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Sorry for not updating my blog for so long...

The past few days have been nothing short of hectic and I finally have some time to take a breather *phew* before I embark on even more stuff on my to-do list. I have been running around getting the things I will need for my "impending departure", helping Rhythm & Wave in liaising with potential partners and pitching for student performances as well as the miscellaneous administrative works, handing over all the stuff I have on hand at work as my last day draws close, meeting up with all the people who know about my plans and would like to bid me farewell before I go missing for 3 months etc. And just yesterday my mum decided she wants to go Korea with me to ensure that I am settled down well so now I have to sort her air tickets, accommodation and itinerary out as well. The list just goes on and on, and whenever I managed to clear one item, a few more pops out from nowhere T.T

Anyway, dad, mum, younger sister, brother-in-law, niece and I had a family outing to Parkway Parade on a Sunday not too long ago! If you are wonder why I had to spell everyone out, it is because my elder sister wasn't with us that day (she is somewhere along the silk road) so I can't just say "family", and I thought I should give mention to my brother-in-law and niece. Especially the latter whom I personally feel was the reason why the family is more closely-bonded now than ever. In any case, we had Swensen's that day because sister misses the old days when we were all young. Our parents would bring us out every Sunday and we would go to Swensen's for lunch on a regular basis. Not sure how and when all these stopped, but it was nice to refresh our memories a bit with a simple visit. Here's what we had:

Deep-Fried Mushrooms

This dish doesn't look much but it was really satisfying. It was well-fried, plump and juicy so much so that the inner of your mouth gets splattered with its juice as you sink your teeth into its lusciousness. I do prefer to have them on its own rather than with the tartar sauce that was served together.

Calamari Rings

The golden fried calamari rings on the other hand, fell way below our expectation. Not only did it took a long time to come as compared to all our other dishes, the rings were rather "empty" on the inside so it felt like we were just eating the batter, which was rather oily and gross.

All-Day Breakfast: Omelette

Both mum and younger sis had this egg omelette which you can get to choose two fillings out of cheese, chicken ham, chicken, mushrooms and onions, and is served with fries and coleslaw. They were pretty good, though it looks like a really small portion to me.

Spicy Seafood Pasta with Grilled Scallops

Brother-in-law, Andrew's seafood pasta in spicy tomato cream sauce that smelled and tasted really great. The grilled scallops, mussels and prawns doesn't look as plump as those in the pictures but good nonetheless. As a seafood lover, I would have ordered this if it is served aglio olio.

Crab Meat Baked Rice

I don't usually do but for some reason, I was craving for baked rice that day. It was not too bad, though nothing fanciful and I would probably not choose to have it again because one gets quite sick of the taste after a while. The crab meat was quite salty too and in fact, tasted somewhat like canned tuna instead lolol. I only had about half of this because it was very filling too.

Grilled Barramundi with Garlic Aioli

This was the reason why I gave my dad half of what I had. The grilled barramundi with the flavourful garlic aioli was truly delicate and tender, but seriously the portion is just too small for a full-grown man. I didn't like the mashed potatoes though as it was too buttery and plain.

Swensen's Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road
#B1-33/34 Parkway Parade
Tel: 6346 1886

Weekdays: 10.30am to 10.30pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: 8am to 10.30pm

I didn't remember how much the meal and each item were exactly as it was Andrew who foot the bill but the total bill was close to $150 for the five of us (infant no counted) without any drink nor desserts. We wanted some ice-cream but we had difficulty catching the attention of the staff so we eventually decided to have Llao Llao instead. The restaurant was no doubt big and spacious, a good thing except for when your staff aren't attentive and observant enough to spot and render service to diners frantically seeking their attention. Food-wise was generally average and nothing unforgettable. I would pay just a bit more for a much more satisfying meal elsewhere.

Do families still visit Swensen's nowadays?

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