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Another food post before I flee the country!

Actually I still have a couple of outstanding blog posts that I might not have time to clear before heading off. I have been really efficient and "accomplished" these days, striking items out of my to-do list at record speed, but I thought I should allocate some time to revise my Korean a bit before my placement test on the first day of school as well. I truly hope I won't be placed in Level 1 and had to repeat the basics again for the n-th time so let's hope I still have some spare time to write as much as possible while still in Singapore and leave the blog posts published in Korea purely for the food and the experiences I had in Korea ^.^

And so, we will be visiting Pappamia at Marina Bay Link Mall in this particular post. For people who hadn't heard of or tried this halal restaurant (like me until very recently despite the fact that I have been working in this vicinity for nearly two years), Pappamia serves traditional yet timeless Asian cuisines such as Nasi Lemak and Fried Kway Teow, and thanks to its good food, authentic dishes and more-affordable-than-other pricing, it is one of the most popular food spot in Marina Bay Link Mall where a long line can always be observed outside the restaurant during lunch hours. The first time I frequented this place was for Janice SIM's welcome lunch and it was then, both Hui Mee and I were hooked to this place and started returning again and again.

Hainan Chicken Rice | $10.50

I had the highly recommended Hainan Chicken Rice on my first visit and have been having it every single time I visited save once when I tried the Fried Kway Teow instead, and went back to Hainan Chicken Rice again lol. The best chicken rice I have had before was from Space @ My Humble House, and I thought this one here in Pappamia is just as good. The chicken is very tender and smooth, the rice fragrant and the chilli superb. I like that there is vegetables too.

Fried Kway Teow | $9.50

And this is the aforementioned Fried Kway Teow. Hui Mee had this on her first visit with me and she said it was good so I thought I would give it a try. It is no doubt tasty on the first bite but one gets sick of its taste and oiliness very soon subsequently, and the prawns were not as fresh as I would expect either. Not that it was that bad, but I wouldn't pay this price for something that is not as satisfying as what I can get from our local hawker centres.

Chicken Kway Teow Soup | $9.50

They serve the same chicken for Chicken Kway Teow Soup as well! Zhe Ming ordered this and the first thought that came to my mind was to give it a try next time since I will get to try the Kway Teow Soup that smelled really good when it arrived without forfeiting any opportunity to have my favourite chicken. Will recommend diners who don't take rice to have this noodle alternative instead.

Seafood Fried Rice | $10.90

The portion for their Seafood Fried Rice looks quite small for me, much less for Jason though I must admit they were seriously very generous with the amount of fish roe. They should name this Fish Roe Fried Rice instead. A small prawn doesn't really make a normal plate of Fried Rice "Seafood Fried Rice". Nevertheless, it was tasty so I guess the price and the lack of actual seafood can be overlooked.

Nonya Nasi Lemak | $12

Hui Mee ordered this on her second visit when she noticed that most people were having this and inferred that this means it is good. Sadly, it was nothing spectacular, and she decided to join my Chicken Rice Fan Club since then. I didn't think this plate of rice with chicken, egg, ikan bilis and achar worth $12 either. It looks and taste like what you can get at $6 in a food court.

Hot Kopi | $1.60
Hot Honey Lemon | $2.00
Hot Teh-O | $1.60

Drinks were rather unimpressive in comparison. I had the honey lemon but the honey was thick and doesn't seem to be able to mix well with the warm water so my drink was really plain at the top and mega sweet when I reach the bottom. The thinly-sliced lemon didn't contribute much flavour either.

8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-04, Marina Bay Link Mall
Singapore 018981
Tel: 6834 4713

Opening Hours: 7.30am to 9pm
Closed on Sundays

Pappamia definitely had its hits and misses but just for the out-of-the-world Hainan Chicken Rice, I am contented and will continue to visit this place whenever I want to have a nice plate of Chicken Rice. The reviews here is a compilation of what HM and I, and sometimes with a few other colleagues had over a period of time hence there is no total bill to speak of, but the average cost per pax is about $15 after GST for a main and a drink. Service-wise I have no complaints. They are generally very quick and efficient in their work, but because the restaurant is usually very packed and busy, it may take some time before you get what you requested for.

Gonna miss Chicken Rice in Korea,

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