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Okay, I am a little over enthusiastic today. Maybe because I have just completed my first ever meet-up sale via Carousell yesterday or that it has now been confirmed that I am going NZ at the end of the year with Yvonne HOO - we have gotten our tickets booked! *pops champagne*

By the by, both of us finally got to meet up last Saturday. Not that we haven't seen each other for a very long time, but our usual meet-ups are during breakfast on Fridays and these sessions are too brief for us to talk about anything else such as our NZ itinerary, other than some quick updates to catch up on each other's work and personal life. Besides, we also have to make up for the times we used to hop over to Marina Square or Suntec City for shopping over lunch when we were working together.

So, we need to (window-)shop ourselves crazy and talk till the cows come home, and the perfect venue to meet up would be none other than.. Orchard Road!

Kickstarted it all with a piece of cake for each of us at Lady M
I haven't tried everything, but my favourite cake so far is the Strawberry Mille Feuille - what's yours?

In all honesty, I don't usually visit Orchard Road because it is always so crowded and I would rather save myself from the irritation of getting my foot stepped, being hit by a flying arm or shopping bag, or having my route blocked by someone who can't decide which way he or she is going. The already-broad walkways in front of the mega shopping malls are still not big enough to accommodate all of us. But what if... what if we can bump the cars out and have the roads to ourselves? hehehe =x

How cool is that?

The Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road is a monthly event that was initiated by the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) to inject street vibrancy into the precinct by creating a community space with accessible lifestyle experiences for all to enjoy through themes, in-mall activities as well as special promotions and contests. At each Pedestrian Night, the stretch between Scotts Road and Bideford Road will be closed to vehicular traffic from 6pm to 11pm, and a wide array of bustling activities for visitors to experience will be set up in its stead. Let's see what was there last Saturday:

First and foremost, selfies/wefies opportunities ^.^

Singing buskers, balloon sculpting and wire name twisting craft etc

Release of the debut EP Album by Flame of the Forest

HAG Photo Booth and display of HAG Capsico Puls charis worth $1299 each!

These ain't part of the line-up but I wouldn't have caught it if I weren't on the road that day.
It was a 50 to commemorate our nation's Golden Jubilee *proud*

Furthermore, since last week's theme was #OrchardRoadFlashSales, lots of merchants participated in the event and extended additional discounts on top of the ongoing Great Singapore Sales. For instance, Wing Tai stores along the iconic boulevard such as Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Ben Sherman offered up to 50% and an extra 15% discount on the final bill, Metro Paragon was giving away $10 Gift Vouchers for $100 nett spendings in a single receipt, and many more. Even shoppings centres that are within the vicinity of the closed stretch offered discounts on this special day too!

If you are cursing right now for having missed such a great shopping opportunity, fret not because more fun and excitement is on its way in the following Pedestrian Nights that is occurring on the 1st Saturday of every month from July to December 2015 to come:

1 August 2015 - SG50 “Red and White” Party
5 September 2015 - Rev-up on Orchard
3 October 2015 - Get Active on Orchard Road
7 November 2015 - Fashion with Friends and Family
5 December 2015 - Christmas on A Great Street

Quick, mark those dates down on your calendar ^.^

See ya at the next Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road,

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