Beppu Menkan 别府面馆


One last post before I can finally embark on blogging about my life in Korea so far! Not that it had been terribly exciting, since most of the time I'd be studying and lazing around in the comfort of my own room. Today marks my fifth week here and also the end of my mid-term examinations which I personally think was really a lot to cope with and ended in nothing short of disastrous. BUT IT'S OKAY I guess, since it is already over anyway and I already did my best. I just hope I am brave enough to face the music next week lol. The tests weren't truly very difficult but I was simply a bundle of nerves when it comes to conversation and presentation (or rather examinations as a whole), and this is really taking its toll on me.

Not exactly related, but my mood certainly brightened considerably when this picture came up as I turned on the computer that I have not touched for at least a week. Three of us went for a singing session as my farewell celebration the week before I left the country, and it was real fun (and nonsensical). This reminds me to message Janice after this to find out how she is doing...

Hui Mee and I went out for dinner after work again the next day, but this time was to meet up with the long-time-no-see Yvonne TAY! Just in case you are wondering how she looks like or which Yvonne I am referring to this time round, you can check out this link here hahaha. The one-and-only Yvonne whom I tagged along for the firm trip to Macau last year and really missed being around in office. In any case, we met up at China Square, which is near both our workplaces and eventually decided on Beppu Menkan as it was rather quiet (not sure whether it is a good or bad thing) and we wanted to talk, and the other places were mostly for drinking. And these were what we had:-

The fundamental ramen with corn, seaweed, bamboo shoot, spring onion and fried garlic in spicy Kyushu soup. For all spicy ramen, you will need to decide on the level of spiciness marked by the number of chilli on the menu when you place your order. Both Yvonne and I took the second level - it was okay for me but Yvonne was struggling with the fieriness. And Hui Mee, who has a talent for tolerating spicy food, announced that she had upgraded to level six and is going to try eight (the maximum) the next time she visits the place *respect*

Oniyama Jigoku | $10.80

So depending on what you ordered, you will receive the additional "side dish" to accompany the spicy noodles. Both Hui Mee and Yvonne selected the crispy fried chicken, which is highly recommended by the chef and widely known for its crispy and tastiness. It certainly lived up to its reputation. I tried the fried chicken and I do think the mayonnaise they provided was redundant because the fried chicken was already so lusciously good on its own.

Teriyaki Chicken Ramen | $11.80

I tried to be different and I learnt my lesson lol. The teriyaki chicken was a slightly on the saltier side of the scale but nevertheless good at first, or at least before the two portions of fried chicken karaage arrived, when it paled in comparison immediately after. I didn't think that the spicy ramen and teriyaki chicken complemented each other very well either so go for the crispy fried chicken if you don't want any chance of being disappointed.

Potato Cake with Crab Sauce | $3.60

Beppu Menkan also serves a wide variety of side dishes which looked really appetising on the menu, but we were afraid of being too full so we only chose this one out of the sashimi, delicious bean curd, grills and such. One of the main reasons was because there are three potato cakes per serving, just nice for the three of us lolol. I do like it even though there wasn't much of a "crab" taste to it, but because the flavour from the spicy ramen can be overwhelming, the potato cakes might be comparatively plain and tasteless especially if you have it after the ramen. The crispy fried chicken was still the best.

Beppu Menkan 别府面馆
3 Pickering Street
#01-32/33 China Square Central, Nankin Row
Singapore 048660
Tel: 6438 0328

Beppu Menkan is most definitely not one of those highly impressive restaurants that one must specially make a visit to, but it serves as a pleasant option for our daily fare, when we are caught with the most-asked question ever, "what shall we have for lunch/dinner?". Though I have seen extremely negative reviews on the food quality and service of the restaurant, I sincerely think it was not all that bad. The service was quick, and the staff were friendly and kept refilling our plain water even though we had no doubt over-stayed. Needless to say, the crispy fried chicken was exceptional, and the potato cake and spicy ramen, whose portion was really big, were both satisfying too. The total bill was about $16 per pax with the additional drinks we ordered. I'd recommend the place if you happen to be in the vicinity. Do visit in the evening or on weekends to avoid the working crowd.

Gonna try level four the next time,

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