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I am finally heading off to Taiwan after a month's wait. Super duper excited despite the fact that I am still slogging my guts out in office right now, and I have got like a mountain of stuff I have yet to prepare for the trip. It is gonna be a mad rush between the time I knock off from work and check in at the airport. But I don't forget my promises, which is why I am still blogging hours before my flight -- here's a list of Korean phrases as requested by YT, who is going Korea for a holiday next week!


Hello : an-nyeong-ha-se-yo
Goodbye (to the person staying) : an-nyeong-hi kye-se-yo
Goodbye (to the person leaving) : an-nyeong-hi ka-se-yo
Sorry : chae-song-ham-ni-da
Thank you : kam-sa-ham-ni-da
Yes : ne / No : a-ni-yo


Excuse me (to get past) : cham-shi-man-yo
Excuse me (to seek attention) : shil-le-ham-ni-da
Please help me : to-wa-ju-se-yo
I don’t understand : mo-reu-ke-sseum-ni-da
Can you speak English : yeong-eo-ha-shil su-yi-sseo-yo?
Where is the toilet : hwa-jang-shi-ri eo-di-ye-yo?


Table for [pure korean] please : [pure korean] myeong-cha-ri ju-se-yo
Do you have an English menu : yeong-eo-me-nyu-ga yi-na-yo?
I will like to have [food/item] : [food/item] ju-se-yo
I will like a refill : ri-pil hae-ju-se-yo
Please give me more side dish : yi-ban-chan chom-teo ju-se-yo

[Pure Korean Numbering]
1 : ha-na | 2 : tul | 3 : set | 4 : net | 5 : ta-seot
6 : yeo-seot | 7 : yil-gop | 8 : yeo-deol | 9 : a-hop | 10 : yeol


How much is this : yi-geo eol-ma-ye-yo?
It is [sino-korean] won : [sino-korean] won yi-e-yo
It is too expensive : neo-mu bi-ssa-yo
Please give me a discount : chom kka-kka-ju-se-yo

[Sino-Korean Numbering]
1 : yil | 2 : yi | 3 : sam | 4 : sa | 5 : o
6 : yuk | 7 : chil | 8 : pal | 9 : ku | 10 : ship
Hundred : baek | Thousand : cheon | Ten Thousand : man | Hundred Thousand : ship-man

Alrights, this should be all! I hope the list is going to be useful to not just to YT but also anyone who intending to go Korea although I am extremely certain one can survive in Korea without any knowledge of the language since most Koreans can speak English too. Then again, it will be fun trying to converse in a new language to blend in with the locals as much as possible. So if there is translation you need and I have missed out, feel free to let me know via email or by commenting below, and I will add them to the list as soon as possible ^.^

Have fun in Korea!

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