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I am pretty sure most of us are extremely familiar with the popular haircare brand Essential. I have personally used and is a fan of many of their extremely effective yet affordable products ranging from basic care like shampoo and conditioner to more intensive treatments like hair masks and leave on treatments. Being a Japanese brand, I feel that they really do understand the needs and hair woes of Asian girls, and my personal favourites are definitely the Essential Leave On Hair Serum and Treatment Milk that intensively repairs and keep our tresses soft, healthy and beautiful.

And because I know their products work, I am really excited to try their newest products that were only released in the market this month, as soon as I received them in my mailbox. Without further ado, introducing fresh from the oven,


You know what? I used to think one doesn't need any more protection for your hair other than the usual shampoo-ing and conditioning, and now that the condition of my hair is getting from bad to worse, I realised I could not possible be more wrong. On top of the usual heat styling, perming and dyeing that we subject our hair to occasionally, there are also various external environmental factors and everyday habits such as those below that adds further stress and thereby causing damage to our hair and scalp.

#1 The Brazen Blow-Drying Stress
The brother that blasts our poor cuticles with angry heat each time we blow dry our hair. This process removes moisture from the hair, leaving it dry, brittle and susceptible to further damages.

#2 The Despicable Dryness Stress
When our hair is exposed to the sun, wind and even air-conditioning, this villain weakens our hair cuticles so it is unable to retain moisture and ruins our gorgeour and happy hair.

#3 The Spiteful Split Ends Stress
The devil born who loves slicing our hair into two or more parts by destroying the protective hair cuticle at the oldest and driest ends of our hair.

#4 The Cruel Combing Stress
Combing through wet hair causes hair damage as the hair follicle is at its most fragile state. Likewise, this knotty fella forms hair knots and causes unnecessary breakages whenever we comb our hair.

#5 The Badass Breakage Stress
The ultimate badass who relishes in breaking hair strands and would snap as many as possible when we tie our hair too tightly, twirl our hair with our fingers or exert excessive pressure on our hair.


Not very pretty themselves. You probably won't want them in your life.

But sadly, I happen to be a victim of all five of them and with their powers combined, my hair is awful, tangled, damaged or to put it simply, real horrendous. So much so that I am reluctant to comb my hair or put it through blow-drying after my shower in the morning each day because they are so tangled up. Sometimes I will just go without combing because if I insist, I am just going to lose my entire head of hair in no time at all. I wouldn't want that to happen, would I?

And to prevent the much dreaded scenario, I am going to arm myself with the new and improved Essential Leave On Treatment that protects me from these evil Hair Stress Brothers. Time to fight those pesky villains before I become "bo-tak" :(

Essential CC Oil
Retail Price: S$11.90 / 60ml

Non-greasy and invisibly light, the Essential CC Oil contains hair supplement oil which is similar to our hair's natural oil, and coats each strand of hair with a cuticle coat protection to fight the five most common forms of hair stresses so we can all have smooth and tangle-free hair all day. And all that is required of us is just to spread and apply the CC Oil evenly onto towel-dried or damp hair, concentrating on mid-length to the tip of the hair and just leave it on the entire day. Let's see how it works on my untamed hair (or more appropriately, wild grass).

See what I mean when I said I don't dare to comb through this kind of hair
It is practically explosive with split ends all over when it is dry

I didn't even have to comb my hair and it is looking way more manageable after application!

And it smells good too. Perfect mask for our hazy days lol.

Essential Night Care Milk
Retail Price: S$11.90 / 100ml

On top of the five Hair Stress Brothers, there is also the "Pillow Friction" we must never ever forget. As much as I lay my hair out neatly before sleep, I just can't help tossing and turning all through the nigh and this means I would wake up with a lion's mane the next morning. Not that it helps but just to show how desperate I am, I even tried sleep without pillows some times too. And this is basically why Essential created the perfect, rich, weightless and non-greasy Night Care Milk that will protect our hair from "Pillow Friction" and at the same time, intensively repairs and moisturise our hair in the wee hours of the night so we all get smooth and manageable hair the next day. Hooray ~

Now I can toss and turn as much as I want without a care in the world

And that explains the messy hair while I was "trying out" the products before I could review them. This picture was taken for fun and wasn't intended to be posted originally until I happened to notice how smooth my hair was when I was going through my pictures. Seriously, even though my hair is messy, it is NICELY messy. I have never seen my hair this smooth before while I am awake. Much less after all the "Pillow Friction" I just created. Woah, wouldn't it be nice if I can wake up to this kind of hair everyday? I probably get more sleeping time too having saved the hassle and routine of managing my unruly hair each day. Finger-comb, and I'd be ready to head out!

Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk certainly brought me a few steps closer to my dream of long silky Rapunzel-like hair. My hair stylist is gonna love it so much since I can finally let my hair grow without having to cut it due to the hopelessly damaged ends. Without a doubt, these two new products are going to give us gorgeous, healthy and manageable hair all day long, even as we sleep peacefully at night ^.^

So if you want to fight 5 Evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King, and defend your own head of hair too, head (sorry, pun unintended) right out to the nearest store where you can get the Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk or maybe, start playing Essentials Mane Hero Facebook Game right here and stand to win attractive weekly prizes!

(click picture to play)

Let's show these pesky devils the what we are made of,

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