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Sheryl introduced to Maki-San at The Cathay some time back and from then on, I was craving for customised sushi rolls each day. And when I realised there is an outlet at The Arcade, boy I was practically hooked. Despite its distance from Marina Bay Financial Centre where I am working at, I would walk to Raffles Place regularly under the hot afternoon sun during my short 1-hour lunch break, just to have my fair share of Maki-San.

For people who are relatively unfamiliar to this homegrown brand who just turned 3 recently, Maki-San sells sushi rolls and salads that are fully customisable. It offers an extremely wide selection of ingredients so you can choose your own ingredients base on your own preferences. With this kind of variety, I would say that each sushi or salad that comes out from Maki-San is definitely unique ^.^

Although both the sushi and salad are impressive, I will still prefer the former if you were to ask me since I am more of a "rice" person (no wonder I just cannot slim down T.T) and I just love sushi too much. Besides, sushi comprising of only the ingredients I choose, is simply too good to be missed. And one fine day, I was surprised that Hui Mee, who is rather afraid of exposure to the sun, decided to join me in my "brisk-walking exercise". Either the sushi I created was too mouth-watering for her or that I must have looked like I was on cloud nine each time I had Maki-San in office. Ha!

So, here is a copy of their current order forms for salad and sushi respectively. Do note that Maki-San updates this form occassionally to include new selections. They also have the special lunch menus at their Arcade outlet, where each sushi or salad is priced at only $5.90 nett instead. I only tried it once and never again because the number of ingredients one can have is greatly reduced and the selection was too limited. I rather pay $4 more for a MEGA-SAN with my favourite tempura soft-shell crab! Blurp, am I eating too much?

The ordering of your personalised sushi or salad is pretty fool-proof - just decide whether you want a little san, big san or mega san and choose the number of ingredients as per what is indicated on the order form. Easy peasy. Because I normally take a long time to decide what I want, and I can be rather kiasu it can be stressful trying to decide what to have in the midst of a busy crowd, I took a couple of forms back so I can fill it in while in office, before I head out. Hee! Besides, Maki-San is fast gaining popularity amongst the working crowd. There was a time I used to receive queue number 10+, but now I am getting 50+ even when I reach at about the same time.

Anyway, here's the sushi we created.
I have listed our choice of ingredients for reference too.

Hui Mee's Mega San | $9.90

Wrap / Rice: Traditional Nori with Healthy Brown Rice
5 Essentials: Avocado, Crunchy Jellyfish, Ebiko, Tamagoyaki, Tuna Mayo
1 Sprinkle: Pine Nuts
1 House Sauce: Ponzu (Japanese Mixed Citrus)
1 Special: Tempura Ebi

My Mega San | $9.90

Wrap / Rice: Traditional Nori with Japanese White Rice
5 Essentials: Crunchy Jellyfish, Shredded Chicken, Steamed Ebi, Tamagoyaki, Tempura Enoki Mushroom
1 Sprinkle: Wasabi Furikake
1 House Sauce: Garlic Aioli
1 Special: Tempura Soft-Shell Crab

So, which sushi do you think looks better? I am rather "conventional" and I didn't really think the healthy brown rice is as nice when I tried it once so I will always prefer the traditional nori with japanese white rice. Will probably try the egg wrap one day when I am feeling more adventurous. Somehow, my addiction has made me less daring. It is like, why would you want to try the crepe when you know nori and white rice is simply the best combination? I will feel extremely guilty for wasting a Maki-San opportunity. Maki-San is THAT highly cherished by me lolol.

Maki-San The Arcade
11 Collyer Quay
#01-12 The Arcade
Singapore 049317
Tel: 8218 4204

Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm
Closed on Weekends

I am still trying out different ingredients and combinations and haven't exactly found the "perfect" sushi. All seems fine to me so far, except for the Parmesan Cheese that Yvonne TEE suggested for me to add on one occasion. I thought it tasted really weird. Nevertheless, I enjoy choosing the essentials since I get 5 options, but I could not say the same for the sprinkle, special and house sauce. It is no doubt a tough decision to make when you can only choose one out of the entire list. If you would like recommendations for the house sauces, I personally think garlic aioli, honey mustard, wasabi mayo, yuzu honey vinaigrette and yuzu sesame are some of the safe choices.

Perhaps I shall have Maki-San for lunch today?

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