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Here's another episode of being us stranded.

After leaving Mr Brown Café at Wai'ao (read blog post here). We boarded the railway train to Yilan, visited the Jimmy Square 幾米廣場公園 located on the left of the station exit and that was when it started to drizzle and hunger kicked in, so we wanted to find a place for a nice meal before we head to what was next on our itinerary, Liye Villa 宜蘭麗野莊園休閒農場. Sadly, we couldn't find a place that is attractive to us, hence we once again found ourselves walking aimlessly along the streets of Yilan until we decided to push through our hunger and boarded a cab to our destination.

I guess the place is not very well-known yet since the cab driver didn't know where he was bringing us to at first and even asked us why we were going there. We got a little more nervous when we were told that we have reached, to alight in the middle of nowhere, and when there was no one to greet us when we entered the front gate of the villa. The vicinity and the house itself were just as empty as Wai'ao station, but it is scarier because we were just standing in the middle of a great green field. We just waited, taking random pictures and hoping someone will notice two tourists standing out there very soon.

Thankfully, the owners of the villa did eventually and apparently, we were supposed to have made a reservation online beforehand. Since they weren't expecting any visitors that day and were busy preparing for a tour group the next day, they did not notice our presence earlier. There was a moment of awkwardness as they very kindly hinted us to return the next day instead. But upon knowing that we will only be in Yilan for a day and understanding how far we have came just to visit their place, they decided to make an exception and allowed us in despite our few numbers. Thank you for being so nice to us ^.^

So, Liye Villa offers a few range farm experience packages which you can check out on their website here, and we took the one which includes feeding the ducks, cooking omelettes with the duck eggs we picked up and also ice-shaving. I thought the last item is quite random actually. Perhaps the Ice Kachang we have in Singapore is unique to Taiwan. Below is the package details.

活動梯次:第一梯次10:00~11:30、第二梯次13: 30~15:00、第三梯次15:30~17:00
1. 農場撿鴨蛋體驗,親手做歐姆蛋卷DIY並品嚐
2. 利用自己栽種的桑葚及洛神,蜜成天然蜜餞,加上冰冰涼涼的剉冰農場剉冰DIY
3. 自由活動時間及可愛動物飼料

And let's start our farm experience!

Super cute ducklings!

The ducks behaved very amicably until their food arrived - they were more "kiasu" than Singaporeans. Even before we place the big metal bowl down on the floor, they will start to hover around you, and may even jump up to push the bowl that was supposedly in your hand down onto the floor with force. They were really quite intimidating. While feeding them, we noticed how freely these ducks can roam around and wondered why the owners are not afraid they'd run away. It was then they explained that they don't own these wild ducks. They just provide them with the food these wild ducks need and a safe place for them to incubate as a nesting duck tends to attract predators. Don't you think they are really kind?

We got to feed the rabbits too

The ducklings and white ducks are usually the last to eat

Well, except for the nesting ducks who will come out only when necessary

Our package includes picking up of duck eggs for the making of omelettes later. We wanted to skip this part because we felt really mean to be "stealing" the eggs, so the owner explained that it is crucial to remove the eggs (not all though) as the duck lays them and not wait until she has a full nest of about a dozen eggs and is ready to incubate to prevent overpopulation due to their lack of resources. Although the eggs accumulate at the rate of about one per day, the incubation process begins all at the same time, when the mother duck begins nesting. See the cotton-like material around the mother duck in the picture above? These are supposedly her own feathers which she plucked out to keep the eggs warm :'(

We were supposed to be the ones making our own omelette with the eggs we picked, but both of us thought we should leave the cooking in the good hands of the owner. We did the beating of the egg, the shredding of seaweed and the adding of cheese though. I am most likely to be biased, but I believe this was the best omelette I have ever had.

While enjoying our omelette, we noticed this dog from the neighbouring field approaching one of the nesting house the owners had build around the villa. The owner then quickly ran over to bring the dog back to his neighbour and later shared with us that the dog had been hunting the ducks for quite some time already. The wild ducks are in a much safer position since they are able to fly, but the white ones weren't as lucky. Many of them had fallen prey to the dog, so much so that there were only two on them left now (you would have seen the last two standing in some of the pictures above).

Anyway, time to shave some ice!

They gave us an extremely huge block of ice, but we only shaved a bit and told them to save the rest so it looks like a small portion. Ice-shaving is really tiring and trains one's arm muscle very well lol. I thought it was rather scary too. Paranoid I know, but I have always been afraid of sharp objects and I think this machine may cut my fingers off or something especially since I am mega prone to hurting myself so I didn't want to spend to much time with it.

A wild duck who thinks he is a weather vane. He stood there the entire time!

Duck nesting underneath the stairs. Smart!

Liye Villa 宜蘭麗野莊園休閒農場
No. 88 Liming 1st Rd, Yilan City
Yilan County, Taiwan 260

Line ID:liyainn
Visit their website here

Thinking back, I think I enjoyed my time in Liye Villa the most out of the whole Taiwan trip. Frankly, it was not the place I was most looking forward to visit at first but it definitely exceeded my expectations and surpassed everything else we had on our itinerary. The entire time spent there was relaxing, carefree and I really like listening to the stories and knowledge the kind and friendly owners shared with us. I seriously wouldn't mind spending more time here and will definitely recommend anyone planning to visit Yilan to drop by Liye Villa ^.^

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