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I know I haven't been blogging as frequently as I should be, considering the amount of backlogs I have but I was really sick last week and for some reasons, more busy than ever. Furthermore, I have a weekend so packed that this is the first time I ever wished for the weekend NOT to come so soon. There is a Korean test which I have yet to study for tomorrow morning, followed by QY and YT's birthday celebration in the afternoon and a meet-up session with a few close JC friends in the evening. Come Sunday will be Yvonne TEE's wedding lunch and straight after I'd need to fly down to Rhythm & Wave before a performance at Full House Signature Restaurant later in the evening. I am kind of worried because it had been a long time since I last sang, and the worse thing is I can't even practise because of the sore throat, flu and cough. Actually.. I doubt I even have time to do so in the first place lol.

All these makes me extremely apologetic towards Yvonne HOO and Sheryl too. I hate how things are right now. It feels like I am just trying to get by each day, without putting in effort in anything I am doing :( I promise I will get down to preparing our NZ itinerary and also your wedding respectively as soon as I survived this weekend and got everything sorted out..

As I was saying, I had agreed to help out for a performance at Full House Signature this Sunday, so I was making a run from my office at Downtown to Chinatown Station after work for the rehearsal at Rhythm & Wave when I exited via Chinatown Point and realised that I have yet to blog about my visit to Wa-Cafe 渡邊珈琲店 with the rest of Sheryl's wedding entourage which happened like... two months ago? Anyway, here's the post I have dug out and completed:

I have in fact walked by Wa-Cafe countless times since Chinatown Point was like my main hangout place when I was with Rhythm & Wave. Even till now, there are times Hui Mee and I will actually take the Downtown Line from our office at Marina Bay Financial Centre and head over to Chinatown for lunch when we got sick of the food options here. So like what I have mentioned above, exiting from Downtown Line at Chinatown will bring you directly to Basement 1 of Chinatown Point, and one of the first things you will see while on the short escalator ride up, will be the wide array of food displays outside the entrance of Wa-Cafe, a pretty vintage style cafe decked in cosy green and brown.

We didn't actually planned to visit Wa-Cafe on that day - it was an impromptu decision made when we were wondering around Chinatown Point and discovered the mouth-watering display of french toasts, baked rice, pasta and many other pretty dishes and desserts. Many of the patrons present as we entered the open-concept restaurant were noticeably Japanese, definitely a good sign when in doubt of a restaurant's authenticity and popularity among their own people.

Wa-Cafe Blend | $6.80

The apparatus is extremely cool, I must say, and we knew we definitely spent too much time taking pictures and scrutinizing it because by the time we were ready to try the coffee, it was a little cold lol. Nevertheless, the Wa-Cafe Blend was undeniably fragrant though a little bitter for my liking. What we got was the regular size, enough for the two lovely mint cups.

Omu Rice with Meat Sauce | $16.80

One look at the egg, you'd know that this is different from the overly dried ones we have outside and it is going to taste really good. Besides, I also love how generous Wa-Cafe is with the exquisite meat sauce! The omelette was literally drenched, and you'd never run out of sauce to go with the tomato-flavoured rice. The omu rice is definitely one of the best items on the menu.

Japanese Tomato Spaghetti with Seafood | $18.80

Wa-Cafe is similarly generous with the seafood ingredients, and probably also the tomatoes because its taste was a little strong and the pasta ended up slightly sour-bitter. Even so, I wished I had order this instead of what I had, because although not as good as the omu rice or baked rice, this one here at least has a taste and some fresh prawns and seafood to fill the tummy.

Baked Rice with Salmon & Mushroom | $16.80

Why there are two photos is because what we ordered was with salmon, but the first one they served was without. It was fortunate the staff was in time to take the untouched dish back since we were busy taking pictures when it arrived. For someone who is afraid of anything too overly cheesy, the baked rice here was really good! The rice was light, and the salmon was fresh. All of us on the table loved it.

Japanese Spaghetti with Cod Rod | $16.80

Yup, so this was what Sheryl and I both ordered because we were fooled by how good the display looked. It was practically tasteless. I know Japanese usually prefer their pasta kind of springy but to us, this one here was simply insufficiently cooked. Sheryl even commented that they probably know we're not going to finish the entire plate so they prepared such a small portion instead lol. I do like the seaweed as well as the cod roe though.

Wa-Cafe 渡邊珈琲店
133 New Bridge Road
#B1-51 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059415

Tel: 6444 7676
Opening hours: 11am to 9pm

To be honest, I did enjoyed having a meal at Wa-Cafe. The design of the restaurant, service and overall dine-in environment were certainly pleasant but unfortunately, the ordering of food here is very much dependent on one's luck since there were a couple of hits and misses just on our table of five. The worst was the Japanese Spaghetti with Cod Rod. I can't describe how disappointing it was. Everyone who saw the portion pitied us, and when they tasted it, they pitied us even more lol. I'd try to comfort and tell myself that Wa-Cafe specialises in coffee and desserts instead of proper main courses thus I should not judge until I have had that delicious french toast they are famous for. Okay, I shall make it a point to return to rectify this. By the way, the total bill for all five of us was about $93, with no GST or service charge fee ^.^

Alright time to study (if I am lucky enough not to fall asleep),

Update: I wasn't.

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