2015. 잘가.


Wow, 2015 seriously went by in a jiff.

So much so that frankly speaking, I don't really remember much of what happened or what I managed to accomplish before I came on this 3-month trip to Seoul. Did I just waste a year away? Or perhaps I am getting old and forgetful. I should probably start keeping a diary for 2016. Well, for what I do remember, I became an aunt, went on an impromptu vacation to Taiwan with Sheryl before she became a Mrs, was a bridesmaid for the very first time, and cancelled on my New Zealand trip T.T The rest that is still fresh in my memory would be the hectic rush in preparing for this break.

I mentioned in my post a year ago that at the age of 24 then, I saw my friends all knowing what they want in life and definitely looked like they are on the right track towards their goal. At least that was what I saw from Facebook and hey, I found what I want, thought a teeny-weenie bit later at 25 too! This year, at the age of 25 now, and especially so over the past few days, I saw a sky-high number of proposals and everyone around me seems to be getting ready for the next phase in life. I am certainly happy for them. I would openly envy them too. However, at the same time I won't forget to appreciate the freedom I have in exchange. My point is, I used to be an extremist but this year, I learnt that nothing is 100% good or 100% bad. It all boils down to what is more important to us and that point in life.

Anyway, like what I have said, I have discovered what it is I want to do in my lifetime. Some are career-oriented, some are purely out of passion, curiosity or just for fun and experience:-

#1 Start a career in relation to my degree

Most people I know, even my closest friends does not have an idea of what I did in university, mainly because I have never done work that is related to it. Like many others, I didn't think I was interested in doing what I studied. It was only recently, over this trip that I found out what made me took this up, and this industry is where I wish to start afresh when I return to Singapore. It is International Hospitality and Tourism, majoring in Events and Conference Management by the way.

#2 Spend less, give more

I have been donating small amounts to charities on a monthly basis for the past few years, and I am hoping to increase this amount if I have the means to. But since I may not have the income I used to be getting when I go back, and there are many other things that I wish to do which will also require a fair bit of money, this will ultimately translate to lesser spending. If there is an opportunity, I hope to be involved in some kind of voluntary work too ^.^

#3 Start exercising

Probably for the first time, this goal is set not to achieve an ideal weight, but instead for an ideal body. I started to feel how unhealthy and weak I am the first few days I arrived in Seoul, especially when going school or going home since both routes involve an uphill climb. I almost went out of breathe and died a couple of times, and that was when I knew this must be one of my resolutions for the upcoming year.

#4 Learn something I have always wanted but is afraid to do

First and foremost, cycling. We were learning the Korean grammar to say whether we can or we know how to do something and somehow people just like to use cycling in class and I was like the only one in class who answered "can't/don't know". I kind of cause inconveniences to people to when we visit places that we can cycle around instead of walking too T.T And so, I am going to change this once and for all. Perhaps swimming too.

#5 Do what I always want to

Not sure if it is just me, but I feel a bit more independent and daring after this trip. Thus when Janice TAY asked me if I want to (1) busk with her when I return, I agreed. But I do recognise the fact that I have a lot to work on before I can start performing, so wish me luck yea? Besides this, I also hope to (2) read and write more, not just my blog but stories. I wouldn't say I have a flair for that but it was something I used to do when I was younger. I stopped when there was this one time my thumbdrive was faulty and I lost my drafts, notes, research and everything I have ever completed. I hope I can restart this and produce something better now that I have seen more in life.

Of course, I will want to continue pursuing (3) Korean, another reason why it was logical for me to return to the tourism industry, and I am hoping to work extra hard and get a TOPIK Level 3 end next year. Then there is the part on (4) travel. So far I'd be going on a solo trip Osaka in January and Taiwan with my family in April, plus I'd wish to go New Zealand since I didn't get to visit this year, and if possible Netherlands since I have a friend who is going and asked me if I want to tag along. I'd need to (5) save more in order for all these to happen, on top of the fact that my BTO flat will be ready mid next year. Err, I hope I can work it out when I go back and keep the flat though.

Jiayou, 2016!

Just today, I have also decided that my long-term goal will be to have a small farm or cafe for homeless animals when I have the means to, which is like probably more than ten years down the road considering the costs involved. It is not meant to be a profitable business but a place to keep some animals safe and fed as long as my income is stable and sufficient to cover the expenses required. And all these leads back to #2 as well as the need to work hard and earn more.

In 2015, I did what I never thought I would have the chance to,

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