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Yup, it is the time of the year again where bloggers get together and celebrate the annual Singapore Blog Awards! This year, we were gathered at F.Club Singapore and I am extremely honoured and thankful to be invited to the prestigious Awards Ceremony as an omy Blog Club member to witness the crowning of the winners of Singapore Blog Awards 2015. Since it was a weekday evening and I was going over from work, Hui Mee tagged along as my +1. I don't know why she would want to attend the award ceremony. Highly suspect she was only there for the "light refreshment provided". Lols!

Leaving a note to tell everyone I was there though nobody knows who I am hahaha

The moment we stepped in and went "wow" at the spread before us..

And I was right about Hui Mee coming for the food, which was actually really good

There was a Tikam station for us to win some old school snacks too

We attempted the Tikam Tikam and both of us won a pack of Biscuits Piring Wafer each

Woah, both of us look so good in this picture! We were trying to take a picture with my selfie camera but the place was quite dark and I am not a fan of flash because my face will look super oily, so our pictures turned out really mehhh until the kind camera and videomen came over and kind of "helped" us with the lighting when they were taking this shot you see below that was sent to us by a colleague the next day. WE WERE ON THE NEWS!

For taking a selfie lolol what a weird reason to be on the news

The dress code for this year's event was "Time Travel" so you'd see many enthusiatics and spontaneous attendees came dressed in their best #throwback (past) and #lookforward (future) outfit. We weren't exactly dolled up according to the theme since we were at work before the event, but I did put on my most retro-looking look - the same attire I went to work with a few weeks ago and I thought I looked like I walked out from the MediaCorp Channel 8 serial drama, The Journey: Tumultuous Times 信。约:动荡的年代. Wanted to tie two braids to enhance the "look" but HM kept laughing at me so I decided against it. Something like what Felicia Chin was wearing with the hair of the school girl on her right:

Ahhh, lesson learnt: nobody wears a cardigan on a strike

Back to the main topic. The annual Singapore Blog Awards is an event organised by, Singapore Press Holdings' leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, and was set up back in 2008 to honour independent content producers who devote their time and energy to create and curate content that make for fun, informative and insightful reads. This is the eigth year in running, and also the first time I am attending the event as a guest. Alright, I shall put in more effort in blogging so that one day I can attend the event as a finalist! Can someone volunteer to nominate me? I paiseh to put my own name hahahaha

Look at the number of people we have here


And here are the winners of Singapore Blog Awards 2015:


Big big thank you to for inviting us to the event. Although I did not take part in voting, I really appreciate the recognition that was given to us for the time and effort we spent in front of our computers (and cameras). For someone who is an introvert like me, blogging has bestowed me too much - a voice to share my opinion, inner feelings and thoughts, a chance to make new friends, a reason to head out instead of hiding in my room, and many more. I am a person of few words and is really shy, so after a year and a half of squeezing my brain dry to think of something to say about everything, I thought I am slightly more conversational now.

The cute and funny "Tikam Guy" who helped us get our Kinos Ding Dang

Thank you readers too, for being my source of motivation. It certainly feels good to know that what you have written is of use to someone, and that people actually reads your blog for something even though I am like the smallest fry in the world of blogging. Oops, I sound like I am giving a thank-you speech... signing off here!

Pss check out 动荡 attire,

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