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This was actually some time back when me and my two other Korean classmates decided to head out for lunch and return to the library to study after our weekly Korean class. Speaking of which, I am officially an Intermediate Korean Language student now! No one will have any idea how much of an achievement this is to someone who have went through Basic I and II three times before I finally found my momentum. So since we just finished our lesson and were going to revise later, we decided to have something Korean too for lunch and hence, we landed up in Yoogane 유가네 ^.^

Yoogane 유가네 was first established in Busan a long time back in 1981, and with its unique blend of sauces, seasoning and top-notch ingredients, it wasn't long before the restaurant rose in popularity and was very soon reputed as one of the most popular Chicken Galbi restaurants in Korea. Yoogane is similarly easily recognisable amongst us Singaporeans, but despite the fact that it had always been one restaurant I would recommend to any friends who are visiting Korea, I wasn't the first to visit the outlet when it hit Singapore early 2014 as I was afraid to be let down when I compare it to how it was in Korea. Thankfully, Yoogane SG doesn't disappoint!

Here's what we had:

Free flow of unimpressive side dishes lol

Citron Tea | $3

We wanted something cold but they don't serve Iced Citron Tea hence gave us a mug of warm tea and a cup of ice haha -.-" Although the tea was nice, I wouldn't recommend anyone to order it unless you are feeling very rich because supermarkets sell the exact same bottle of concentrate Yoogane is using at about the price of two or three citron teas.

Egg Roll with Cheese | #11.90

I rarely order anything egg because I have the perception that they are kind of overpriced, but when I do, it means the egg roll is freaking AWESOME. I know many rave about the seafood pancake, but as much as I have always loved pancakes, I must say the egg roll wins hands down when compared side-by-side. This is easily the best dish out of the entire meal. A MUST HAVE ON EVERY TABLE!

Marinated Seafood Fried Rice | #14.90

What you see in the picture is the portion for one pax which we shared amongst the three of us. Everything from the cheese, to the squid, shrimps and rice was heavenly, though on my second visit Sheryl pointed out that we could have ordered additional fried rice ($3.90) and mozarella cheese ($3.90) to get the same cheese fried rice minus the seafood. Why didn't we think of it - face-palm!

Last but not least, Yoogane’s very own Chicken Galbi!

How it looks when it first arrived.. raw

Doesn't look like enough for three persons but it sure was!

Yoogane’s Chicken Galbi | $18.90 per pax

Aww, I am craving for Yoogane again.. Don't you think the end product looks really good? Furthermore, for someone who is not a big fan of tteokbokki and leeks, this dish surprisingly sits well with me, and many a times my chopsticks can be found heading towards the rice cakes and vegetables instead of the tender chicken meat, which is just as delicious if not better. Love the sweet potato slices too!

Yoogane Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

Tel: 6337 7337 (no reservations)
Opening Hours: 11:30am to 10pm
Visit their website here

Each of us paid about $35 for the meal, not the most price worthy since the same meal is way cheaper in Korea, but definitely an enjoyable meal that will make me return again very soon for the chicken galbi and of course the mouth-watering egg roll with cheese. Moreover, Yoogane is one of the very few restaurants which I would pay for the service charge willingly seeing the amount of effort they will need to put in to scrub the hotplates, how speedy they were in serving our orders and how attentive, helpful and skillful the staff were when preparing our meal on all our tables. Plus points for their patience and professionalism *thumbs-up*

On a side note, Hanis at National Library serves really pretty and tasty desserts ^.^

How to diet with so much good food around?

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