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Howdy! Been extremely busy lately and I can't believe the four days of Public Holiday I have been awaiting for the longest time actually flew by in a flash without me realising, though I am really glad to say that everything went smoothly and my dearest bestie Sheryl is officially a Mrs Lim now. I am unsure what kind of changes this might bring about, but extremely happy nonetheless to have been a part of the entire wedding which will become one of her fondest memories. Thank you Sheryl, for all that you have done for me and accepting me into your life despite the short time we have known each other for. Okay, I am getting all teary-eyed again, so I shall stop here and focus on clearing my bad blogging debts. Will blog about the wedding when the photos are ready ^.^

Here’s a short post on my first birthday celebration like, two months ago with Sheryl at Concetto by Saveur. The chic and simply-furnished restaurant with an open kitchen overlooking the two-tier dining area is set up by the same men behind the all-time favourite Saveur, chef-owners Dylan Ong and Joshua Khoo. Together with the same straightforward menu that offers a range of hearty Italian fine-dining food instead of their usual French cuisines at affordable price, one would expect a similarly no-frill dining experience in the midst of small square tables and round stools at Concetto, as with Saveur.

Concetto Pasta | $4.90

Capellini pasta tossed in dried seaweed and chopped chives and topped with prawn and crab aioli. I like how this dish is unique on its own although one would definitely relate it to Saveur's signature Angel Hair Pasta. I was so tempted to polish the entire plate on my own even though it was meant to be shared. It was absolutely tasty that I just cannot decide which one I prefer more.

Seafood Soup | $8.90

The shellfish broth with prawn, crabmeat, squid, salmon and baby clams was rich, thick and savoury. There was a huge portion of seafood within the soup that made it really flavourful, but I didn't enjoy the soup as much as Sheryl did due to the slightly bitter flavour that is common in lobster bisque. The seafood were really fresh and delicious though.

Prawn Aglio | $11.90

I ordered the dish because I have always been a fan of garlic and the crispy sakura ebi but frankly, I didn't actually enjoy the Prawn Aglio as much as I thought I would, mostly due to the tagliatelle pasta which was quite heavy and starchy for my liking. It is somewhat like a thicker version of our local mee pok tossed in chilli oil and accompanied by a few pieces of succulent prawns lolol.

Crab Risotto | $12.90

The arborio rice was cooked together with shellfish broth and crab meat, as well as crab meat tartare, brussel sprouts, capsicums and crispy rice crackers to add to the texture, and the end result was surprisingly good, definitely one of the better-tasting and most unique risotto I have ever had. I will probably order this one when I visit Concetto again.

Concetto by Saveur
2 Handy Road
#01-11/12 The Cathay
Singapore 229233

Tel: 67351141
Opening Hours: 12pm - 9.30pm

Concetto by Saveur is certainly one of the most pocket-friendly places to go for acceptable food, but the industrial design of the large space can make it difficult to talk especially if you are seated next to a huge gathering crowd. I didn't particularly like how close the other tables were packed against each other either as it feels like you are dining with the stranger seated next to you. Fortunately, the restaurant was quite empty when we were there at about 6.30 pm on a weekday so we were safely tucked in a quiet corner before other diners slowly made their way into the restaurant. The total bill was about $45 for what the two of us have had above, inclusive of the usual 10% service charge and 7% GST.

More birthday celebration posts coming up soon,

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