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I actually wanted to save this Steve Jobs quote till the end of the post so there will be more impact on what I have to say right now but the layout of my blog, featuring the first picture of each post on the homepage makes it essential for me to put something more meaningful and relevant to the purpose of this post than what I originally started out with, which is this:

Ticket to the Scavenger Hunt at USS that my firm had organised for the staff

Totally irrelevant lol. I just wanted to tell everyone I have finally got to visit Universal Studios Singapore again after so many years and I would like to thank my firm for their generousity. We certainly made full use of the express tickets and food vouchers. With that, I have unlocked the achievement of taking the Battlestar Galactica: Human versus Cylon rides FOUR times this time round though all I have to say is, Janice SIM and I felt really terrible at the end of this challenge and threw up real badly on the way home separately lolol. I have no idea what we were thinking and why we had wanted to torture ourselves this way, but it is truly nice to have a friend doing crazy and senseless things with you, isn't it?

WHEN I GROW UP - this was what struck me and made me pondered what I had wanted to be when I was young and had all the rights to be ambitious. Of course, I have already grown up, but that does not mean I have no power to make any changes to my current life. I am never someone so capable, clear and organised with her life that I can tell you at this age, I shall be doing what or at what age I would have achieved what else. What I know for sure on the other hand, is that my life now might be safe, but it is nowhere near where and what I want it to be. That was when I decided to step out of my comfort zone, cancel my trip to New Zealand (sorry, I am not going NZ anymore if you were expecting some really beautiful pictures that is supposed to come up at the end of the year!), ignore all the insecurities I faced and tell Sheryl, "I am joining you in Korea".

And so, it is confirmed. I am going to eat, and you are going to see kimchi everyday come October for at least the next three months lolol.

Speaking of which, Janice and I frequented our usual Korean stall at the foodcourt one day and this was the portion they gave each of us at no extra cost when we requested for more rice! We felt really self-conscious while walking away with such a huge plate of rice when other OLs' were so insignificant in comparison. It was super funny. We even had an extra egg lolol.

Another occasion when Yvonne HOO's Korean teacher invited us to her house to make kimchi. It was definitely a lot of work, but nevertheless fun and rewarding. We had Korean BBQ at a restaurant nearby while soaking the lettuce too. At the end of it all, I brought home a large container and turned my whole family into kimchi-fans. Alright, say it, I am all ready to be married to Korea.

Okay, back to the main topic where I took everyone by surprise when I booked an one-way ticket to Seoul and applied for one semester in the language insitute of Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), which will last from mid October to December and handed the white envelope to my superior. I did have lots of concerns - maybe I should wait for bonus, maybe I should go for the spring intake instead so I won't have to freeze to death, maybe I should take up the job offer I happen to have received, and lots of other maybes especially since I have missed Yonsei's enrolment and won't be studying together with Sheryl in any case. I thought it doesn't hurt to wait a bit more. I was reluctant about SKKU too until I realised how beautiful the campus was, and that they actually overtook Yonsei and Korea University in the rankings this year. Wow. Not that it affects me, but it sure feels good being in a elite school lolol.

Just like that, somehow or rather everything came together despite the spontaneity, got sorted out on its own very slowly without me doing anything but uselessly exhausting my brain power, and eventually, Sheryl is gone and I am preparing to leave next month. And yup, that kind of sums it all up.

Of course, there will be people who don't understand and think me crazy for potentially spending all my savings just like that considering the fact that I am not rich at all to begin with. Frankly, I cannot believe I am doing this too. I am scared for myself but I know I want this. There is so much to learn being on your own, and I am excited about it. If I don't pursue it now and continue leading a life of what I "should" do instead of what I "want" to do, I will never be living my own life and I will regret.

I don't know where this will lead me to. I might enroll for another semester if I can afford, go for plastic surgery if there is a sponsor, get headhunted by some artiste management company and become the next superstar etc. Endless possibilities lolol. Okay, enough nonsense. The point is, I just want to make full use of this time now when I have no other commitments to enjoy my freedom, not think about what is going to happen and live the moment. After all, my time is limited and even though I am not an Apple fan, Steve Jobs said I need to have the courage to follow my heart and intuition, and I think he is right.

By the way, happy 151st blog post to me!

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