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When Saveur opened its first branch at Purvis Street, it had been one of the many places that I kept reminding myself I must make it a point to visit someday, but that "someday" never came despite the fact that I used to walk by the heavily crowded restaurant after work each day on my way to my ex's previous workplace. Somehow there wasn't a suitable occasion and when there is one, it just slips off my mind. And then I left Esplanade, he moved from Bugis to Chinatown and all sorts of other things happened, I kind of forgot all about wanting to visit Saveur until recently, when I ran into the restaurant once again while I was with Sheryl. Though this time round, it was the one at Far East Plaza instead.

Think of Saveur, I will remember the long line of hungry patrons crowded ourside the restaurant along Purvis Street, but I was surprised to see the Saveur at Far East Plaza empty when it was nearing 7 pm. Visiting their official website will inform you that they even started taking reservations for both outlets. Is Saveur no longer as popular as it was before? Hmmm.. in any case, we got seated at a corner with a shaky table immediately upon entering, and placed our orders as below:

Saveur's Pasta | $4.90

Yup, the Saveur's signature Angel Hair Pasta with chilli oil, finely chopped konbo, minced pork sauce, chives and shakura ebi that I have heard so much about. I still cannot believe it is only $4.90, easily cheaper than most lunch options at Marina Bay, where I am working. I love how beautifully it was presented, how light, springy and tasty the pasta was and the slightly salty and crunchy shakura ebi ^.^

Chicken Roulade | $10.90

Sheryl ordered the Chicken Roulade which I received a small share as well. The chicken thigh was tender, but I am rather averse anything "foie gras" so I didn't really enjoy it as much even though it was sufficiently pleasant. No doubt the accompanying basmati rice was a delight, being all light and fragrant, I will choose to have two portions of Saveur's Pasta in its stead if given a choice lol.

Pork Belly | $11.90

I opted for the pork belly, which was served with a soft-boiled egg and natural jus. While it was not the best pork belly I have had, this one here was tender and juicy, and I like how crispy the skin was. It looked like a small portion, but it was surprisingly filling and definitely sinful. I didn't really like the natural jus which has a very strong "beany" flavour and texture though.

Truffle Mash | $5.00

Fearing that we don't have enough to eat, we also ordered the truffle mash which had us salivating the moment it was served on our table to share. The whiffs of truffle was simply overwhelming, and despite how dense, starchy and rather plain the mash potato appear to be, the dish was actually quite delicious! I found myself from finishing the entire bowl even though I was complaining how full I was that I could not finish my pork belly =x

Saveur @ Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
#01-7B Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Tel: 6736 1121

Mon to Sat: 11.30am - 9.30pm
Sun: 11.30pm - 9:15pm

I have seen reviews saying that the portions are really small, but I thought it was quite the opposite as we did not have room for desserts after this. Would love to have tried the Chocolate Mousse with Crushed Hazelnuts and Salted Caramel Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream :'( The total bill was about $40 for the both of us, inclusive of the usual GST and service charge, as well as $0.30 each for the refillable water. Extremely affordable I would say, for the kind of food we received in return although I wasn't particularly blown away by its offerings, except for the pasta and truffle mash which I will definitely return for. The mains just weren't as impressive to me.

Hungry, and craving for a plate of Saveur's Pasta since lunchtime,

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