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Hello, everyone! This is actually my second review of The Loft Pancakes & Waffles (first one can be found here) and sad to say, the food and service standards at this cosy little cafe have fallen very much below par so this is not going to be a nice review as compared to what I have wrote about them previously, which was near two years ago when I just started blogging. In fact, the four of us won't probably visit The Loft Pancakes & Waffles for anything else other than the Tuscan Baked Eggs which was surprisingly delicious.

First of all, let's start with how difficult it was for us to place our orders which I thought was quite simple for four pax - 1x Tuscan Baked Eggs with Pancakes, 2x The Loft Breakfast with Pancakes (one with poached and the other with scrambled eggs), 1x Seafood Marinara, 1x Avocade Smoothie, 1x Iced Cocoa, 1x Orange Juice and 1x Iced Caffe Mocha. That was all, nothing special about our orders but I am sure we took more than ten minutes at the counter because the staff just wasn't paying attention and it is seriously kind of rude to make us repeat and repeat because you were distracted by all sorts of things? For instance, we ordered "Tuscan Baked Eggs with Pancakes" and he could reply "What is your choice of Pancakes or Toast". We already said PANCAKES but nevermind, we kept our cool and replied "pancakes" politely. But he just want to piss us further by keying in "toast" in the system. Eh, is we choose or you ownself choose?

Imagine repeating this for each and every item we ordered, Iced Cocoa became Hot Cocoa and then Iced Mocha when we already had an Iced Mocha in the order. If we wanted two Iced Mocha we would have said so and save us all from the trouble right. He even blamed us for speaking too softly when we were already raising our voices from the irritation! Anyway, we almost died and it was clear he was not very happy when XY requested to check the orders once more before making payment. Lucky she did, because there were more errors. If you can't take orders, can't pay attention or have difficulty hearing, please consider preparing order slips for customers instead.

Gifts from XY and QY who just returned from Bangkok and Japan then ^.^

It is astonishing how our Chinese deteriorated so much that XY called the owl "老鹰" (lao ying) which is actually "eagle". Best of all, YT corrected her and it shoud be "鹦鹉" (ying wu) which is supposed to be "parrot" lol. Dear readers, please do not learn the wrong thing from my friends. The correct Chinese term for "owl" should be "猫头鹰" (mao tou ying). Alright, that is all for my side story. Just want to say we were grateful to have presents to cheer ourselves up lolol.

Let's check out the things we have painstakingly ordered,

Avocado Smoothie | $7.80
Iced Caffe Mocha | $6.80
Orange Juice | $6
Iced Cocoa topped with Happy Marshmallow | $6.50

Drinks were the first to arrive and they were pretty much very normal except for the Avocado Smoothie that tasted more like plain water. Orange Juice was the best choice here, though it still wasn't worth the price. Despite having placed the whole ordering incident behind us and were really looking forward to a scrumptious meal, the drinks was a disappointment.

Tuscan Baked Eggs | $14.80

Looks like Lady Luck was shining on QY for her to have ordered both the best drink and main course that day. It doesn't really look like anything those images that show up when you key in "Tuscan Baked Eggs" in Google search but at least it was tasty. The eggs, mushrooms and parmesan cheese complemented each other seamlessly. The infamous pancakes were a little out of place though.

The Loft Breakfast | $17.50

I had this the last time and because it was so good, I just had to have it again only to be let down. The quality of food here is deteriorating as fast as our Chinese. The poached egg was frankly, all sour and had a weird texture to it and it kind of killed my appetite even for the bacon, ham, sausage and grilled tomato. I think I gave most of the food on my plate away save the pancakes and mushroom.

Seafood Bee Hoon

Seafood Marinara $16.80

It was only later on when I visited their website that I know we can choose either angelhair or spagehetti for YT's Seafood Marinara. Well, looks like the same staff decided to make his own decision and gave YT the angelhair which tasted more like bee hoon actually. They didn't even need to ask us the reason when YT requested for a new plate of Seafood Marina. Weird, right?

The Loft Pancakes & Waffles
268A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058817
Tel: 6221 2103

Anyways, the bad experience was over and I only have got the mood to blog this now because the four of us met up again for lunch just yesterday and it was pretty awesome. Furthermore, we might be having a picnic again just like two years ago as well before I head to Korea! Love my girlfriends ♥

Sorry for the poor quality, which will not happen again (I hope!) with my new phone hehe

Here's hoping The Loft will up their game soon,

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