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Even though I am not a huge K-pop fan (no one believes I learn Korean because I like the language, the country and its culture, not because of the Super Junior, SNSD or any other celebrities), I have always loved and is forever craving for Korean food, especially their BBQ! Because of the food, I truly miss travelling to Korea and it is sad to acknowledge that although Korean restaurants are getting really popular and are springing everywhere on our sunny island, most of them honestly fall short of the lowest of my expectations. So imagine my glee, when I finally found a Korean BBQ restaurant that could give me an almost similar pleasant dining experience as what I had in Korea!

Okay, I am almost guilty to say I have never tried Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ prior to this despite the fact that I was working in Esplanade for nearly two years and had liaised with the tenants rather frequently. I have been disappointed far too many times, not to mentioned that I was also under the impression that Jang Shou Korean BBQ is extremely pricey, which is actually not true at all considering the quantity and quality of the food we received. In any case, I am just super glad Yvonne HOO planned a gathering session with me and a couple of my former colleagues here ^.^

Check out the signatures of the celebrities who visited. Rain came before too!

Everything on the menu looks so mouth-watering..

Love all the banchans (side dishes) ♥♥

It was about 7.30 pm by the time all of us were present, and it was quite sad to realise that Jang Shou is no longer as crowded and popular as it used to be. Almost half of the restaurant was empty and we could all be seated without any reservation. On the brighter side, the other patrons dining alongside us were generally Koreans, which is definitely a good sign and guarantee that the food here are pretty decent and authentic. Their service staff were very smiley and friendly too. They helped us with all the cooking and were very enthusiastic in helping us refill our banchans, which we (or maybe it was just me alone) emptied at record speed while waiting for our food to be ready lolol. Absolutely generous.

And here's what we ordered..

Haemul Pajeon (Spring Onion Pancake with Seafood) | $18

Our first thought was whether they had cut the pancake into six parts intentionally so it will be just nice one slice for each of us. If they did, they are unquestionably attentive! Giving credit to the number of Korean pancakes I have ever tried, this one at Jang Shou was truly authentic and tasted really good. All of us wished we could have another piece when we finished our share of the yummy pancake.

Grilled Olive-Wine Sam Gyub Sal (Marinated Pork Belly) | $25 (220g) per portion

I am sorry I forgot to take picture of the lettuce and garlic. Pork belly lettuce wraps are simply the best! I can't really taste the olive-wine marinade, but the meat was luscious, not too fatty and out-of-this-world kind of scrumptious nevertheless. What you see on the grilling pan is two portions of the samgyubsal (pork belly). The end product looks amazingly heavenly, doesn't it?

Jang Shou Galbi (Marinated Pork Ribs with Olive and Honey) | $28 (220g) per portion

I never thought I would prefer pork ribs to pork belly, but I did in this instance mainly because of the olive and honey marinade. It doesn't even look as good when it was on the grilling pan but somehow it totally transformed the next moment, and started exuding an irresistably sweet and piquant aroma. Not only was the meat well-marinated, it was also very tender and flavourful. A must-try!

Jang Shou Dak Galbi (Grilled Spicy Chicken) | $25 (250g) per portion

We ordered this as it was the only chicken available on the menu. Perhaps the earlier pork belly and pork ribs were too impressive, the chicken was rather disappointing although I do like the barbecued mushrooms lol. It was a little too spicy for my liking, as it tasted like I was eating the sauce rather than chicken. I will suggest to give this a miss if you are ever in a dilemma of not knowing which to give up.

Kimchi Jeongol (Kimchi Stew with Pork Belly) | $35

The menu indicated that the stew comes with noodles so we ordered it in case anyone around the table needs some carbo for dinner. The noodles didn't come in the end but none of us bothered to point it out either seeing how full the pot already was and knowing we cannot finish everything anyway. The kimchi stew pales in comparison to the other dishes, a tad too sour and uninteresting - a kind of kimchi stew you can find in foodcourt save the pork belly pieces. Not worth the $35 :(

Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-13A/B Esplanade Mall
Singapore S039802
Tel: 6337 8880

Mon to Sat: 11.30am to 2.30pm / 6pm to 10.30pm
Sun and PH: 6pm to 10.30pm
Visit their website here

In overview, I love how enjoyable a meal at Jang Shou is - the staff were very helpful and friendly, and the food were really topnotch (erm, except for the Kimchi Jeongol). Both Yvonne and I thought that the Haemul Pajeon or Jang Shou Galbi alone is worth us visiting again and again. I didn't have the bill at the end of the meal, but each of us paid about $40 per person. There were six of us. Not the cheapest of course, but considering the fact that the portions were huge and we were all so full by the end of the meal that we could not finish the chicken and the stew, the price we paid for is actually quite reasonable. Just don't over-order and one's pocket should be safe.

Mandatory wefie with Yvonne and Diana before we head separate ways ^.^

Korean charcoal BBQ for the win!

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