Hello Mrs. Lim


I think I look like a china doll in this picture. Mega stiff.

As I am writing this post, I can totally imagine Sheryl aka Mrs Lim at the airport, waiting to board her flight to Seoul where she will be for at least the next 4 months. I am really going through mixed feelings right now - happy that she is finally getting to meet Bryan, her husband since he flew off for an exchange shortly after two weeks into their new marriage but at the same time, dreading the arrival of this day because I'd miss her so so much despite the fact that I will be embarking on the same route in just a month's time (will talk about it next time). And that makes me extremely nervous yet excited too.

I am sure I will regret listening to her and not send her off at the airport when the clock strikes 12 noon and the plane takes off. I am already feeling the remorse on top of all the uneasiness since the day I cancelled my leave from work. Kind of dramatic and overly emotional I know especially when I am never one who is very expressive or openly attached to anything, but judging from how tears have been dwelling up the entire morning and how I foresee my life to turn from hectic back to mundane again, this is truly going to be a difficult goodbye.

Anyway, I am off-topic so let's get back to the point of this blog post - Sheryl's big day ^.^

Trying of cupcakes session with Sheryl at I Wanna. They were really tasty!

Pretty glad Sheryl invited me to stay over at her place for both nights before 8 August 2015. Although we emphasised that it was for us to get ready everything together, the first night was mainly spent on celebrating Bryan's birthday and then talking all through the night when we were back at Sheryl's place. I can even forget to bring this board (picture above) when I told her I will just head home first to grab this board before going her place. Turns out I didn't grab anything and I only realised it when I was halfway through the journey to her house. Looks like I need to get my brain checked for dementia.

Went home the next day and had to wait for dad to come back so I could borrow the car. And no one will know how "gan jiong" I was when supposed to go over to Sheryl's place again as soon as possible yet my dad insisted on putting me through a refresher course with him before I can drive the car off on my own. Frankly, I was relieved and thankful to have another chance at driving with someone else (with license or not, they just give me a sense of security) before I finally had to learn to do it alone, but I really didn't expect this lesson to last for hours until everyone started haunting me because it was getting late and I am supposed to rest early for the long day tomorrow.

Dad gave up coaching me on getting the car into parking lots on the left. Seems like I can only do those on the right, and I think I park rather well, didn't I? That should be sufficient for now. Lols! On the other hand, driving doesn't seem to be as nerve-wrecking as I remembered to be, thanks to the navigation from Google Maps. As much as I admit I am now overly dependent on Google Map, I just want to see things and know what to do beforehand. That makes me feel safe, and when I am confident to arrive at our destination, my passengers get a smooth ride too.

We didn't really get to sleep much the night before. I only reached Sheryl's house past 12 midnight and I was really grateful that Mayling actually stayed up to wait for me. When we got everything prepared and in place, Sheryl woke up and it was almost time to get ready for the gatecrash. Tiring no doubt, but definitely everything was extremely meaningful and memorable to me and I definitely had lots of fun!

Together, we will fight the groomsmen

Had fun taking wefies before leaving for the outdoor shoot

Thank you for the good weather! (p.s. it started pouring only after we were done)

Another wefie with the brothers while the groom shoots his part of the wedding video

The bridesmaid room that Sheryl got for us~~

We are down to the final minute to 12, and I am feeling extremely weird right now. My mind seems to be in a whirlpool. The entire wedding day from the morning gatecrash all through to the wedding banquet, the eventful night when almost everyone was drunk and so much more are all replaying in my mind now as I watch each minute past. Not to forget how many times I circled Changi Airport Terminal 3 before I finally found the entrance to the lobby of Crowne Plaza, where the banquet was held lol.

So much memories, new experiences, expectations we held each other to in both short and long term, as well as goals we shared, and at the same time I can't help but wonder how Sheryl is right now. Alright, I shall sign off here and check her out.

Goodbye for now, Mrs. Lim

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