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How old do you think this guy is?

For those who didn't already recognise the Top Health and Beauty Guru in Singapore, the man you see in the picture above is none other than Bryan Gan, the local representative we saw on three seasons of the popular variety talk show Lady's First aka 女人我最大. You can follow his blog for various wellness and home beauty tips here.

As I was saying, I was seated on the second row of an special beauty workshop held last Saturday that I was extremely honoured to be invited to. While waiting for the event to start, I took out my camera to take a picture of the stage when a guy suddenly stepped into view and when he noticed he had photobombed my picture, he asked jokingly, "你在拍照啊?拍我啦?(Are you taking a photo? Why don't you take a picture of me?)". First, I was impressed with his quick wit and also how friendly and sociable this guy is despite his status as a celebrated and highly influential health and beauty master. Then, I was in awe of how good he looks without a touch of make-up. In all honesty, I genuinely thought he is in his late twenties... until he disclosed that he is actually 43.

Gosh, why do look so much older though I am only 25 T.T

I always thought that ageing is unavoidable, and perhaps because I have seen one too many side articles on effects of fillers or botox, as well as celebrities and even ladies on the street who have taken these options and has now a face so tight that they look unnatural or even at times scary, that I always told myself I will choose to age gracefully. Hence never had I once actively did anything to prevent the inevitable. But upon seeing how good Bryan 老师 (instructor) looks only with the help of natural therapy, I decided on the spot that it is time for me to do something. Who will not want to look the same as now twenty years down the road? So if you are just as enthusiastic as me right now, don't say I never share. Read on for some of the pointers Bryan 老师 shared with us during the workshop ^.^

4-7-8 Breathing Exercise
First of all, let's start with the 4-7-8 breathing exercise that Bryan 老师 taught us. Firstly, exhale through your mouth with "shhh" and then inhale through your nose for four counts. Hold your breath for seven counts before you exhale through your mouth again for eight counts. Doing this remarkably simple exercise three times in the morning and three times at night will help to strengthen and expand the capacity of our lungs, and in turn improve the health of our skin and hair naturally. It was said that performing it will help to alleviate stress, anger and other negative energies too so... start breathing!

Besides such basic exercises, we also need to engage the help of these newly launched equipment by Panasonic that are highly raved by Bryan 老师. In case you are skeptical since this event is after all organised by Panasonic, and thus Bryan 老师 is presumably expected to give compliments on how awesome these newly launched products are, you should know that it is a well-known fact that Bryan 老师 is a responsible celebrity who only endorses items that he had personally tested and had seen positive results with. Putting our bets on Bryan 老师 will never go wrong.

By the way, in conjunction with the event, Panasonic Singapore is extending a special offer for all of us from now till 5 July 2015. Further information is available at the bottom of this blog post.

Panasonic Facial Roller EH-SP32-S421
Having been in the market for years, facial rollers are no stranger to us. But have you ever seen one that emits heat to create a warming effect and aids blood circulation? Furthermore, there are two removable rollers for one to switch between to enable both gentle lifting and messaging for face and body. Bryan 老师 remarked that the diamond grip and long-lasting gloss coating are a plus, and he even invited volunteers on stage to demonstrate the effects of lifting on the face and how relaxing it is when the roller is used on the lower leg (especially of one who is frequently in high-heels).

P.S. I got one for myself on the day itself. I am so going to use the stroking roller to improve blood circulation around my eyes to ease my dark circles, and work the squeezing roller on my jaw, arms, thighs and lower legs until they are no longer flabby lol.

Panasonic Eye Warming Massager EH-SW50
If dark eye circles or eyes without *sparkle* have been your primary concerns, I am glad to announce that your saviour is here. This extraordinary eye massager emits warm steam that relaxes the eye area to relieve dryness and tension, so it feels dewy and moisturised and your eyes look plump and fresh after use. It also boasts two different types of vibrating massage modes inspired by the manual techniques of aestheticians to gently stimulate the eye area in just 12 minutes of relaxation. Eyes are a window to the soul, so take good care of them with this eye warming massager that is retailing at $249. Unfortunately, due to overwhelming response, the product is currently out of stock and hence not included in the promotion you see below. I could really use one..

Up-close with Bryan 老师 who is demonstrating how he uses the Facial Steamer

No one could pass up this wonderful photo opportunity

Panasonic Compact Facial Steamer EH-SA31
Regardless of how industrious we are in cleansing our face with make-up remover and normal facial cleanser, there are still dead cells, dirt, bacteria and other trapped matter that can only be freed through perspiration due to facial cleansing. The increased blood circulation will result in a more firm, supple and radiant skin, and also allow better absorption of the facial products you are going to slap on your skin. Bryan 老师 recommends using the facial steamer twice a week to reduce facial oil and sebum, and for a richer and hydrated skin. As the hot nano-sized ionic steam softens the skin effectively, it can also be used as a make-up prime for a flawless and long-lasting make-up. I guess this is the difference between people with perfect make-up all day long and me with make-up that never fails... to cake zzz.

Panasonic Facial Cool Putter EH-SQ10
Last but not least, you can start enjoying hot-cold beauty treatment in the comfort of your own home with just the Facial Steamer and this unique cool putter that instantly cools the skin at 15℃ for better facial tightening and cosmetic effect. The surface of the cooling plate is also specially treated with weak acid to prevent any incidences of metal allergy. I am not sure if it applies to everyone, but all the facial saloons I have been to uses cooling masque as the last step of my facial treatment to purify, shrink pores and soothe irritation that may stem from breakouts, contact with harsh chemicals etc, and it is the same for this facial cool putter. I have personally gave it a try at the event - it is uncommonly light-weighted, easy to carry, and the touch was remarkably smooth and comforting!

So here's the part all of us have been waiting for, the special discount Panasonic Singapore has very kindly extended to all of us:

Images taken from Panasonic Singapore website.

To sweeten the deal, these reader's prices are inclusive of GST and FREE delivery! Point to note, these discounted pricing is only available from now till 5 July 2015 while stocks last so act fast and remember to share this exclusive promotion with your family, friends and colleagues. We are all in this together when it comes to being at the mercy of time. Here's how you can place your order:

Subject: Blog readers' promo - Panasonic Beauty (

#1 Indicate product name, model and quantity.
#2 Indicate your own name and contact number.
#3 Specify that you saw this promo from

Panasonic Singapore will reply to the emails directly with the payment and delivery details.
Thank you Panasonic Singapore and for inviting me to the event ^.^

Can't wait to get my hands on the Facial Roller I have placed order for,

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