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We apparently haven't had enough Japanese food from our last gathering at The Sushi Bar, thus we found another Japanese restaurant for my birthday celebration. It happened when QY was asking us to recommend a pocket-friendly place around her working area for her colleague's birthday lunch and XY shared about this small set-up that is located along the shophouses right beside Telok Ayer MRT Station and serves surprisingly delicious yet affordable classic Japanese dishes. Just like that, we decided on having our next gathering at Hachi Tei Japanese Cuisine.

Mandatory QYXYT group photo

Once again, this post is just as outdated since my hair was black and my eyebrow was still au naturel at that time. Just to rant a bit since we are on the subject (or are we not?), I love my current brows and I am sorry if you find them supposedly "weird" or "disturbing". Unless you look damn hot yourself, I most likely don't have any inclination towards hearing what you think or heeding your style advice. You should know that I was not born to cater to your likings.

Woah, I am rarely so vocal. As much as I hate to admit it, I guess I did rub off quite a bit from Sheryl lol. Anyways, let's go back to our review of what we ordered at Hachi Tei:

Ebi Tempura Makimono | $6.80

This was for sure the best dish we had that day. The fragrance while the dish made its way to our table already had us salivating and true enough, the maki was simply exquisite. The sesame definitely did an awesome job in enhancing both the smell and taste of a simple ebi tempura maki.

Salmon Sashimi | $13

The chef was quite generous with the cuts and the salmon was indeed very fresh and delicate. I guess I will skip the meal next time since the price of these seven pieces of salmon sashimi (yes, we counted!) is equivalent to that of our set meal. I think my $13 is better spent this way.

Tempura Set | $13

My tempura set that I plan to give up in future comes with assorted fried vegetable, salmon and ebi tempura, Japanese rice sprinkled with nori strips, salad, dessert and miso soup. Although it did not look impressive, the tempura was really very well-fried so it was light while the meat was tender and fragrant. I never liked cooked salmon so I didn't quite appreciate the salmon tempura though.

Cha Soba Set | $13

YT ordered the Cha Soba Set but changed the cold green tea noodle to udon instead so everything came in separate plating. Champion right this girl, wanna have CHA SOBA set but don't want CHA SOBA. She only wanted the mixed maki and fried beancurd that comes together with the set, on top of the usual desert and miso soup. The portion and taste are good enough for the budget, but don't expect to be blown away or you will end up disappointed.

The Original Cha Soba Set with Cha Soba lol

Hachi Tei Japanese Cuisine
147 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068606
Tel: 6535 2988

Lunch: 11am to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

We definitely enjoyed our casual Japanese meal at Hachi Tei. Though not fantastic, the ingredients were fresh and the prices are very reasonable. I am quite sure it is going to be added to a list of possible places when I ponder the million-dollar question I face at work every single day - what to have for lunch? The waitress was very friendly, meticulous and not to mention, helpful and flexible when we request to change the normal rice to sushi rice and many other this and that from our set meals. Furthermore, there is no GST so the entire meal was only about $20 per pax on average ^.^

Lunch at Hachi Tei, anyone?

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  1. ikr, whoever bothers about your brows are pretty retarded. don't they have better things to do?!!! tell me who!!!

  2. And I would raise both hands and legs to agree with this:
    "Woah, I am rarely so vocal. As much as I hate to admit it, I guess I did rub off quite a bit from Sheryl lol."




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