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I have briefly blogged about my short visit to Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe in one of the earlier posts (link over here if you're interested), and I thought I should give them a proper mention since I visited again some time back in August when I helped Hui Mee sell a pair of concert tickets she won. She wanted to return the favour by treating Janice and myself to Nunsaram since she was craving for some Korean bingsu and both of us unanimously recommended Nunsaram to her.

Hmm.. this kind of makes me wanna head out to have bingsu right now. I had some last week when my mum was here in Korea with me though. It was really good and from then, my mum fell in love with bingsu. But I shall save this story for another day so let's check out what I had at Nunsaram ^.^

We hurried our way to Somerset immediately after we ended work so the place was relatively empty when we reached at about 6.30 pm. We then quickly grabbed hold of a table for the three of us and decided on what we would like to have as patrons start to swarm in. In no time, the dessert cafe was packed, so do be early or visit during the office hours if you would like to enjoy your time here and fully appreciate your bingsu without anyone staring over your shoulders.

Waiting for our food to be ready for collection.. #1!!! Lols

Strawberry Bingsu | $15.90

I was quite upset actually when the Strawberry Bingsu arrived at our table. Firstly, it wasn't as red and there wasn't as much strawberries as there should have been (as per the pictures on the menu and online). And then, they decided to substitute the scoop of ice-cream that should be at the top of the bingsu with a huge mountain of whipped cream.

Well, I really wanted my vanilla ice-cream but since the shaved milk was as soft, smooth, light and enjoyable as before, I shall let this pass and hope that this won't happen again. Perhaps they did this because they have somehow ran out of ice-cream?

Honey Bread | $6.90

To be honest, the honey bread was kind of disappointing. I didn't think the bread was well-toasted, nor did it carry much taste of the honey. I appreciate the whipped cream for an additional taste, but this was a bit too much and rather messy. I regretted not ordering the Garlic Cheese Bread instead but then again, their images on Google Search weren't exactly as tantalising as what I had in mind or in Korea.

Spicy Tteogkkochi | $4.90

Though I am not a fan of anything "tteok", I never mind having them except for this which was a little over-fried so the outer was really dry and the inner was more chewy (in an irritating way) than any other that I have had before. Not to be mistaken with "tteokbokki", I thought the spicy sauce and the peanut sprinkles were insufficient too, so it tasted like we were eating plain deep-fried rice cakes.

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe
181 Orchard Road
#05-51/52 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Seriously too much whipped cream

Yup, that was all we had! The total bill was $27.70. I used to think this price was okay, considering the fact that there were three of us so it averages out to be about $9 per pax, until now that I am writing this post in Korea and had so much more food (bingsu included) without doing as much damage to my wallet. But despite all that, I will still recommend anyone who loves or would like to have a taste of Korea's authentic bingsu to visit Nunsaram. Erm, you can skip the other two though..

Off to recommend Nunsaram to my mum,

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