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Attended Yvonne TEE's wedding lunch at Carlton Hotel about a month back. I can't believe it was last year when she was still busy sourcing for the perfect hotel as well as various vendors for this day. How quickly time passes and all the ups and downs she went through during this period of preparation. I am so happy for her that this day had finally arrived ^.^

Wefie at our table before the the banquet starts

The darkened ballroom, sudden quick and rhythmic classical music, and staff dressed in all black marching in neatly together with the flashy lights kickstarted the entire banquet. I always thought this segment is quite funny and out-of-place, considering the fact that I did this countless times before, when I joined my schoolmates as a part-time banquet staff during school holidays. I never kind of understood why this is absolutely necessary in even the most modernised of all Chinese banquets.

Cold Dish Platter
Prawn Salad, California Maki, Deep Fried Silver Fish, Japanese Octopus and Mini Spring Roll

The appetisers were quite nice. I like the usual prawn salad and mini spring roll, and love the california maki and deep fried silver fish that I thought were quite unique. I didn't really enjoy the octopus though as the sauce was really thick and overpowering.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Seafood

When this item arrived, HM told me she ever encountered people who left this dish untouched. I know the way the fin is obtained is extremely cruel and morally wrong. I wouldn't want to have shark's fin for my own wedding either. But since it was already on the table and I was the one who did not object beforehand so a shark could possibly have been saved from its fate, I thought the best one could do is not to let it go to waste? It's like telling the shark it died for nothing.

Of course, this is just my own way of thinking but I really feel that if you didn't act on it, don't pretend to be all righteous because you have already killed the animal when you didn't say "no". The hotel could have served this dish in individual portions and gave you something else.

Steamed Sea Bass with Minced Garlic in Superior Soya Sauce

I can still remember that when I was a part-timers, I have to practise cutting and removing the bones of the fish with only one hand holding on to both the spoon and fork. It seems that people don't do that anymore. The servers for the past few weddings I been to were using both hands. Anyway, although its taste was good, the sea bass here looks kind of messed up and unappetising. I thought the borders of the oval plate should at least be clean?

Braised Broccoli with Conpoy & Mushrooms

Braised broccoli is one of my favourite dish but in this instance, I only had all but a few pieces and turned to the mushrooms instead because of the commotion at a table near us. Apparently, two tables found cooked worms in their broccoli. I probably had one or two too since I don't pay close attention to what I eat lolol. It was really quite a disappointment, and the best part was that Carlton only said this is common and didn't give much care to this incident.

Sauteed Prawns with Chef's Special Spices

Other than the fact that it was served cold and doesn't look "sauteed", I rather enjoyed this dish. The tastes of the prawns and special spices really complemented each other and the result was flavourful and a delight. HM thought it was a little on the saltier side and commented that it tasted like Taiwanese salt-pepper popcorn chicken. Slurp! I'm hungry now.

Smoked Chinese Tea Soya Chicken

Yvonne told me this is nice so I was really looking forward to it, only to find myself very much disappointed. First was the smell, and I initially thought it came from the people who just returned from smoking lolol. The point is, it was that strong and unpleasant. Then, I was let down when it was once again cold, so much so that even though it was tender, it was also tasteless. I only had one.

Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Silver Sprout, Straw Mushroom and Chives

I don't normally take the noodles because this is one of the last dishes and I am usually full by then. Though not for this time round it seems. The braised ee-fu was acceptable, one of the better ones I have had during wedding banquets and perhaps because I was still hungry. I finished the entire bowl.

Glutinous Rice Ball in Longan and Red Dates Soup

The glutinous rice ball with sesame filling was soft, chewy and nice but I would prefer the ones with peanut instead if you were to ask me. I wish I had just one more rice ball in my bowl though. On the other hand, the soup was quite sweet so we gave it a miss and only ate the rice ball.

Yvonne is a no muss, no fuss kind of girl so the wedding lunch was pretty sweet and short, and ended quite early having done away with the usual pre-banquet reception and thank-you speech. I like how simple it was, but I wish Carlton had put in more effort and went a lot farther in making this day perfect for the couple. In any case, thank you, Yvonne for inviting me to share this special day with you and your husband. I wish you both a long, happy and fun-filled life together ^.^

Best wishes,

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