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Since my birthday falls on the same day as Fathers' Day this year, we decided to celebrate both occasions with a family outing consisting of my dad, mum, younger sister, brother-in-law, my baby niece and of course myself to Bedok Mall, where we made an apppointment to change a brand new phone for dad at Singtel, did some window-shopping together, and had a really heavy lunch at Dian Xiao Er. We ended up going according to plan, despite the fact that Dian Xiao Er refused to accept any reservations for Fathers' Day when we called so we turned to Canton Paradise instead. Who knew we would over-run at Singtel and miss our reservation at Canton Paradise, and then Dian Xiao Er just happened to be empty. See lah, who ask you don't want to take reservation. Everyone save us went over to Canton Paradise instead liao.

Anyways, each Dian Xiao Er is actually designed differently, with some more grand and others more rustic. We weren't particularly impressed with the interior design of their outlet at Bedok Mall though. It was rather plain and a lot more could have been done with the decor to be more dramatic and fit the image of an ancient inn 客栈 we see in Chinese period dramas or movies, where the real Dian Xiao Er 店小二, which refers to "waiter boys" are found. This reminds me how funny it was when brother-in-law called for "Dian Xiao Er 店小二" like how the swordsmen do when we wanted to place our orders with the waitresses dressed in their cute olden uniforms lol.

Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb

I am absolutely in love with the herbal roast ducks. I thought it was really tender, juicy and flavourful since it was marinated overnight. Though dad felt that it was a little salty, we three youngers one were frantically scooping the herbal gravy, mixing it with our rice and even drinking it directly because it was so tasty, we couldn't waste a drop of it.

Dong Po Pork

Not sure if it is true, but this special slab of pork belly was said to be a rich source of iron and its gelatin may help to improve skin complexion. For someone who rather enjoys eating fats and would love to improve her skin, this one kind of has way too much of it that I was rather disgusted after one piece. I would skip this for more roasted duck instead next time.

Fish Maw with Seafood

Woah, this is one generous bowl of fish maw soup with crab meat and conpoy. Although a little starchy, the broth was very well-cooked, rich and satisfying, and I just couldn't have enough of it. I would think this is my second favourite dish out of the entire meal.

Poached Spinach with Century & Salted Eggs

Another awesome dish if you like century eggs, salted eggs, huge cloves of fried garlic and essentially, spinach lol. The stock consisting of the century eggs, salted eggs and fried garlic bestowed a great deal of flavour to the spinach. The dish was practically emptied in record timing and I was left fishing for small pieces of the said ingredients within the stock rest of the time.

Homemade Wheatgrass Tofu

We chose this set meal because brother-in-law highly recommended this wheatgrass tofu but sadly, I didn't really taste any flavour that could possibly hints "wheatgrass", and since I am never a fan of tofu, this dish kind of proved that I am right about how bland and tasteless they all. The saving grace is probably the decorative pieces of broccoli and seafood bits.

Old-Style Steamed Fish Slices

I like the shreds of ginger in light soy sauce, which I would mix with my bowl of white rice. This cooking style is indeed very old-school, but it definitely tastes the best. Unfortunately, the fish slices weren't exactly fresh hence the meat was not at all tender nor fragrant. No one touched the fish except me.

Dian Xiao Er 店小二 Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Road
#01-73/74 Bedok Mall
Singapore 467360

Tel: 6844 9266
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

The set meal for five pax cost $112++, and after adding our chinese tea, wet towels, service charge and GST, the final bill was about $143, which works out to be less than $30 per pax. Not the most expensive, considering the amount of food that was served to our table, but certainly not the most enjoyable or price-worthy meal we had. I would recommend diners to go ala-carte or enquire if you can swop the Dong Po Pork and Homemade Wheatgrass Tofu in the set meal for something else instead. On the other hand, the herbal roast duck was truly impressive and memorable. There is no doubt I will return for more, probably also to try the other two flavours of roast duck - Ten Wonder Herbs Roast Duck and Wild Ginseng.

If I can still have my angelic herb roasted duck,

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