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QYXYT met up again a few weeks ago ^.^

Our initial plan was actually to find a nice cafe to sit down and have a nice catching-up chat with each other so we arranged to meet at Tiong Bahru but somehow we just can't find one that is appealing to all of us. Furthermore, the smell of good food from the few hawker stalls we walked past was making all of us really hungry, so XY suggested to have zi char instead and we ended up in Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant 新海山餐馆. No one could have foreseen such an awkward turn of events lol.

If you are unfamiliar with this seafood restaurant with over 20 years of history, Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restarant is the oldest restaurant in this area well-known for the consistency and quality of their dishes. The restaurant is always crowded in the evening, and is also regularly featured in many travel magazines and variety shows having served the likes of Vicki Zhao, Elva Hsiao and many other celebrities despite the fact that they have never placed any advertisements. So I hope you are as excited as I was to check out the local delicacies one can find right here!

Young Coconut | $4.80

XY and I ordered a Young Coconut each. XY was really thirsty from all the walking we went through, so even before the food arrived she finished her young coconut and started sharing QY's drink lol. I forgot who had what, but QY and YT ordered a lime juice ($2.50) and a lemon tea ($1.00). Both beverages came pre-packed, in the standard bubble tea kind of packaging.

Fried Rice with Salted Fish | $5.00

I thought the fried rice was good though not fantastic, rather like plain rice mixed with various ingredients instead of fried rice. On the other hand, it was not as oily as how fried rice usually is, and the chef was extremely generous with the ingredients. QY really liked it. Then again, we rarely trust QY's taste.

Sambal Kang Kong | $8.00

My all-time favourite vegetable dish. The Sambal Kang Kong at Sin Hoi Sai doesn't disappoint at all. It was really fragrant and the sambal was more flavourful and savoury than it was spicy. We finished the entire plate in no time, although it wasn't a very large portion to start with.

Braised Seafood Ee-Fu Noodles | $15.00

For some reason XY had a sudden craving for crabs but the market price was really high when we visited (shall return another time!) so we decided to find another dish to take the place of the costly crabs. How noodles can be a substitute for crabs, I have no idea but what is more important is the fact that this dish was practically the highlight of the entire meal.

The seafood within were abundant, the gravy was thick and enticing, and the entire dish was absolutely scrumptious. I could remember how we each had our first taste of the noodles and looked up in unison, exclaiming how delicious the dish was. Pricey it might be, but no doubt worthy of every cent.

Stir-fried Lala (Clams) | $12.00

Stir-fried with chilli padi and garlic, the clams at Sin Hoi Sai are amazingly aromatic that we could smell the dish making its way to our table. I am a huge fan of clams, and this is certainly one of the best I have had so far. They were really fresh, and taste so good that I wouldn't let a bit of gravy go to waste.

Claypot Tofu | $12.00

Perhaps our expectations were set too high seeing how pleasing the earlier dishes were, we were quite disappointed with the Claypot Tofu. True enough, our first choice was the hotplate tofu, but the waiter told us the wait is at least half an hour so QY chose the claypot one instead. This, and the fact that I will always prefer eggs to tofu probably played a part towards my our disconcertment lol. But still, no dish should be so tasteless. I didn't even want to touch anything in the claypot after my only piece of cauliflower and tofu. Yes QY, I am blaming you for putting this claypot on our table.

Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant 新海山餐馆
Block 55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-59
Singapore 160055
Tel: 6223 0810 / 6224 3905

Opening Hours: 5pm - 5am daily
Nearest Bus Stop: 33, 63, 75, 195, 851, 970
Visit their website here

The total damage brought on by this meal was $69.66 inclusive of 7% GST. I am absolutely crazy for the clams as well as the shockingly delicious ee-fu noodles, and definitely enjoyed the meal very much though it would have been better without the Claypot Tofu that we had to force one another to finish up nearing the end lolol. And it actually cost us twelve bucks even though it is just tofu! Seriously, I would order another plate of clams in its stead any time.

Sigh, on the account of the fact that we have been best friends for eight years and counting, I shall once again forgive QY and accept her debatable taste and poor choices.

Till our next meet-up (which I realise is this Saturday),

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  1. If you have never been to this restaurant before you need to find your way over if in this area. The clams alone are worth the trip, and they are very reasonably priced. They make them in a stir fry version, something that is unlike anything you have ever experienced when it comes to eating clams. You will never forget your first time.

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks



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