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Had our usual after-class lunch with Sheryl at Ma Maison some time back. I actually thought of abandoning this post altogether since it is very much out-dated and I already have accumulated quite a mountain of backlogs over time, most of them way more interesting than another food review. But somehow despite how depressed I get when I look at the amount of work I have, I just can't put myself to pressing the delete button. This brings me to a similar scenario where whenever someone gives me a "mission", and even if I know for a fact that he or she is not going to use or appreciate what I have done and I am going to end up really stressed for having wasted my time for nothing, I will still do it because it was tasked to me. Am I a weirdo? Lols.

In any case, IT IS OKAY. I just have to learn to stop doing stupid things and spend my time wisely instead. That's it, I must be feeling so emotional because I just realised that I am not as on track with my Korean as I would like to be. I have recently decided to take a break from my Saturday class, and is considering whether to take private one-to-one lessons instead to boost and make up for all that I am seriously lacking in so I can hopefully go for TOPIK certification examination next year (my initial goal was for it to happen this year). Meaning, this might be one of the last "after-class lunch" you'd see here.

Back to the point, as much as I have always thought it to be Japanese, Ma Maison actually means "My Home" in French and is known for their Japanese Western fushion meals, especially the supposedly delicious hamburger steak and pasta. The design of their restaurants from the bricks and woods down to the pretty French windors and cute table lamps is hence pivoted on the creating an intimate and warm ambience that make us, the patrons feel at home. But I thought that is rather subjective since I don't own a house in France, nor would I want to decorate my house in such a manner =x

Anyways, we are fortunate enough to be seated down as soon as we decided to walk in, and each of us ordered the Japanese Western Set Lunch that is priced at $12.90 for a salad, a soup, a main dish out of a few options they have on the month's set lunch menu and also choice of coffee or tea. I have heard too much about how awesome the food here is but this was sadly the first time I am visiting because for some reason, I always have the impression that Ma Maison is expensive. Looks like I could not have been more wrong - $12.90 set lunch on a Saturday afternoon is pretty reasonable!

The soup was first to arrive. Not bad, but nothing impressive.

Salad was next to come and I finished two bowls because Sheryl didn't like it.
It was rather simple, just lettuce, corn and thousand island but it was good enough for me :)

The tea was acceptable but the coffee I ordered was probably the worst I have ever had. We tried adding sugar and milk bit by bit to regulate the taste but it just doesn't help at all. Perhaps I couldn't tell good coffee from the bad, but I swear that this one is awful. At least for the both of us. By the way, look at that bling bling on the top left corner. One more month till Sheryl's wedding ^.^

Sheryl's pasta - looks and tastes way better than mine.

My Pan-Fried Dory with Basil Tomato Sauce was as disappointing as my coffee. It actually comes with choice of bread or white rice on top of the spaghetti, but the former was so hard and the portion for the latter was too big so I decided to give the extra carbs a miss. As for what was on the plate, the dory was a little soggy, the sauce kind of sweet and overpowering, and the pasta was absolutely cold and tasteless. Looks like I have a knack for ordering the worse and worst options on the menu.

Mont Blanc Tart | $8.80

Halfway through our main course one of the waiting staff was going from table to table to promote the various tarts Ma Maison have on the shelf. It was rather funny to hear him say that "because our tarts are extremely popular and are going very fast, we will like to ask if you would wish to reserve a tart to be served at the end of your meal". Like, seriously? Why, you are so kind!

Nevertheless, we ordered one to share since I have no intentions of having more of the pan-fried dory and plain pasta that fell short of my low expectations, and we decided on the Mont Blanc on the account that I did not have the chestnut-turned-dessert tart before. I must say that the tart's tart was awesome. I'd enjoy it more than the chestnut cream that was no doubt flavourful though a little sweet. The layer of cream in the middle was surprisingly refreshing too. Just a warning not to try the piece of chestnut on top if you are not a big fan of sugar - it was practically coated with syrup.

Ma Maison Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
#02-51 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6338 4819

In overall, the set meals are definitely worth the money in consideration of the usual prices of the main courses on the menu, though one must keep in mind to make your choices wisely or you'd end up unsatisfied like me. On the other hand, I felt that the tarts here fall on the sweeter side and are kind of overpriced, but no harm if you happen to have a sweet tooth and/or a thick pocket - there was a female patron who sat on the table beside us boasting loudly that she is considering whether to buy a whole tart home to eat on her own while watching TV. What was wrong with everyone that faithful day?

Then again, I'd prefer the inexpensive tart from Hanis instead (reminder here),

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