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Greetings from Seoul ^.^

The past few days passed by like a shooting star and even though I haven't really settled down, finish unpacking and stuff since I just moved into my sharehouse (which is really nice by the way!) and started school today, I thought I should spend some time updating this blog before I get busy studying as well as blogging about my experience in Korea. Err, in this sense this post is in fact way overdue so let's get started quickly before I decide to head to bed and delay this even further.

After we were done touring Liye Villa, the owners very kindly helped us call for a cab and in no time, we were off on our way to our next destination, E-Long Goat Farm 宜農牧羊場. As mentioned before in one of my earlier blog posts, remember to inform the taxi driver to turn on their meter. We forgot about it so it was another 300NT gone in a flash, but this wasn't so bad since the distance between both farms is truly quite far. E-Long Goat Farm, which was established more than 30 years ago, has a small cafe (though I don't think it is very nice to be enjoying mutton skewers in front of the goats?) and also offers accommodation and various farm experience or DIY packages. Since we didn't exactly have much time left, we opted to go free and easy.

There wasn't anyone there to collect the 30NT entrance fee.
Just drop the money in the collection box before you enter.

Cute postboxes for visitors to send postcards back to their country

Counter to get the food from if you would like to feed the animals.
You can get special souvenirs here too!

Grass for the goat at 10NT per bunch

This one looks like it hasn't wake up

And this one looks more like a dog lol. No?

Mary had a little lamb

This looks really painful to me, to have an exposed "wound".
I hope the process of growing horns doesn't hurt too much.

Don't have already :'(

Even though the place is called a "Goat" Farm, you can expect more than just goats and lambs here at E-Long. And that makes it a really nice place to visit with your friends if one of them is a fan of goat, and another prefers pigs, rabbits or other farm animals. Introducing some of the other tenants living on this peaceful piece of land...

The musk pigs and piglets who really sleep and eat A LOT!

Guinea Fowl - the "pearls" on them were really pretty

Cute and active rabbits

The free-to-roam chicken family. There were ducks too!

SUPER ADORABLE guinea pigs

Like-a-boss turkey

E-Long Goat Farm 宜農牧羊場
No. 17 Lane 239 Changchun Road
Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 269
Tel: +882 3956 7724

Opening hours: 9am to 6pm daily
Visit their website here
View farm experience packages here

Maybe it was because of the hot weather and the number of mega huge mosquito bites we gotten as soon as we entered, I thought I was sweating real badly and wasn't comfortable or in a good shape to enjoy myself as much as I had in Liye Villa, although I did take pleasure in feeding the pigs, rabbits and goats. Or maybe because the former had set the bar too high and also there were too many visitors crowding in E-Long Goat Farm since it is definitely more well-known. It was quite challenging to move around freely or get shots without any photobombs or someone's hand sticking in to feed the animals.

Nonetheless, E-Long Goat Farm is one attraction that should not be missed, especially if you love interacting with animals and experiencing life on a farm. I will certainly propose to bring my family here when we visit Taiwan together next year.

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