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Sorry for not having update my blog for quite some time now.. I am still adapting to life in Seoul and at the same time, trying to juggle schoolwork and all the catching up I had to do. Not that school is particularly difficult or the workload is too heavy for one to handle, but I am someone who needs a lot of sleep and have a rather short attention span so I usually need to allocate more time to do something. In any case, it has been slightly more than two weeks since I am here, so I do better get my blog posts moving in order to start posting pictures and sharing about my experience here. Homework shall wait..

So, on the Friday before I ultimately left the firm I was holding a position in, I had my last department lunch with my superiors and co-workers at The Clifford Pier of The Fullerton Bay Hotel. You can choose to have the salad buffet or the set lunch, which all of us opted for because we weren't exactly veggie-lovers and also for the fact that we were to lazy to walk to and fro the buffet bar which happened to be quite a distance from us since we were seated right at the back of the restaurant.

The Clifford Pier was originally set up to honour its historical role as the landing point of our forefathers and hence to preserve our unique hawker culture, The Clifford Pier serves a wide variety of the best of Singapore's delicacies including Soup Kambing, Wonton Noodles and many more. If you are not a fan of these local specialties, there are of course other western classics like Fish & Chips, Spaghetti and such for selection. All of us unanimously gave our vote to the former. It didn't take us much time to deliberate that as compared to what we would like for the 3-course set lunch which comprises of the usual starter, main course and dessert. And yup, these are what Hui Mee, Janice and I eventually settled for:

The Pier Kong Ba Bao

Grilled Satays

Fried Carrot Cake

Hui Mee had the Kong Ba Bao which was really good. The simply well-braised pork belly slabs were tender and luscious and the accompanying steamed buns were soft and delicious. Janice's Grilled Chicken, Beef and Mutton Satays were equally nice. Although I thought the meat was a little dry, they were no doubt flavourful and gives off the "smoky charcoal grill" smell and taste that we would all love in our satays. Never one who is extremely health-conscious, I had probably the most unhealthy choice on the starter menu - the Fried Carrot Cake. I love fried carrot cakes and I am glad this one did not disappoint at all. It being fried to perfection with just the right about of soy sauce made it really savoury. We were all shocked by how good it was when each of us tried the fried carrot cake.

The Pier Prawn Laksa

Char Kway Teow

Hui Mee has always loved Laksa so it didn't come as a surprise to me when she decided on it, but her comments were that it was normal, not something she will pay the extra bucks for. I tried and I thought the gravy was very appetising. It was a pity the rice vermicelli or beancurd puff didn't exactly absorbed the essence of the spicy coconut gravy. On the other hand, I had once again ordered another full-flavoured dish for my main and apparently, Janice is just as unhealthy as me when it comes to food. I thought it was very satisfying and the chef wasn't stingy at all when it comes to adding the extra ingredients like prawns, chinese sausages and eggs. Unfortunately, because I already had fried carrot cake before this, I was quite sick of the taste of soy sauce so I couldn't enjoy it as much as I should have. Wish the manager who took our orders had warned me beforehand since he talks so much lol.

My director and manager had the Hainanese Chicken Rice and Bak Kut Teh respectively and both were awesome choices too! I was seriously caught between Char Kway Teow and Hainanese Chicken Rice, and I wish I have had the latter instead. My only console was that they served the breast meat which I don't really like because of its lack of tenderness and moisture. Good to know though, for people who are health conscious or constantly on a diet. As for the Bak Kut Teh, the portion was especially big that our manager started to distribute the meat even before she started. I have tried the peppery pork ribs and they were truly soft and enticing. Interestingly, it comes with a You Tiao!

Kopi-O Ice Cream with Caramelised Milk, Cinnamon & You Tiao
Teh Tarik Ice Cream with Honeycomb Crunch

Mango Pudding

Profiterole Trio

The Kopi-O Ice Cream belongs to my director, whilst the Teh Tarik Ice-Cream was ordered by Hui Mee. They also have Pandan Ice-Cream with coconut Jelly on the menu too - really very local. As much as we were all impressed by how good the two ice-creams tasted when we first got to try them, Hui Mee said that the novelty died upon the second mouth and it became a strain to finish everything because of its strong and overpowering milky flavour. Janice and I could not decide what we want so we decided on two to share. Janice found the mango pudding acceptable, but it came as a disappointment to me as the texture of the pudding was so thick that it tasted like cakes instead. I didn't think there was much mango or sago flavour to it either. Rather disastrous. The Profiterole Trio on the other hand, was a bingo. Love the vanilla ice cream, love the velvety dark chocolate sauce, everything was exquisite and simply heavenly for someone who loves vanilla and chocolate ♥♥

The Clifford Pier
80 Collyer Quay
The Fullerton Bay Hotel
Singapore 049326
Tel: 6597 5266

I am unsure of the final bill since it was a treat, but I am quite sure the meal cost more than $60 per person. The food definitely met expectations but I am quite disturbed by one of the managers on duty, who is definitely too much of a smooth talker. I thought I was being an introvert as usual since Hui Mee sees nothing wrong, until Janice told me when we were on our way back to office that she finds him inappropriate too. Not to forget, they were terribly short-handed too. We tend to need to wait a long time before someone attends to us and there were a few cock-ups here and there.

Anyways, just to add that when I met up with Jason (a colleague from the same firm) for dinner a few days ago, he asked me whether I have started to miss our local delights and I confidently said no without thinking too much into it. I don't know whether this is a coincidence or a lesson for me but because I have always taken these food for granted, I have never thought that I will miss them one day until I am looking at the pictures and blogging about them at this moment. This trip surely taught me a lot that I would never have known or appreciated otherwise.

For now, I shall just have the ice cream in my fridge,

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