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Another short post on one of my birthday celebrations while I am still trying to get my life back together. I seem to have bits and pieces of everything everywhere. Just my blog alone, I have more than 20 drafts pending to be completed and published *horror*. Not to mention my Korean Intermediate II class is commencing this Saturday, and I still haven't decided whether I am continuing or just bite the bullet and study on my own instead. So many things to think through, to have on pending, to plan, to do, yet so little time. What has happened to the person who used to be so crazily organised?

Anyways, Yvonne HOO and I were thinking of a nice place to go for my birthday celebration and she decided on Keppel Bay eventually since I have not visited the area before and according to her, the view was spectacular. So we took a short walk over from Harbourfront station, and then settled on having our dinner at The Connoisseur Concerto since we have heard great raves on this pretty boutique located on the second floor with tall ceiling and full-length glass windows that overlooks the scenic bay. Not that we can see much in the dark though but since I am a TCC card member and we get to enjoy 50% off the bill on my birthday month, TCC it is!


Seafood Risotto | $28

Took a really long time with the menu before I ultimately decided on the seafood risotto and I am glad I made a great choice. The arborio rice cooked with baby crayfish and blue-shell mussels in seafood broth and then topped with pan-seared scallop and black caviar was amazingly mouth-watering and flavourful. Every spoonful was an enjoyment.

Stuffed Cheesy Chicken in Parma Ham Wrap | $27

My first thought was that it is not going to be enough for anyone, but surprisingly Yvonne was rather full at the end of the meal. The oven-roasted parma ham-wrapped chicken breast was really tender and savoury, and I love how the mozzarella burst into your mouth upon each bite. I love the tasty potato dauphinoise (which I didn't know was potato initially) too!

My super tall cup of iced chocolate ($8) together with Yvonne's vanilla milkshake ($8.80), which was superbly fragrant. Wish I had ordered that one instead since I am a big big fan of vanilla.

d’tcc Ti-rum-misu | $6.50

I love all tiramisu but personally I would prefer the tiramisu to have more of the cocoa powder and sponge cake that was deliciously and generously infused with rum and coffee, and less of the cream which made it quite sweet. Yvonne on the other hand, thought there was too much alcohol and left the entire cup to me after just one spoon.

The Connoisseur Concerto @ Keppel Bay
2 Keppel Bay Vista
#02-02A Marina at Keppel Bay
Singapore 098382

Tel: 6276 1223
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm

Here comes the part where I was reprimanded by Yvonne for being extremely stupid. Upon checking the bill, I realised that they have forgotten to add the Tiramisu and I actually pointed the error out to them. I can still recall Yvonne's -.- look when the waitress left to amend the receipt. Well.. not that I wanted to be honest. I kind of just reacted without thinking but honesty is the best policy isn't it? Besides, we are only paying half of the total bill so let's not be too greedy and cheat them of their Tiramisu lolol. Total bill at the end of the day after the 50% discount, service charge and GST was only about $46 for the entire meal. Pretty worthwhile, don't you think?

Thank you, Yvonne for the wonderful birthday celebration ^.^

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