Mr Brown Cafe 頭城城堡伯朗咖啡一館 Yilan


As mentioned before in super duper long-ago summarised post of my Taiwan trip back here, the first item Sheryl and I have on our itinerary for our one-day Yilan tour was Mr Brown Cafe 頭城城堡伯朗咖啡一館. So early in the morning, we took the Kamalan Bus 葛瑪蘭汽車客運 to Jiaoxi and from there, boarded the railway train to Wai'ao Station. And that was where we got stuck. The train station was practically empty. There wasn't even a staff to sell tickets or to mend a gantry. Wait, there wasn't a gantry in the first place. We could just freely exit and enter the station.

Our plan was to grab a cab to bring us up the mountain but apparently it was not as easy as we though. Even though we did spot and tried to flag a couple of yellow cabs going past us as we walk aimlessly at the side of the road, none of them stopped to take us. We almost gave up until a nice lady noticed us, came down from her motorcycle and gave us the number to call a cab. Evidently, the cabs in Yilan only accept bookings via the hotline and does not stop for passengers on the street. So each time you need a cab, you got to call and wait for them to come, which was what we did for the rest of the day. They also have a range of standardised rates for tourist attractions which can be exorbitant. For instance, a short ride up the mountain that was took less than ten minutes cost us 300NT up and another 300NT down, so remember to ask them to turn on their meter instead.

Sigh, I shall be grateful for all the cabs we have cruising on Singapore streets from now on. In any case, we arrived at our destination and thankfully, the view made the time and effort spent all worth it.

It was still early when we reached, so the café was relatively empty. We quickly ordered our (second) breakfast (we already had Spring Onion Pancakes 葱抓饼 on the bus earlier), and went up to the second floor to enjoy our iced coffee. I had the Hazelnut Latte whilst Sheryl ordered the Macadamia Nut Café Latte, which tasted really good and way more fragrant. It was also quite funny how we tried to place our order at the counter in Chinese because we just don't know how to read "Macademia" and "Hazelnut" in traditional Chinese. The staff just don't understand us lolol. On the other hand, the tart was pretty average but then again, we weren't exactly here for the food so I guess it is okay.

The glass ceiling reminds me of Hogwarts!

Last but not least, the breath-taking view from the top of the castle! We are really lucky to be blessed with such clear skies and nice weather although it was seriously burning hot being so high up on the mountain. We could not really stay out there in the sun without sweating like pigs or ending up tanned, which Sheryl can't afford to because of her upcoming wedding at that time. I'd recommend tourists to come during spring or autumn instead to fully appreciate seascape and soak yourself in the serenity you can find only here in Mr Brown Cafe.

Weird insect spotted while waiting for our cab to bring us down

Mr Brown Cafe 頭城城堡伯朗咖啡一館
No. 95 Shikong Road
Toucheng Township, Yilan County 261

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
Public Holidays: 8am to 7pm
Tel: +886 3969 9226

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