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Met up with the girls on a weekend to have lunch together right before I was headed to Seoul. As our birthdays were really near (since QY, YT and I were in the same orientation group back in JC), we usually "distribute" our birthday treats evenly over the year so our celebratory meet-ups will not be concentrated in the middle of each year. Thus even though YT's birthday is in July, her treat only comes near to the end of the year because she is the youngest among the four of us. And yup, Taratata Bistrot was the place we went to celebrate her super belated birthday ^.^

While YT and XY led the way, QY and I continued with our wefie

XY first visited Taratata Bistrot with her friend and left with full of praises for the restaurant and also the warm chocolate lava cake she had to end the meal with. She then recommended the place to us as one that serves decent classic French cuisines such as escargot, duck confit and steak tartare at comparatively affordable pricing, and since destiny made us chance upon its promotion on Groupon ($55 for two set meals) lolol, we thought we should just give it a shot. After all, it isn't every other day normal people like us get to enjoy and appreciate exquisite French cuisines anyway.

Taratata Bistrot is a small but impeccably decorated restaurant in one of the shophouses along Keong Saik Road. They have checkered tile floorings, maroon booth, dark wood panels that made the space looked really refined and charming, though the tables were a little too closely packed for my liking and comfort. We took the table near the entrance, and quickly embark on customising our own 3-course set menu that is valued at $45 and inclusive of a hot or cold appetizer, main course and dessert. With the kind of variety Taratata Bistrot provides, it was really a difficult decision to make.

Bread Basket | $2

Though first bread basket is free, I included the price as you will need to pay $2 for each subsequent bread basket you request for. In this case I thought Taratata Bistrot was a little stingy. You can find free flow of bread at most restaurants, and if I want to be as calculative, I could have asked you for another bread basket since there were four of us and the table of two sitting beside us received the same amount of bread. Right?

Anyways, the baguette wasn't too bad. It was hard on the outside and really soft on the inside but I thought some of the holes on the bread were quite fine and it usually means that the baguette wasn't left to rise long enough. I didn't like the butter that came with the bread so requested for some balsamic vinaigrette (vinegar and olive oil) to dip the bread in. Quite weird but nevertheless enjoyable.

Demie-Douzaine d’Escargots au Beurre d’Ail Persillé | $15
Half Dozen Escargot Baked in Herbed Garlic Butter

Bisque de Homard / Lobster Bisque | $15

Soupe de Champigonons / Mushroom Soup | $15

Both YT and I ordered the escargot, whilst QY and XY had the mushroom soup and lobster bisque respectively to share among ourselves. It was the first time QY had escargot and she can't really accept it even though the rest of us thought it was good. We loved the herbed garlic even better, so much so that we scrapped the escargot dish so thoroughly just not to waste any bit of the goodness.

The lobster bisque was the bitter kind and was rather plain so I didn't really fancy it. The mushroom soup on the other hand was truly delicious. You can find huge chunks and taste the essence of different mushrooms. I never really liked mushroom soup, but this was one the best I have ever had.

Coq au Vin | $32
Chicken Simmered in Red Wine Sauce

Dos de Cabillaud Poêlé aux Epinards, Sauce Vierge | $32
Pan-Fried Cod Fish with Creamy Baby Spinach & Virgin Sauce

Bavette de Bœuf Angus à l’Echalote | $33
Angus Beef Flank Steak with Shallot Sauce

Moules Frites | $28
Steamed Mussels in White Wine Sauce & French Fries

These were the mains we had and out of all the them, I personally thought the Coq au Vin ordered by QY was the best. The gravy was genuinely flavourful and we were all amazed by how good the chicken was when we had our first bite, although QY mentioned she got a little sick of its strong taste after a few mouths and started rationing the meat, potatoes, mushrooms to us after a while. I took of course, since I wasn't enjoying my steamed mussels very much. As for XY, cod fish was really a small portion. We didn't try much of it or she'd be left with nothing. No doubt it was fresh, I didn't think it was anything tastier than what we can get at places like Fish & Co.

Moving on to the beef which we expected it to be tough since YT requested it to be well done, having just recovered from gastric flu. It was surprisingly tender and luscious and the shallot sauce did a great job in complementing the meat too. And coming back to my steamed mussels, I was frankly quite disappointed when I had the first shell. I expected it to be savoury or at least taste like white wine, but it was kind creamy as if it was cooked in milk instead? So I had what I needed and passed the rest to XY who didn't like it either but had to eat it because her fish was just too small for our kind of appetite haha. Lucky I have a big bowl of extremely yummy fries which were heavenly in comparison.

Crumble aux Poires, Caramel au Beurre Salé Glace Vanille | $14
Baked Pear Crumble with Caramel Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream

Tarte au Citron Meringué et Sorbet Citron | $14
Lemon Tart with Meringue & Lemon Sorbet

Tarte Chaude au Chocolat Coulant, Glace Caramel | $14
Warm Chocolate Lava Tart & Caramel Ice Cream

Last but not least will be our much awaited desserts. Although there were only four or five choices on the set meal menu, I probably took the most time deciding on my dessert as all the choices looked so good that I wish to have them all. Or perhaps it was just because I simply love desserts. The warm chocolate lava cake that XY previously had was taken off the menu and replaced with a tart instead. And seeing how much XY adored the warm chocolate lava cake she had and so firmly decided on the tart, I went with her and asked QY to go for the baked pear crumble for my own benefit =x

Okay that was mean, but she definitely benefited as it turned out to be really toothsome and delightful, something like our McDonald's Apple Pie with a mega scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a way more appetising crust. QY strikes again, with the best choice for yet another course and then comes YT, second in place with her unique lemon tart and refreshing sorbet that I will always welcome at the end of any meal. The warm chocolate lava tart was not that bad in all honesty. The chocolate was seriously thick and divine, just that I didn't think the tart complemented it well. I do love the caramel ice-cream with bits of crunch within ♥♥

Taratata Bistrot
35A Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089142
Tel: 6221 4506
Visit their website here

Their opening hours is kind of complicated so I won't be listing it here. Do note that they are closed on Mondays and check out their website for the timings if you are planning to visit. As mentioned, as we were using the vouchers XY got on Groupon, the total bill was $110 nett without GST or service charge. The staff were friendly and helpful, though not very polished nor quick in responding to our requests, maybe because they were short-handed. I did enjoy my time here very much, and would return if there is an opportunity or occasion to.

Another wefie after helping YT to grab a cab to her next appointment

Can't wait to see my girlfriends again,

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