to be honest, I really didn't quite understand what it was about. Sure enough, there were acrobatics, animal performances, magic tricks and some other special effects to keep it interesting, but it wasn't quite enough to keep me awake through the 70 minutes =x

Got these two mega cute elephants at FantaSea ^.^

So this was my Phuket Getaway, with the last day spent strolling by Patong Beach in the morning, then having lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant, and lastly shopping at Big C and loitering around Jungceylon before we returned to the resort to collect our luggage and wait for Sak to fetch us to the airport for our evening flight.

By the way, while I am extremely relieved to have finally cleared my travel backlogs *phew*, I am also excited to share that I will be travelling to Taiwan with Sheryl next month! It was something like "I feel like going on a holiday" and then "Okay, let's go!" -- super spontaneous. And since she is like, one of the best travel planners of the century, and both of us are alike and complement each other in so many ways, I just know this girlie trip is going to be superbly fun!

Maybe I should share my 2013 Taiwan itinerary too,

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