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When Shuxian first suggested to have my birthday lunch at PAUL, I was admittedly reluctant because all the while, my impression of the French chain is that it only serves bread, sandwiches, macarons, cakes, pastries and all the other kind of food which are not deemed sufficiently filling for me. When I say I need to eat, I really need to E-A-T, so I pointed out this need to Shuxian in the hope of a possible change of location. Sorry, as much as I love the aroma that comes out of PAUL each time I walk past, salad and bread just aren't enough for me when it comes to lunch T.T

Well, I didn't succeed but thankfully, Shuxian replied with pictures of the menu and I was really glad (and mostly relieved) to know that the PAUL outlet we are going is a proper sit-down restaurant that serves legitimate meals. And so we opted for the All Day Set Special that PAUL happened to be having when we visited -- $14.80++ for a three-course meal. Seems like a pretty good deal to us and moreover, the food choices does look appetising so we decided on it in no time. By the way, did you know that PAUL was established in the city of Croix in Northern France by Charlemagne Mayot back in 1889? That makes the French boulangerie more than 125 years old. Woah~

Our drinks -- Orangina for me and Jus de pomme (apple juice) for Shuxian were the first to arrive. It was either one of this, or Iced Green Tea. I thought they should provide some choices for hot beverages too. Shuxian wanted something warm at that time and they refused to offer us anything even when we are willing to top up the difference, except to place another separate order ala carte. Is being a century old making you inflexible, Monsieur PAUL?

Soupe du jour

Both of us chose the Mushroom Soup, which was the soup of the day over Petite salade, that consists of red radish, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes with basil and black olives. Not sure about Shuxian and I am definitely biased, but I gave it a miss because I didn't like black olives and I didn't think a salad can win mushroom soup with bread. Just the sound of mushroom soup is more tasty to me. No?

Saumon a la sauce hollandaise

And here comes Shuxian's grilled salmon fillet served on a bed of roasted potato, cherry tomatoes and mixed salad with hollandaise sauce. Oh, so maybe this was why Shuxian didn't have salad for her appetiser. Anyway, according to Shuxian, the salmon was slightly overcooked, hence a little dried up and not as tender as she would expect. The potatos were delicious though!

Les pates, tomates et fruits mer

Yup, this spaghetti served with sauteed prawns, mussels, green capsicum, olive oil and onions simmered in fragrant tomato sauce was my choice of mains. I kind of regretted not having the Poulet gille, sauce moutarde (grilled boneless checken leg with mustard sauce) instead because this really was not very delectable. There wasn't much ingredients, and the sweet and sourness of the tomato sauce was too overpowering for me to handle.

Moelleux chocolat

I LOVE THE WARM CHOCOLATE CAKE TO BITS. Well, although the chocolate within did not melt and flow out like how I would wish it to have, it was exquisite nonetheless. I could have another one right at that time without feeling sick of the amount of chocolate there is. A perfect end to the three-course meal. Even better if I have had a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top of the warm chocolate ^.^

On the other hand, non-chocolate lovers will probably find it hard to believe that this was the only dessert they offered for the All Day Set Special. Not everyone takes cold drinks and loves chocolate ya know? Bakery-cafe PAUL should really learn a thing or two about provide their diners with a wider variety especially when coffee, tea, pastries and cakes are supposed to be their specialties. Why would someone deny diners the opportunity to be impressed by what they are renowned for?

PAUL Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-07 Marina Bay Link Mall
Singapore 018984
Tel: 6509 8339 (bakery) / 6509 8329 (restaurant)

In overview, it was a simple, fuss-free and pleasant lunch. The soup and dessert were absolutely satisfying, but the same couldn't be said for the mains we tried, which doesn't seem to be as freshly prepared nor enjoyable as compared to the former. We also had a hard time attracting the attention of the service staff despite the fact that the outlet is relatively small and half the dining area was closed during the time we visited. We literally had to stand up before someone realise we were ready to place our orders and also to get our bill. If one were to ask me whether I will return, I would but just for a delicious pastry or two..

Resisting the urge to head down to PAUL for a Moelleux chocolat,

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